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Hello i have problem with recaptcha at registration page ? i install api but nth work? and for forum page i have ohter style

Hello, Sorry? I think this is a wrong theme. I don’t have any recaptcha plugin built for the theme nor the theme has it. The recaptcha you saw in the demo is my way of blocking some creepy spammers.


Is the update out now ? Please how do I add and link the Community and Forum page like it is on the theme Demo .

I will also like the communiy to show on the home page just like the the theme demo

Thank you

Yes, its out now.

The community and link are theme menus. To add community (groups) and forum page. You need to enable it in the BuddyPress p[age settings.


Thanks! How do i enable the community and Forum Page. I went to BuddyPress and Cant find it. Please help !!!

Install bbPress first. As of 1.8, groups forums are already dead. After you install bbPress, go to buddypress settings and enable the forum. Also, when creating a new group, you need to tick the checkbox that says ‘enable the group forum’.

Community page -> Groups page.


I cant also see the contact form after doing everything as instructed on the Manual

Did you installed contact form 7? Thanks

Just did works fine now. Thanks a miilion

Hello, can u help me to create security like your demo bc with your update themes i can’t view recaptcha security in register page can you help how ? Regards

i have another problem with forums page, you haved good looking and i in my website,but when i need to make it group forum, i have bad design, can i send to you screenshots? to help you to update :D

I’m not sure what you mean. Please go to http://dunhakdis.ticksy.com. You can attach your screenshot there.

Cya. Thanks. :)

i send to you a ticket ;)

I just created a New group and when I click on the Group menu it show me the edit link. My Forum is also not appearing when I click on the Forum button that also shows me edit.

Also the forum now works fine but I cant seem to get the Group and Register under community to work . Kindly advice

Carefully followed your instruction and everything works fine. But i think I messed up with the Forum settings as it shows me ” Possible bbPress conflict: Forum slug ”. Please whats the right forum setting ?

For register, go to settings > general. Make sure you enabled the buddypress registration :)..

Just delete any page that has a ‘forum’ slug, that should be use in your main forums. If you want, you can change it under bbpress settings.

Thank you :)

Hello snifferx, you upload buddypress and bbpress first and then you upload kein themes, so you have to delete buddypress and bbpress and tables in database the upload it after you activate theme. Then you get forums page like demo, but this forum can every member can post a forum, but the forum you use it right now it’s for group, so no one can make any forum or topic only in group he in it. i hoppe i help you with this notification ?? :D TC

from zsidawi, so sry if i help sniffrex from charbel account and not from zsidawi…but i love your themes and i hoppe all purchased love it like me :D

i have idea i hoppe can fixed future problems….on version 1.6 can make a design for forums group?bc if someone use buddypress and bbpress, and his forums only for groups,so no members can create a topic only in a group he in it… you should have to work on this forum page ?

Hi charbel. Thank you so much for your kind words.

I’ll definitely consider that! Big thanks for bringing that into table.

Hopefully I can release the next version (1.6) next week.

Have a great day!

Hi, 1. I saw mention above that you have to install buddypress and bbpress plugins before the Klein theme. Is this correct? 2. For the blog like in your menu, do I have to create a new page and then do an all posts or archives type coding? I think I am missing something here. 3. I did a display:none on the carousel which works and I want to slow down the slider. How can I do this? Thanks! Great theme so far!

You can have klein with or with out buddypress and bbpress, it will work like a blog.

For the blog, you need to go to settings > reading, then select ‘static page’. In ‘post page:’, select the page you wanted to show as blog.

Visit the page you’ve just selected. Your blog should appear now. It’s in the docs BTW.

Thanks nikita!

Please forget the dumb question about the blog page. I need another coffee.

It happens everytime. lol.

Anyways, thank you so much! I’ll drink my coffee too!

Do you offer customization services?

I would like to use this as a photo sharing website. Users can only post a photo, and no content areas. Perhaps the easiest way is creating a new post type? After posting a new photo it appears in Activity, category pages, etc. and other users may comment and discuss the item. Please create an estimate for this work in USD.

