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Hi i really like this theme, but i need to know if is compatible with the buddypress plugin BuddyPress BP Gallery Plus or some other plugin for buddypress who let users to create own gallery.

It’s compatible with any buddypress plugin and like any other themes, you need to apply proper CSS modifications for the plugin to work with the style of the theme becuz each plugins has its own unique markup :)


Its a nice clean theme. I want to create a blog where- 1)the home page shows an intro about my blog, a login and register links/buttons. 2) Anyone can post without login or register and if wants, then can create one’s account and set it as needed. 3) The blog would contain blogs on various topics. 4) all major permissions should be with the admin, if needed can delete any spam post or anyones account and send a mail to them. 5) Do u provide any page builder like Visual Composer, as I find it easier and faster to work with than normal shortcodes.


Well I can take care of it.. I just wanted to is it compatible with your theme or not… Will it look good, if made as I want?

You didn’t replied to my last question…!!! is any page builder provided?

yes it will look good if you made it as you want :)

No, there is no page builder, that is coming soon:) in version 2 thanks

Thanks.. Gonna wait for the next version then…!!

Awesome theme, my partner and I will be getting this soon. I’ve noticed a couple issues with buttons, first being the login button on the top bar, and the continue reading buttons in the blog. There isn’t a response afterwards

Hello! Unfortunately, I cannot reproduce the error you’ve encountered. If you got a chance, you can email me instead :)


Also, does your theme provide the styling for the login page built in like the demo?

Yes :).


Hi dunhakdis,

Very Cool Theme! & Very Intrested, couple ?’s.

1. Do users only have access to front end, or do they go into the wp dashboard? i need for users to do everything front end and not have access to the wp dashboard.

2. Can i restrict guest visitors to going into forums, members etc?

3. Do you provide a demo.xml file, to get the site started as shown on demo on my domain fast?


Thanks for your response dunhakdis,

I need for my users not to go into the wp dashboard and keep them in only the front end, is this possible with this theme?


really want to get this theme!! :D

Hey Dan. That feature can be easily solve with plugins. Here are some of the plugins which exactly does that!

1. http://goo.gl/y2UjRa 2. http://goo.gl/ME614q


Awesome!! Thanks dunhakdis!!

Hello again,

I was wondering when 2.0 will be out because I want a darker version of this beautiful theme! I need to finish a project soon and I want to use this theme but if it won’t be out soon then I will go with another theme


Its coming 2nd week of oct :)

great news! thanks! buying now

looking forward :)

Hi dunhakdis,

I am having some trouble with the demo setup, i have followed all the steps but as soon as i select download attachments>then submit after a couple of seconds i get an internal server error page. Please Help.


Thanks for purchasing Klein WordPress Theme.

That issue could be cause by your server settings. Please adjust your max_execution_time in php.ini.

For more support and question, please go to my support page.


Thanks again Dan!


Hello Dunhakdis, I was wondering if the theme was easy to translate in any language ? French for example ? Thank you for your answer. Okbb

Yes, its 100% translatable :) .. Also, please check wpml plugin. Thanks


Do you know if there is a way to import from vBulletin to BP?

Hi Chad! Thanks for asking. The theme is responsive. Try re-sizing your screen. :)

Hi I can’t seem to get the Revolution slider working. Where should I be placing the shortcode after I’ve built the slider? ”<?php putRevSlider(“fullwidth”,”homepage”) ?> “

Hi joe. Thanks for purchasing the theme. . Please read the docs under slidr rev. For more question, please go to my support page.

Have a great day!

Hey Joseph, I can’t find these, could you just shoot me a quick email with the steps? (joe.devlin@dal.ca) Sorry for the inconvenience.

Sent you an email earlier. Hope that helps.

Cheers :)

Hi there,

I am wanting to manage 2 “communities” though this theme. Is this possible? eg user 1 is part of community A and User 2 is part of community B. They cant see each other or see groups created by each other. I would create multiple sites but then admining it would get crazy.


