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Hi! I’d like to ask, if there is any way to put amount of items on homepage, or close to menu. It will be button like: “Your cart (5)”. It should be visible on every page and will be leading to checkout. Thanks!

Hi mirap.. You need to add a few lines of php code in the header.php to achieve that result. I can direct you into the right file location if you want.

Thank you :)

Is there a change log for the recent update available?

Hi, Kay. Thanks for purchasing Klein WordPress Theme.

The changelog is available when you download the package.


Quick question,

When I use the shortcode [bbp-forum-index]to put the forums on a different page, it seems to lose its styling (mainly the font) compared to the automatic generated forum page (which looks great!)

is there a quick css fix I can implement for this?

Hi, adt360. Thanks for purchasing Klein WordPress Theme.

Please go to my support page. I can assist you with that.

Thanks :)

looks like a great theme! even featured at ThemeForrest’s facebook page today… I wanted to see more, but demo seems broken? or at least not loading for me…

We’re actually planning to build a community site, and looking forward to see this and get this!

Hi Zag.. It might be some server issue. Rest assured that the demo is working great :)


First of all ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL theme! Question: My logo is more horizontal… it’s not formatting well on mobile devices(phones), plus it’s also not clicking on the entire logo, only the far left (which appears to be the original size area). Is there an easier way adjust this (size) and which id or class do I edit.

Thanks in advanced! KM

Hi, Kid. Thanks for you kind words. Please visit my support page and then kindly post the url of your site so I could help you with your problem.



Hi, Great looking theme!

Pre-sale question, can you please tell me if the theme supports RTL? Or maybe you have a ready made RTL CSS customized rule set?


You need to add the custom field value e.g. <?php echo bp_get_field_data( $field_name, $user_id ) ?>


Thanks again! Will you be able to help with such customization requests after the purchase?

While I want to help you with your request, unfortunately, it’s not possible for me to provide any customization request right now.

Feel free to go into my forums support, I might give you directions on where and what files to edit, etc., but you need to find a developer to handle the customization.

Thank you so much for your interest tberin :)

Really Been loving this theme! im new to wordpress and just learned how to use the visual composer+gears that comes with the theme its Very useful,powerful and simple. having fun with it:)

Hi Keith. Thank you so much for that wonderful message. It makes me happy indeed :)

Hey, where do I go to find a purchase code?

Yes, you can download the “Regular License”. Thanks

This is very unfortunate because I really do like your theme but it’s like I’m talking to a brick wall. I don’t know where to go download the “regular license.” Clicking on that link only leads me to an FAQs page on licensing dos and don’ts.

Does anyone else who has recently purchased the theme know how to get to the purchase code? I’m so confused by all this. I would think having the “purchased” tag next to my name should be enough to get some support.

Hello, olumi. Please refer to this link http://themeforest.net/forums/thread/item-purchase-code/96457

Thank you :)

Hi!! First of all, thanks a lot for developing such a great an easy to manage theme!

Now, I am having an issue with a plugin called ‘Social Articles’ it is for writing articles in the front end for buddypress.

It blends with the theme well, but it seems not to be moving responsively as well as the menu for edit while writing does not show.

You can see more info about the plugin here http://wordpress.org/plugins/social-articles/

Thanks for your help!

Hello, “jgdigitalmark”. Thank you so much for that wonderful message.

Can you please post your issue including your website url in my support forums?

I would be happy to assist you.


Hi Dunhakdis!

I have created a ticket on the support system!

Thanks for your help!

Hi guys, Great looking theme.

I have a number of pre sales questions.

1. Is it possible to disable the private message feature

2. Would it be possible for members to upload photos, if so is this possible from iOS and mobile devices.

3. I see there is a favourite button, can you display how many times? possibly pull that information onto the front page, Most favourited photos today?

Thanks Very Much


Hello, ‘arnbru’

Thanks for asking that question.

1. Is it possible to disable the private message feature

Yes, you can disable Private Messaging module in BuddyPress.

2. Would it be possible for members to upload photos, if so is this possible from iOS and mobile devices.

The theme doesnt come with that feature by default. However, you can try 3rd party plugins like ‘BP Album Plus’

3. I see there is a favourite button, can you display how many times? possibly pull that information onto the front page, Most favourited photos today?

You might need to have some sort of customizations.

Thank you so much :)

Hi there

Could users upload galleries to their account?

Thanks, I am keen to buy!

Hi, dane. The theme doesnt come with media gallery by default. However, you can try various plugins like ‘BP Album +’.

Thanks so much :)

Hi! Can I set a user rating system within your theme? Can the users set for an ad (or event or anything else) to show only the users with good ratings (for example % value for this variable)? This is important, because I want to users can filter other users. So if I want it, just reliable users can join to my event. I hope I was understandable :)

Hello, weblapfoto. The theme is compatible with events manager. I am not sure with the ratings, maybe you can find a good plugin for that.


Definitely going to buy this theme, looks great!

My only concern, – I need to modify this so that membership level will add features to the user’s page such as an expanded bio, more pictures, more group interaction. Does the theme already allow for such things or will I need to make many changes?

Is this theme a good fit to modify for this purpose? Any advice?

Hi Zilther,

Thanks for asking that. For ‘expended bio’, you can go with BuddyPress extended profile fields which is already available with BuddyPress itself. For ‘More Pictures’, you can install plugins like BP Album +. I’m not sure what you mean by ‘more group interaction’ the theme already handles the styling for BuddyPress Group Forums and etc.

Thanks :)

Nice Theme, Is it compatible with “WPML” mulitingual WP plugin?

Hi Bisso, yes it is :)

Can you suggest a photo gallery plugin that will allow users to upload photos to their profile page? All of the ones I have tried either don’t work or have some type of compatibility issue. I saw that you mentioned “BP Album +” in a previous post but I was unable to find a reliable link to this. Thank you.

Here is the link for BP Album +.


You might need to make necessary adjustments in the stylesheet for the plugin to match the current styling of the theme.

Thank you so much :)

you are good. Just one thing before i buy. Will my members be able to sell on the site?

hi mediahangout. I am not sure, but if you gave the members a privilege to upload products, they can.

It is something that is out of the scope of a theme. You can either find a good plugin, a wc extension, or find a dev to code it.

Thank you so much for asking.


My template does not have the visual composer.

I do not have the background textures also.

I downloaded the basics for wordpress.

u need to download the ‘Main File(s)’. You can download the texture here. http://subtlepatterns.com/

We’re about to buy, but before we do: how does the payment system work for different level memberships? Also- It needs an SSL to have Credit Card Payments on the site, correct?


Hi flightdrummers.

There is a wide option for you to choose in the membership plugin for payments system. I am not sure with the SSL, but I think it is handle not by the theme but by the plugin. You need to have extra configuration of your domain, etc.

Thanks :)

Hi does this integrate with paypal ok for the membership?

Also am I able to add custom fields in this theme for the profiles? I would like to use this more for a business social community.

How big is the Theme file?



Yes, I think paid membership pro handles have paypal option. Yes, you are able to add options for the profiles. The theme file size is 1.19 MB which is pretty small :)


Hi, I am looking for a theme supporting forums and I like your theme very much. I wonder if you have both bbpress and buddypress installed on your demo version and what about dB for users when using both applications? Thanks, Venera

Hi nnk, thanks for asking that question. Yes, I have both BP and BBP installed in the live preview. The BuddyPress and bbPress are well synced together. For example, you can used bbPress to handle Group Forums of BuddyPress. Thanks.