Thank you!! :)

My email is krahnjoe at me dot com if that’s easier :)

sent u an email ;)

i miss full bootstrap suport / font awsome.

Btw.. that widget you use on footer for social media?

You could update the doc’s and put it ;0)

Please download the latest version of Klein. The package contains the updated documentation.


Hi, The default homepage slider, not the revolution slider, is it possible to change settings like transition speed, etc…? Thanks!

You need to edit the JS file. Thanks..

Please go to my support http://dunhakdis.ticksy.com site.

This comment is getting hard to browse.


Please the Avatar for my groups are not showing up. HELP !!!!

Did you configure everything properly?

Please go to my support http://dunhakdis.ticksy.com site.


Can I change the theme to RTL layout ?

You need to make necessary changes for the theme to support RTL, just like with other themes.

Thanks :)

Is there a way to move the reply box / add a comment to the top of article or page?

So people don’t have to scroll thru all those comments to reply. – So far this is the best money spent on a theme, I’m liking it so far :)

I’m confused, 14 day trial for support? @ dunhakdis.ticksy.com?

Yes, but that is for ticksy.com. Just go to http://dunhakdis.ticksy.com/ its always free :)

I went the wrong place :) I see now, going there now. Sent the ticket now! :) Hope I did it correct, not sure if you got the message.

If you guys want something easy, something clean, something awesome, something that is perfect for buddyPress and bbPress, this is the theme for you! :) And it has really great support.

I’ve bought some top rated quality themes that most people bought, and it was awful for bbPress, also as I’m no professinal code-guy, it just didn’t do anything good for me.

But this theme! <3 saved my site.

I love how you can so easily change the fonts in this theme, and so many options too! This saved my bbPress forums, they now look much better. :)

And the support system dunhakdis uses is great, he continues to help me out and I’m grateful for that!

Just want people to know my experience as a customer.

5\5 star!

Thank you so much for rating me 5 :). I’m so glad you enjoy my theme.


Hope you will check the support soon, there are few tweeks I’m eager to insert, so everything will be perfect :)

I’m not sure what time zone you are in and when you are around, so I’ll be patient.

Sorry, But I don’t usually work on Sundays. I’ll answer your questions later when I get into my ‘office’ :).


How do you go about making the topic Layouts to be both left and right sidebars?

Also, I would like the Activity page to have both left and right sidebar layouts.

Any help is much appreciated.

Got it. Thanks. One last question. How do I go about adding an Xprofile field to the members loop page and profile page under the username?

Got it fixed. Anyway to alter the css on the mobile version? I want to use a bigger logo on the site but want it to fit correctly on the mobile version

Just add some rules inside the child theme’s style.css. This way you can see to it that your updates won’t be overwritten each time we update the theme (there are lots of updates soon)>

you can use media queries :)

Thanks man!

How do I add the slider to the front page like on the demo?

Hello! Thank you so much for purchasing Klein WordPress theme!

May I know what slider are u referring to? Rev Slider or the Classic one?


Hello :-)

How not to display the slider on the home page for members connected with buddypress? And to keep the slider for visitors unconnected.


Thank you very much for your response. :bigsmile: Another question: We use BuddyPress and WPMU, It’s possible to display recents posts from blogs network instead of the main blog articles in the second slide (highlights section) below the main slide frome the home page? Thanks. :-)

yes, really possible. But im afraid the current theme option doesnt have the ability to do so. You need to edit the code directly. Thank you!

Yes we will try it :-) Thanks

Hi, I recently saw you comment that you can spend 6-12 hours of customizing it? If someone had a few tweaks that take 2 hours or so would you still be able to do that for new customers?

depends on the level of customization. If the work could just take 2 to 3 hours, then I am willing to customize the theme for you :).

P.S my hourly rate is $50/h


This looks really cool

I want to build a close and paid community (but with functionality much like the demo) with recurring monthly payments…

Can the theme handle this, or maybe with a plugin like this: http://premium.wpmudev.org/project/membership/ ?

As long as its compatible with BuddPress 1.8, it’s compatible with my theme :)

Thanks :)

Great. I’ll try it :)

np, thanks a lot :)