Let me know if you didnt get it

Just replied btw :)

Hello, I´ve just purchased your theme and have 2 fatal errors:

1.) when try to load dummy content: Fatal error: Out of memory (allocated 25427968) (tried to allocate 932357 bytes) in /homepages/35/d75630884/htdocs/music-com/wp-content/plugins/wordpress-importer/parsers.php on line 66

2.) when try to install revolution slider: Fatal error: Out of memory (allocated 25690112) (tried to allocate 28672 bytes) in /homepages/35/d75630884/htdocs/music-com/wp-content/plugins/revslider/inc_php/revslider_output.class.php on line 852

Hope for a quick help. Thanks, Rob

Hi, Robby. Please contact your hosting provider, they can help you with this.

Commonly, this issue can be easily solved by adjusting the settings inside php.ini.

While I want to solve the issue for you, I’m afraid I cannot guarantee the exact location of the file (php.ini). So contacting you hosting is still the best way.


Hi I was wondering if you could point me in the right direction. I have managed to swap out the specific logged in users avatar for the “my profile” button, and when the arrow is clicked two options appear: settings and logout. Where exactly is the file located to be able to add extra options for the drop down user bar? Thanks!

That’s strange. Anyways, you’ll need to open the template-tags.php file inside ‘inc’ directory and find the function “klein_user_nav”. That’s it, from there I’m sure you can figure it out :)


Thanks so much! You rock!

no problem.Thanks :)

Hello, well done for a good-looking design. I’m looking to buy. Can I ask some questions? Can I list each category of posts on separate pages? Where can I see the other colour skins? Are there any showcase sites I can see? Is there a ‘likes’ feature? Are there any tutorials for set up? Thanks

Can I list each category of posts on separate pages?

- There is a widget available for that :)

Where can I see the other colour skins?

- Inside the theme option.

Is there a ‘likes’ feature?

- There is no like feature just favorite. You can add some plugins to do that if you want.

Are there any tutorials for set up?

- There is a good documentation included in the download package


Hi Dun,

Is your theme working with s2members plugin ?


Hi Gaubry.

I haven’t tested it to work with s2members. But any themes which are ‘good-coded’ should work with any different kind of plugins and Klein is one of them.

Thanks :)

Would this theme suite someone with limited coding experience? I want a theme that supports both buddy press and woocommerce out of the box, and any plugins which I may choose for both buddypress and woocommerce.

Hi “coachdarren”.

Yes, this theme is suitable for any users with limited coding experience.

If you kindly spend time reading the documentation, I’m sure you’ll be able to setup your own community site in no time. Thanks :)

Great job, looks great! Any idea if it works well with eventmanager pro?

Yes , it works with. :)


Great news. thank you!

Hi, i love your work!

With this theme individuals can post their own products to get users to buy? Or just the admin can?

If they can access the dashboard, they can. Thanks :)

Currently looking at using this theme for a new project. Can I lock down peoples profiles by default when they sign up. I don’t want users to see each others content. Also i need the ability for users to be able to post videos to their profiles is there a relatively easy way to accomplish that?

“Can I lock down peoples profiles by default when they sign up.”

Yes, you can. You can go to admin and delete the account or you can mark them as ‘spammer’ or install some plugins to do that :)

“Also i need the ability for users to be able to post videos to their profiles”

You can install BP Album Plus :)

Thanks mike!

Thanks for the quick reply. I am not talking about spammers I am talking about users who pay to be a member. I want people info and profile pages only to be visible to the user and to admin accounts.

You need to add ‘some code’ for the BuddyPress to sync with Paid Membership Pro for that feature which is by default is not supported.

Thanks :)

I’m pretty sure I’ll go for this theme for my next project but I just wanted to check with what you mean by ‘Paid Membership Pro Integration’ Does that mean the plugin has been coded into the theme or that it has been simply tested as being compatible?

I am looking at creating a membership site but I haven’t heard of this specific plugin before but have worked with s2member plugin. Can I just as easily use s2member?

Is there a content.xml file to achieve a quick set up?

It means the theme is compatible with “Paid Membership Pro”. There is no “Paid Membership Pro” code that goes inside the theme. You can decide if you’ll use it or not :).

I think s2member is one of the good choice so far. Yes, there is an xml file. Thanks

Cheers. I really appreciate the quick reply.