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I have been using a wordpress multi site theme. This is my first network theme. I was not able to upload the zip file as usual. It is quite large and contains many folders. I believe I could install the theme myself, if I had instructions. Is there is an instruction page on how to install your theme to wordpress? Thank you.

That’s cool! I’ve been out for a while. I’m sure to check the forum once I get into my office.

Thank you so much

Hi @dunhakdis, thanks for your response. I’m still working through the install and would really love to use my homepage. Does it still have bugs? I just received my theme update and I’m hoping it will fix my issue. However, I’m afraid to install it. Are there instructions on how to install the update for the theme? Please share a link to information. Thank you!

You can just upload the theme and activate the different version :).

Hi there!

I’m having some (big) issues with the slider of the front page. It never loads. I’ve tried with id, short-name… no success at all.

Also the “Home” and the “Home-2” pages of the demo content are wrong I think… They appears empty…

It’s been quite hard to install the theme, demo content and slider… Any help? I’m testing the theme here: http://www.balu-media.com/CURSO/

Thanks a lot!

Hello! Thank you so much for choosing Klein WordPress theme. I’ve check your website and it seems like images were not imported properly in your file system. I suggest you upload/re-upload the images in the slider.



Oh yeah, so easy! And regarding the HOME and HOME-2 pages? Any help? Thanks a lot!

My static front page appeared for a couple seconds. It was beautiful, then all the text appeared to shift and I’m not sure what happened. But it does not look like the demo. Please help. http://omniliving.com

Hello! Please contact your hosting provider and kindly tell them to increase your upload limit.


Thank you for your response. Again, someone kindly responded in your forum. When I uploaded the theme, the wordpress settings were set to 10mb. I changed the settings. I have unlimited bandwith hosting. Thanks!

@balumedia, i will try your suggestion, thank you!

Hi Missmichellecollier. I’ve been there few days ago. Try using the HOME-3 page as the front page until they help us. If you get you Slider Revolution to work let me know ;)

Hello Balumedia. Please try manually uploading the images in your server. Thanks!

Done! Thanxs again :)

Hello! I’m gonna buy this template! Do you support me install this demo on my site for free ?

Unfortunately, I don’t offer any services as of the moment. But feel free to check Microlancer.



Good morning my name is Ricardo Triana, I´m a front end developer and web/mobile designer. Im looking to purchase a template for my startup company. What Im looking for is:

-User registration/sign up -User can edit their profile (avatar image and data) and publish. Profile can be viewed by all registered and not registered users. -User geolocation. Can user have a geolocation option when creating profeile. -Advanced search app -Responsive and extremely mobile friendly -Chat aplication or some kind of comment aplication so users can interact in a private/public manner. -User can create a post/page with custom fields, and will only be published after admin authorization. This post/page can be tagged so that it can be easily found by a user when using this tags as search filters. -User can create and share a post/page with custom fields that will only be viewed by certain users. User should be able to associate this post/page with a certain user that is registered in the site.

I know these might look like a bit too much, but it is my best option, i need some kind of minimum viable product to be online in a few weeks, that is why Im taking the template option as my last resource. And I know that some of these functionalities can be achieved with plugins and son on. But Id really like to know if plugins can be installed without any trouble and that your template will be able to install these plugins with no conflict.

Thank you so much for your time, and I hope you guys can help me out.



I’d like to use this template to help users share video urls from youtube/ vimeo.. using a front end submission process. Is this possible?

You need to use some plugins for front-end posting :)

Hi, I’ve a general question. This is the first time that I buy a premium theme. In this time I had installed my wordpress site on localhost, so I can do some test before. When I will transfer this site online, I can use the same license for my wordpress site?

Yes. You can :)

Do we have demo data for this template ?

Yes. We have :)

And it will look exactly as your live DEMO right ? Hope yes

If the instructions will be followed, you can have the same site as the demo in just a few minutes.

Cheers :)

I posted this in the support forum and still havent heard anything:

I just installed Paid Memberships Pro and I cannot get my “Register” button to take the user to the URL I have set in the settings, it keeps redirecting to the themes standard registration page.

I have gone in and set all of my pages up in for both buddypress and the Paid Memberships Pro settings and and it keeps redirecting to the same signup form rather than the membership levels page, even thought the url above is for the membership levels.

I have noticed that this is intermittent as well. Sometimes the correct pages show and other times it is being redirected to the default register page from the theme.

Please help!

ok I just created a file with the code you pasted above and called it bp-custom.php. I then pasted it in the plugins folder and am still having the same results.

Can you go into my support page and give me the url of your website and administration access? Thanks

ok I just updated the ticket with the info you need.

How should I activate Visual Composer? It’s looking for a license key.

