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Good job…. Good luck with sales :)

Thanks mate!

New update will be release shortly. Thanks.

Hello, in ront-page-carousels : can i replace blog with product ?

yes you can, but it will require some coding :)

Great theme. How can I change the color of the widget background for ‘About Klein’ and ‘Recently Active Members’. It stays red when you change the theme color.

In the homepage’s first sidebar, it will always be red. To change it, you need to go to theme options page and add some custom CSS. Thanks

Please go to <http://dunhakdis.ticksy.com> for support. See ya!

Also, the register page doesn’t appear to work. Can you let me know how to fix?

Make sure the registration is enabled in WordPress panel. Go to ‘Settings’ > ‘General’, find the membership field and tick the checkbox :)

Please go to <http://dunhakdis.ticksy.com> for support. See ya!

Great theme! I’m definitely thinking of buying this one. Question… I noticed that the “popular” tag breaks up in safari. Is that an easy fix?

Thanks, KM

hi, thanks!! if u dont mind can u inbox me a screeny? so that i can include that fix on the next version that will be release in a couple of days.. and yes, it’s a css thing, so it should be an easy fix.. have a great day friend!

actually I made a quick fix :). It’s good now. will be included in the next update. Thanks for notifying me.

I like where you are going with this theme. Can I ask, or suggest before you get really far into future releases that you include some sort of page-builder so that we can easily (without code) use drag and drop features to lay out any page, and add any shortcodes or elements wherever we want? I will make a purchase soon to do a deeper test drive thanks! Thanks and good luck!!!

Yes, the page builder is included in my roadmap, more shortcodes will be added in the future (probably in next 2 weeks). Have a great day! Thanks

Hi dunkakdis!

I willing to buy this theme but it got little bit frustred with OneCommunity..

I got one pre-sale question.. i got some plugins on my current buddypress site …and it add’s more itens on profile bar.. how it shows?

do you have anylogin for us to see how is the looged profile?

Does it work good with wp-login? (facebook linkdin, g+ login..etc)

Check your spam folder :) ...Some people are successful in creating their accounts at demo site..


ok.. got the activation code.. but when active the account.. i cant login.. when i request my password.. “There is no user registered with that email address.” .. i really want to check the profile inside before buying.

got your request see my comment below.

Also, How does your updates work? u think about doing diff’s or a changelog with the files u changed? The theme is awsome but im planning to do some changes..

it so awsome u guys are using bootstrap >.<

I think it’ll be a changelog of the files affected.

Yes, I used bootstrap, but the theme is structure using skeleton.css. For bootstrap, I only use the tab, tooltip, and accordion :).

Thank you so much.

Hi. Thanks for this theme. i want to ensure the following on my site.


featured image on single post and post archives. Post meta on single post and post Archive. previous and next article arrow. Post excerpt in post archive (i want Post Archive/blog page to show only title).

I want the blog post sidebar to be 300px.


I think you need to reupload the image. The reason why its not cropping is that you’ve already that image in your file system before the theme was installed and the thumbnail was set :)

Thanks man!

Since you are more familiar with this theme, can you just tell me the lines of codes to take off to make things easy for me.

Please open a private ticket to http://dunhakdis.ticksy.com/

See you there :)

the post in the homepage highlights section won’t crop

that category has over 200 post in it, are you suggesting i should re upload all the images in that category?

If you have 200 post inside that category then its not advisable to reupload everything.

Please use this plugin http://wordpress.org/plugins/regenerate-thumbnails/ instead to regenerate the thumbnail.


Any idea if the Sabai Plugin will work with your theme?

as long as the plugin works, it will work with my theme :) Thanks

Register “unmatching password” error isnt showing up

The reason why the error isn’t showing up is due to the plugin called wp-super-cache. Planning to migrate the demo site to the new server as soon as the new version is finish, probably by tomorrow.

For the meantime you can use the ff. account . Please take note that I might need to change all users credentials anytime soon.

user: denice pass: demo123


How can I add social media icons and links to template ?

Hi! Thank you for purchasing the theme!

There are number of plugins for you to choose from:

1. http://wordpress.org/plugins/floating-social-media-icon/ 2. http://wordpress.org/plugins/social-media-icons-widget/ 3. http://wordpress.org/plugins/floating-social-media-icon/

Thanks :)

P.S there will be a major update tomorrow. Lot’s of bug fixes and enhancement, don’t forget to upgrade.

Thanks. How do I add the plugins ?. I also get an error message ” /register/ was not found on this server. ” when the register button is clicked. Please Help !!!

That issue is caused by your permalinks settings. Please make sure you set the permalink to postname under ‘Settings’ > ‘Permalinks’.

Plugin installation goes just like a normal WordPress plugin to work with Klein. Please read the following link for guidelines how to install a plugin:


If you encounter further issues, please don’t hesitate to post in my forum support. http://dunhakdis.ticksy.com


ok.. im happy customer.. just needed a few tweaks.. ;0) agiletesters . com . br

looking foward the new stuff :D

Thank you so much! Don’t forget to install the update, probably by tomorrow. Better UI , bug fixes, and core changes to the theme.

Don’t forget to rate. looking forward :)

create new group option is not available in buddypress even after logging in as admin. Where can I find it?

Make sure you enabled the group in buddypress settings :)

Thank you.

When will the latest version of this theme be uploaded? I love the new demo

It’s already uploaded. The envato staff needs to approve it :). It should be up anytime. Thanks!

The highlights is not showing when Jetpack is active. How do i change widget background color to white on post page, page, Archives Buddypress pages

I checked your site. Please try viewing your console page, I can see a lot of warnings especially 400 (Bad Request) . I think you need to properly setup the Jetpack plugin. Also, there was a javascript error thus preventing the carousel highlights to work properly. Also, please check the path of your images. It’s not working on me.

Im not sure why, but one thing im pretty sure of is that this is not a theme related issue.

You need to add custom css rule in the theme options panel to change the backgrounds.

Please go to my support page <http://dunhakdis.ticksy.com> . I’ll help you change those backgrounds. This comment system is pretty hard for me. Thanks.

Thanks for you response. I’ll observe things when i finally move the site from wp engine staging site to the live site. Cheers

No problem. I’m glad you’ve achieved what you wanted. Thanks

Hi, Looks very nice. A couple of questions before purchase: 1. I guess it integrates with woo product vendor plugin for multiple sellers? 2. Custom post types? Thanks!

Yes you can make the shop as homepage, just go to Settings > Reading and set the static layout to your WooCommerce shop page.

Yes that is possible, but I’m afraid that kind of option is not available within the theme package. I suggest you install some grid plugins like UberGrid and use the WooCommerce shortcodes for displaying products :)

Thank you so much.

Yes, good idea re the shortcodes! Thanks again!


Hi Going to buy this theme anytime soon, just waiting for the bank transfers. Can you please ensure me that the price isn’t going to change any time soon? So I don’t have to make another banktransfer and can work on my website?

Greatings Bryan and good Luck with your awsome theme! :)

Thank you so much! I appreciate your kind words.

I can ensure you that the price won’t change. Still $55.00 for all the goodies!