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Great Theme! Will it work with BuddyPress Social Login without having to modify anything? Is there a plugin you’ve experimented with that you know will allow members to login with their Facebook account and still give them a full account?

Hello! It should work well with any plugins :). However, for any plugins that has it’s own templates, you might need to modify/add some css codes into the stylesheet in order blend the styling with the theme properly.


When I run both bbpress and buddypress, the /forums seems like fake feature. I study some article, it says like the buddypress has it’s own forums but all the forums will need to base on group, is that right?

If so, is there any chance I can have both individual forum and groups(buddypress)? even another premium plugin

Hi Dreamwork. The bbPress is a stand alone forum plugin and you can integrate it with BuddyPress to have individual group forums :)

How to clean the Home slider cache?

I have edited all the text content which display on the home slider(featured article), but there are only images changed, all the text content are not updated.

Hello Dreamwork. You need to make sure you have properly saved the slider settings in the backend to apply the changes. Also, check if you have installed plugins like w3totalcache and wp super cache.


ok, thanks.


How would I allow a user to register as a buddy press member in the sidebar of a page?


Hi! Unfortunately, this is not available in the current theme settings. You might need to add/modify the theme or create a new plugin to achieve this kind of result.

Thank you so much :)

can i use some sort of like system where if users like other users posts they appear on my landing page?

Hello! You can try other plugins for this :)


I have a few questions. Can you please advise on the following topics?

1. How would I change the registration page layout? I’d like to do a full page and insert my own columns where i want them.

2. Is it possible to add the registration form into the sidebar of other pages (not the registration page)?

3. What do I need to do to make the “lost password” link work? It currently leads to a page that shows “[woocommerce_lost_password]” instead of a form to find out the password. The link is below if you need to see it.


4. How would I replace the solid header background with an image? What size do I need to create the image at?

5. How do I enable multi-language?

Thanks so much. I appreciate the help!

I have a little changes with the css(container) for wide, and will need 730×350 for the main slider. The default slider is 650×350, so after I have the css change, all the sliding images are too small in the frame.
I found it is featured by something, all the images I have upload for the slide will be automaticly resized to 630×350.

Is there a way to change it to 730×350?

Well, I guess this is where I need your help,

<div class="front-page-slider-thumbnail-post-type-symbol"> <?php $url = wp_get_attachment_url( get_post_thumbnail_id( $post->ID ) ); ?> <a class="fp-controls klein-popup" href="<?php echo esc_url( $url ); ?>"><i class="glyphicon glyphicon-plus" /></a> </div>

Could you help me to get the original full size image for the slider?
I am now with 1140px wide.

Oops, should be by this:
<?php the_post_thumbnail( 'klein-thumbnail-large', array( 'class' => 'scale-with-grid' ) ); ?>

Possible make it get full size image?
Or it is a css job?

Hi dunhakdis, is there something helpful for me?

Visual Composer Front-end Editing not working? :/

Hello! Update is coming this week. Thanks

PLEASE ANSWER THIS – I have emailed the forum several times and NO RESPONSE.

When will we get a fix for the Visual Composer???? Since updating WP, it no longer works. This is a big deal for my client, and now I’m in trouble because you don’t reply.

I don’t want to leave poor feedback, but I will. Need an answer ASAP.

Hi! There is an update coming this week. Thank you so much for your patience. Have a great day :)

Thanks for letting me know! Looking forward to it :)

So even after updating to the latest version of your theme, it’s still not working. I have to switch to the classic editor in order to use the WYSIWYG feature – which makes no sense because if you have Visual Composer, you should be able to style everything through that alone.

Also, Visual Composer is asking for licensing key???

What can be done to fix this?

I tried mention a member, and log in the account, it displays this error in the top right: Warning: sprintf() [function.sprintf]: Too few arguments in /home/iplantsd/public_html/wp-content/plugins/buddypress/bp-activity/bp-activity-notifications.php on line 287

Hi dreamwork. Please make sure you have the latest BP installed. Thanks

I installed the demo content but my site is not showing portfolio Only show me this: [template id = “61”]

Hi I’m interested in the theme, however on your demo here I find the scroll doesn’t work well, the ship is missing the right side bar. Is this an error? or is it just some bug right now?

Hi dunhakdis, I just like to know if it is possible that have the original images for the home slider(not revolution slider).

In your theme default setting, the slider will only get images thumbnail that in 650×350.

Hi your theme looks great, I like to have some pre-purchase questions. But after I searched the comment history I got a new question

Why is so much simple questions with no answers?

Hi dunhakdis,

I am trying to change the page in which a user is redirected to upon login. Currently is is going to the homepage. I have been able to achieve this by editing the redirect_to in wp-login.php, and it works fine if you go directly to wp-login.php. However, this solution does not work with the login modal. Is there a line of code that I can change in klein-login.php that will help me achieve this? Thanks a lot.

Hello je1777. Please see this API/Filter code you can take advantage to easily change the login redirection. http://codex.wordpress.org/Plugin_API/Filter_Reference/login_redirect


I install thème, plugin, then activate : site white. I suppress woo commerce and contact form 7 it works. Under wp 391 I don’t understand this bug. Must I modify php config and how. Thank you

Hi lauren. It must be the memory limit set in your php configuration file. Please contact your hosting provider and kindly tell them to increase the memory limit for you.

Have great day! Cheers

Hi, can we expect a fix for the carousel scrolling issue. Also, is there going to be an update for WPBakery Visual Composer? The version that came with the last update is way old. Thanks..

Hi. The carousel issues were fix in the last update. I am not aware of any bugs right now but if you can send me the link of your site in my forums support, I think we could locate the issue faster. I am bundling the new update for VC right now.

Thank you so much!

Hello can anyone please tell me which PHP file the following text is in? It is shown after admin publishes a post. It is merely a grammatical error. Since I’m an English teacher, my students make fun of me:-)

“This entry was publish on May 31, 2014 / MichaelT. Posted in English G Market. Bookmark the permalink.”

The error is in the word ‘publish’. It should be ‘published’. I can manipulate the PHP easy enough if I could find it. I tried looking everywhere. Thanks!

found it…’template-tags’ dot php in case anyone cares.


really great Theme! Everythings super intuitive! :) I already got a lot of stuff working like I want it to!

I just have big problems with the main page: Following, 3 Issues I´m not sure how to solve:

Here is my site: http://beaverlicious.com/

1. The Slider is super-slow in loading for some unknown reason. On the Template of Klein it´s way faster!

2. How do I get rid of the little post thumbs displayed under the slider? I guess they are somewhere on the front page and not on the slider, cause even if i deactivate it, they still appear, but if i have a look on the plane text editor, it´s just a blank page

3. I would like to have the User-Carousel, but it doesn´t work via VC and Gears. It just displayes the plane Code then.

If you, or anyone could give me support on this, I would be totaly grateful!

Thanks for this great theme, hopefully I get rid of this minor issues! :)

Cheers beaverlicious

Used support 4 days ago and still waiting on a reply. Why does it take so long to get a response?

Still no reply. Really frustrating. If this is the level of support, I’m ready to buy a different theme and ask for a refund on this one.