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Is it possible to try out the theme in Wordpress before buying it?

Yes, you can register in the demo site and test the theme :)

Hi, I’m having an issue where the groups aren’t linking to groups but to a forum page. I’ve submitted a ticket last week but have yet to get a response. Thanks.

Seems nex-gen gallery was to blame, sorry for the inconvenience.

Hi ro1and! I’m glad you solved the issue!


I got a digital ocean hosting, and my site doesnt run as smoothe as yours…

why is my site so slow and buggy when i submit saves i get white screens,

how much does it cost to review my site and get it running smoothe like yours?

Hello Terrel

Thank you so much for purchasing Klein WordPress Theme.

BuddyPress is a such a huge plugin and you need to install caching plugins like w3total cache to speed up your website. I am using Digital Ocean with memcache and varnish enabled on the server. This are caching mechanisms that you should consider.

Unfortunately, I don’t have optimization service. However, you can try service providers like Microlancer.

Please see this thread (https://premium.wpmudev.org/blog/5-quick-ways-to-speed-up-your-wordpress-site/) on how to make wordpress faster :)

Best, Joseph

I have a question. Does it integrate with other membership plugins as well? Such as digitalaccesspass.com or amember?

Hello. It should play well with this plugin. However, you need to style them to match the look and feel of the theme.


Hi this is a great theme, very happy so far but I am perplexed by an issue I’ve never had before.

Using a custom homepage template doesn’t work. Something in Klein is overriding my page template. I need to create a splash page for the homepage, this requires an alternate header (<?php include header2.php; ?>) and page template, css, etc.

I can keep wordpress in a subfolder and use a static hompage but this is less than ideal, I don’t want /wordpress in all my URL’s.

I’ve built 50+ wordpress sites, but this is my first buddypress, what am I missing here?

Hello Zilther! Thank you so much for choosing Klein WordPress Theme. Your question has been answered in the support section. Kindly check it.


Hi, this theme is amazing! I’m having trouble with the slider on the homepage. Did some searching and found an older post which explained it mostly. Now I can’t find the button to select the ‘Front Page (Slider Revolution + Custom Content)’ Can you please explain?

Hi olaf. Front Page (Slider Revolution + Custom Content) is a page template and you can find it when adding or editing new pages :)

Can i add menu items to topbar? Advise? Thanks.

Hi inboxi. You need to edit header.php and add php codes in-order to achieve what you desire. Unfortunately, I cannot guarantee any customization.

Thanks :)

Looking forward to major theme update :) Timeframe? Thanks.

No ETA yet. :) You’ll be notified soon

Good day, thanks for the awesome theme. I have a quick question.

Where is the css for the revolution slider arrow color?

Been searching for about an hour and it’s driving me crazy.

Thanks for the help

Never mind, just figured out they are images not css.

Hi Ron. Thank you so much for purchasing Klein WordPress Theme. Glad you have found what you were looking.

Regards, Joseph

Great theme! Quick question: How would suggest making Rev Slider extend full length of screen, aside from using Front Page Rev Slider + Custom Content template.

For instance: I want the slider on this page to extend the entire length of screen, http://relaxandsmile.org/mission/.


Hmm. Not sure why it doesn’t show I bought the theme… Edit: Nevermind hah

Thank you so much for choosing Klein WordPress Theme. Glad you have solved the issue.

Best, Joseph

where is the dummy data located?

Hi unirvrsl. Its located inside the package under ‘resources’ directory when you download the theme :)


Hi, I just purchased the theme but I can’t open the archive – ”~$EIN DOCUMENTATION 1.0.1.docx”. Seens like it’s corrupted. Could you send at this email (ferdsleite@gmail.com), please?

Thanks, fernanda

hi pcrazz. you need to go inside ‘docs’ folder and open the html file :)

Regards, Joseph


Love your theme like everyone else. Lots of hidden gems, requires lots of practice but worth the work. My question is this:

Is it at all possible to remove the author box from the the top left section of each posts. If not, can that be an option that comes with the next update.

Thank you.

Hi Fictionfranz. I’ll consider that on the next update. For the meantime, you can do it via CSS :)

Hi! I have deleted the register pages, but after restoring them from trash I can’t get my register page to look like yours, any help is appreciated!



Hi Derek. Answered your question in the support forums.


How do I upgrade from klein-2.0.3 to klein-2.0.9 because the folder are named different?


Hi Krazy. You can just upload the theme and activate the new verion. Thanks!

So I have to redo all my settings/ option for the theme? Okay


2 questions before buying - Is it possible to configure the whole site as private and start with login/register page ? - Is it possible to easily change the blog page layout (in order to put post on 2 columns)


1. Yes. There are numbers of plugins to do that :) 2. You need to do this via CSS

Hope this helps! Thanks!

How many groups, members, and forums does the theme support and how do I access them to set up? I don’t see any of these settings in the dashboard.

Thanks again!

Hi alicatgatorgirl. Thank you so much for purchasing Klein WordPress Theme.

You need to install buddypress first and configure the said plugin. Please see the documentation file under ‘docs’ directory.

Cheers, Joseph

Can you please tell me what is the plug in you use to manage the client sign in/ register on the demo site?

Or is it built in with the theme?

Hi WP3. It is built into the theme :)

Hi, Great work on the theme

on my Revolution slider, in the (New Slide) button .it wont upload images or respond to the button as if it were inactive, how can i fix this?

Hi! Thank you so much for purchasing Klein WordPress Theme. Please go to dunhakdis.ticksy.com. Kindly create a new thread and post your site url :)

Cheers, Joseph

Hi, is there any chances you could create hiearchical breadcrumbs for the forum pages like in this example: community.presscrew.com. Now they seem a little confusing to me, showing tags/posts, instead of parent item.

Also does the current version of the theme support tha latest bbPress 2.5.3?

Great looking theme, though!