Hi @dunhakdis. It says that “There is a new version of WPBakery Visual Composer available.” Version 4.3.1. Is that okay?

Its Okay. I’ll bundle the plug.in this week. Cheers :)

Hi, I’ve some problem with Visual Composer updates from my wordpress site. Maybe I must add a license key? When can I download the last version directly from here?

I have read that the license key is not needed.

After this plug-in is installed, WP says there is an update for the plug-in.

IF i try to update the plug-in as asked to do so, It gives me this

‘An error occurred while updating WPBakery Visual Composer: Update package not available.’

Hi Candux. To enable auto updates, you need to acquire the license code directly from Visual Composer author in CodeCanyon. Otherwise, you need to wait for an update which is coming this week :).



Thanks for a great theme!

I’m quite new to buddypress and I’m now building a site where the group search function and search results are very important. The standard buddypress group search is, in my case, a bit to streamlined and I would like a more advanced search function (preferably on a separate page). Is there any plugin available that extends the group search with more detailed group fields? Or do you know any other way to modify the group search?

My plan is to extend the groups with more information that I also want to be searchable.

Thanks in advance! Fredrik

Hello Tuffo!

Thank you so much for your kind words. That is more like of a custom module. Anyways, can you check this ‘Unified Search’ by buddydev: http://buddydev.com/buddypress/buddypress-globalsitewide-unified-search-update-for-buddypress-1-5/, I think it does the same job.

Thank you so much for choosing Klein :) Have a great day.


Hi! Wondering where do i have to put the shortcode of Featured Members to appear as the example in the home (with the round borders) Thanks!

Did you check if you have activated ‘Gears’ plugin?

That was the problem, thanks a lot!

Hey, I read about Visual Composer update. I download the folder again, but the version is the same (4.2.3). And this version not run on my website. Now I’m forced to use the version. What’s the problem?

Hello Candux! There was a package issue. Please re-download the theme later. There will be a notification email :)


Perfect! Now It’s OK! Thanks :)

You’re welcome :)

Is there any way to personalize the menu in the member’s profile? To add some sections?


Maybe you can check this little plug-in: https://wordpress.org/plugins/buddypress-custom-profile-menu/

Thanks :)

That was very useful, thanks a lot!

Hi, my login modal is not appearing correctly. I have deactivated the Background manager which I thought might be clashing with it, to no avail. Also, the password field is not showing. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

The URL is http://corporate.12stepsforbusiness.com.au/welcome/

Hi Dunhakdis, thanks so much for the quick reply! Thanks, your tip about the relative parent container was useful. I had added the plugin, “Easy Bootstrap Shortcode”, which was adding a relative position to the dialog-modal class.

For other readers, I have overridden that CSS rule using:

.modal-dialog { position: static; }

By the way…your demo theme is getting an “Error establishing a database connection” message :)

Thank you so much for notifying me. It was a server error. Fortunately, everything seems to be normal now.


Hey dude,

Where can I find the stylesheet or controls for changing the red widgets to green? (About Us, Search, Twitter, etc).

Oh, found it _

Glad to know :)


Okay I’m having quite a number of problems the further I dig into the theme:

- The “Login” button at the top of the page doesn’t work.

- The “Profile” button seems to redirect to a blog post, I can’t find anywhere to edit these buttons.

- The Buddypress edit profile feature clashes with Woocommerce, there is no option to edit profiles on the front end.

- Basically, the entire front end of the Buddypress profile system is either broken or clashing with Woocommerce.

Also, I can’t Login with Facebook on your Support site.


Hello FlyingSquidWolf.

If for some reasons you cannot log into my forums support, you can email me in my profile page contact form. Kindly state the url of the website and the access codes so I could take a look at your settings :)

Thank you so much for choosing Klein.

Best, Joe


I’ve basically nuked my WordPress installation & I’m starting from scratch. It appears to be going well so far, my CMS was quite old (running for five years on layers of updates). A fresh install seems to have worked.

Thanks for the reply!

Your welcome. I’m glad to know that.

Enjoy the theme :)

Hi :) loving your theme…just a small problem I hope – I would have posted in your support forum but could not find where to open a ticket??

On my profile groups page I am getting an error: Notice: Undefined variable: groups_index in /home/mgc12sfb/public_html/corporate/wp-content/themes/klein-2.1.1/buddypress/groups/groups-loop.php on line 37

I do have a custom function limiting members to seeing only groups they are a member of, but I have removed that and retested and the same error occurs.

Could you please shed any light on this? Thanks!

Hello Brid! Thank you so much for choosing Klein WordPress Theme. I’m gad that you are loving the theme. That small notice was due to the earlier version of BuddyPress.

For the meantime, you can disable the php notices (if you are in production server).

There will be an update this week.


Thanks! Done.