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When you buy this theme, you don’t only get a awesome theme. You get the best customer support, seriously! 5/5 :D dunhakdis is a really nice person.

For example, I just wanted to move my commentfieldbox to the top (just above the comments) – and he helped me with it.

Now in my experience, most authors say no to a question like that.

So thank you dunhakdis for being so awesome and helpful! :)

Thanks man! I’m really glad you like the theme. :)


Do you have an option for a darker theme? I love this one but I want to have a dark background.


Hi ladyramses! Thanks for loving my theme. Unfortunately, there is no dark option yet, but its coming in 2.0 version.

Thanks :)

Hello I recently purchased your theme. I was wondering, if in order for my site’s homepage to look like yours does in the demo, do I have to purchase a separate slider? If so, is this the revolution slider? I assumed this was included in the theme…? : /

Hi. Thanks for buying my theme :).

It’s part of the download package. Please read the documentation.


Oops…thank you!

u must be bored.. just kidding :).. Thanks a lot

Hi, So when you said to the person above, a dark version is coming in v2. Does this mean if i was to buy this theme right now, when v2 comes out i get the free upgrade to dark? or i have to purchase v2 as its own item? ETA on version 2?

free update.thanks

Hi, I have one question. How can I change the label “My Account” to the current user name? What is the php code for that? I want that my website logged in users can see their own name instead of the “My Account” label. Thanks and greetings from Estonia!

Hi rein. Thanks for buying the theme :). Hope you’ll like it.

Please copy the header.php from the main theme file to the child theme. Next , edit the file recently copied file (header.php) inside hte child theme and find the line that says ‘My Account’, you can replace that with buddypress code, for example :

<?php echo bp_core_get_user_displayname( $userid ); ?>

Many thanks.

hi, i purchased you theme. it’s good. but i can’t view to register page like demo page. How to i can set to register page?

Please make sure you enabled the registration inside the wordpress settings :).

Hello :-) How change the red backgroung color of the left home page’s sidebar ? What is the custom css to add on the theme option to do it? Same question for the brown backgroung color in the text widget. Thank you!

Hello. Please send me a screenshot in my forums support. Thanks


I’m considering purchasing, but sub-groups/group hierarchy are required for me. Is this compatible with Klein?? Thank you,

Yes, just tested with this plugin


it works 100% :)

Hello Dear, your them is extremely nice and am willing to buy after u release the next update while I got something to finish with so I can start on working on my community website.

I have some questions if u dont mind:

1- I need some shortcuts from the admin panel so it clears me some needed things such as if I want to make the entire site as much as wider and fill those edges with widgets in order to utilize those useless spaces?

2- Is going to be an update that supports creating albums for the member profile?

3- Does the them have a ban system for those malicious users since I wanna allow anyone joining my site with a registration condition so for sure I need that option if possible!


Hi there :)

to answer your questions:

1. There is no option right now that allows you to change the available width. But can easy done with few CSS.

2. Right now it is already supporting albums for member profile. You just need to make some adjustments in the css.

3. No, the theme doesnt come with that feature. However, you can download akismet like what keymasterpo said.

Thanks :)

thank u very much dear bro :)

When is the next update plz ?

Will be release by next week probably :). Thanks

@technoadmire, for your question #3 – you could try using Akismet and Stop Spammer Registrations Plugin for WordPress.

Stop Spammers has stopped 331 spammers since installation for me, and you can easily add a IP address of a user that you wish to ban. :)

(Also, I’m looking very much forward to the dark theme version in version 2) thumps up :D

Thanks :)

Hi, I want to purchase this theme but I am not able to login . It gives me error wrong activation key. Can you send me demo account credentials

Send you an email. Thanks :)

Dunhakdis, I’m not able to purchase, here is what I get:

We’re sorry, but we can’t send your payment right now

Hi raagjams, please contact envato or maybe try again later :). Thank you.


If I require your assistance, I’ll raise a support ticket! :D

Thank you so much! Feel free to do so. http://dunhakdis.ticksy.com

Hello dunhakdis,

Your theme looks marvelous..hey, I'm considering buying it for my site..will the members that join my site be able to sell there own services if the want to? For instance, say I create a freelance website with Klein...and people post there portfolios on the site to show there work...and if someone is interested in there work...will they (the member) be able to sell there work/services once they are registered with my site?

Hope you can understand my question. Thanks, Winners

Awesome..! Thanks for the quick reply! If i need your help with adding the necessary CSS rules for the plugin..can you help me with that?

Thank you, Winners!

I would love to help, but unfortunately, I can only do ‘minor’ CSS changes at this time. You can hire creatives at microlancer. They are awesome.

Cheers :)

Ok..sounds good! Thanks again..! Winners!


I am new to this, but I would like to get rid of the “Leave a reply” comment on all pages except for my “blog” page…. do you know how I can accomplish this?


Hi “JRSimmons07341” . Please visit my support page.


Thank you :)

Hi Dunhakdis,

Could you please tell me where can I find the full changelog for the updates?

thanks, Tom

inside the theme package, please see changelog.txt

Hi There,

I noticed that if i change the wordpress site url from the general settings the dynamic css (custom css) path breaks

Where can i make the change to reflect the correct path for the dynamic css.

Thanks :)

Please go to my support page. Also, can you kindly provide screenshot?


Thank you so much :)

Dunhakdis, what’s the best way to update?

Also if I edited the style.css, will the update completely override the file?

Thanks for your support! ;)

Just take note of the lines/codes you’ve edited and paste it inside child theme’s style.css :)

Have a great day. Cheers.

Great BP theme!

Do you plan on adding different blog options at all? Everything with this theme is perfect but we need to display a blog grid if that’s possible?

Thanks. Not on the road-map right now but i’ll take a look at it and it might be consider in the future. Anyways, you can use this plugin http://codecanyon.net/item/ubergrid-responsive-grid-builder-for-wordpress/4851992 to build a grid :)

Thanks tommy.

Hey, nice theme! A couple of quick questions before I purchase this…

I’ve been working with WP for quite a while now but new to BuddyPress.

1. Am I able to add custom profile fields to the user profiles area? Or is there an option in your theme or plugin that I can do this with?

2. Because this theme supports WooCommerce, am I able to tie Woo into memberships of users for paid access to the site?

3. Can I assign different user groups with different permissions of access that will prominently be displayed through this theme? Let’s say group A and group B. Something like, group A are people who want to publish their portfolio publicly and Group B are the recruiters looking to hire group A but everyone can interact with each other or communicate to whatever their needs are.

These might be questions that are more suitable for the BuddyPress community but I figured to ask if your theme supports any of these items mentioned.


Hi loookwhoo

1. Yes, buddypress allows you to do that.

2. You can integrate any WordPress plugin and like any other themes out there, you might need to make any adjustments in the theme stylesheet to match the markup generated by the plugin.

3. Im not sure but I think you can create each of the groups individually.

Thanks :)

Great, thanks dunhakdis!

your welcome :)

Hi again!

Good work, but I have only one problem. If I enable the slider at front of my page, then I can’t see the sidebars. Just showing the content, but not sidebar content as like full page with no sidebars. Do you know, how to fix the problem?

ALso I forget to ask.. is this possible to put the shortcode of slider somewhere inside the page? Cheers, Reinald

Hi Rein! Thank you so much for purchasing my theme. Please visit my support page :)

Have a great day! Cheers