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Hi – Great looking theme.

I’m wondering if:

1)there is a way to add extra fields to a profile, like an age drop-down, gender multiple choice etc.

2)Is there an easy way to filter/search for members based off their profile info?

3)How much work is involved to add a search feature to the home page slider, just like this:


Thanks for your time!

1)there is a way to add extra fields to a profile, like an age drop-down, gender multiple choice etc.

- Yes, it’s a BuddyPress settings

2)Is there an easy way to filter/search for members based off their profile info?

- An easy way I could think about it is perhaps a plugin (http://wordpress.org/plugins/bp-profile-search/)

3)How much work is involved to add a search feature to the home page slider, just like this:

- You need to convert BP Profile Search mentioned aboved into shortcode and put it in the slider. Another method would be to code your own shortcode for searching and then have it in the SliderRevolution.


Hi, I want to know if your template allows to the registered users to post in the blog without having to use the wordpress pannel. Thank you in advance for your answer

Thank you very much I have another question, I’ve checked your demo and I can’t use the option to login or register with facebook account, that’s a demo limitation or a bug?

Indeed, a Demo Limitation :)

Thank you for your answer :)

Hi, just installed and the Genesis button is not showing in the dashboard section. I thought this was a parent/child theme… If I activate another theme it reappears. I have a plugin that required the Genesis framework to be installed to function which allows me to make edits etc. Please advise?

hi rob. What Genesis section are you revering to? Please go to my support page.



Hi, do you know if this will work out of the box with any events plugins? I need to get something online quickly.

thank you.

hi tommy. the theme can work well with events manager :). cheers

Hello Dunhakdis, this theme is awesome! Congratulations! Im working on it right now, and just want to ask: is there a way to create my own page template to use? Thank you ~!

Hi, philanri. Thanks for purchasing Klein WordPress Theme.

You may want to check on this link for a quick tutorial on how to create a page template :)



I have downloaded the theme. I dont see the 3rd party integrations such as the Paid Pro Memberships, Visual Composer and I dont see the Revolutionary slider, Is there a basic video tutorial for this sort of thing?

Hi, natalie. Thanks for purchasing Klein WordPress Theme.

I’ve already responded to your question in my forum support.

Thanks for asking :)

Awesome theme.

The screenshot is interesting, especially the toolbar. Is there a way to enable that feature?

Hi, Huze. Yes it is built on the theme :)

It seems that the toolbar is visible only in the profile page. Is it possible to display it on the top of any page once the user is logged in – like facebook.

Hi, huze. The toolbar is located in the header file. so it should display on any page..


can you put add friend buttons next to their profile pic on the members page?

also can you make the accept friends request a button instead of just a word?

hi mynewb.. Please go to my support forum instead. http://dunhakdis.ticksy.com

Thanks for purchasing Klein WordPress Theme :)

Is it possible to show/hide sections based on membership? For example, hide a widget of ads if a paid member?

Im not sure how to attain this by just using the Paid Membership Pro settings but you can readmore about the plugin on its page:


Thanks for asking :)

I’m working on a pretty extensive customization of this theme and I’m running into limitations on overrides with the child theme. If I want to have a new CSS preset or override some of the bootstrap functions or add custom fonts or the Klein login page I am getting road-blocked with the child theme. Please advise.

Hello edge. Please visit my forum support. http://dunhakdis.ticksy.com

Thank you :)

If all these questions and answers were on the support page it would be much easier to review and find answers. Can you export this over there along with all your private questions and answers?

The theme is fairly new so this can only get worse.

By the way, the more I use it the better it gets so keep adding to it leaving us no reason to look elsewhere for anything!

Sure thing. There are new features such as skin editor in the future.

Anyways, I’ve replied to your question in the forum.

Thanks a lot :)

Hi, what a good theme!! But I need to tell you that I have this problem with the slider revolution. http://themepunch.ticksy.com/faq/388

How can I fix it, please?

Hi veropanic. Thank you so much for purchasing Klein WordPress theme. Please visit my support page.. http://dunhakdis.ticksy.com

Anyways, I don’t think the problem is related to the theme. The theme is coded up to date with the current standards of the WordPress community.

Thanks again and see ya in my forum section :)

could you please advise where i can find a list of shortcodes? i cannot find them in the online docs or in the most recent downloaded package thanks

Hello Ghog. Please see ‘docs’ directory. For the list of shortcode available in Gears, please open Gears.docx located inside said directory. I dont have a list with Visual Composer as it is already come with UI/Page Builder.Thank you :)

Hi, I’m considering Klein as my buddy press theme and have some questions. I’m not an official developer, but have build some WP sites already, also with some customization. Do you expect me to be able to build build my own community site with your theme or is it meant for a professional? Klein comes with 9 presets included. Can I create my own skin easily or only with code? Can I use different skins on individual pages? Is it retina ready or any plans for that?

Thanks! It looks great.


Hi Joseph. As long as you have knowledge with WordPress and theme installation, you are good to go. For customization, you may want to consider hiring a developer for you. You can create additional preset by coding it.

Thanks :)

thanks, are the psd files included? It is not indicated

Not included :)

Could you add a retina-switch feature, so if I have retina and non-retina versions of my logo, the site can detect the retina screen and switch the logo for the retina alternative?


Hi sytafi. I’m considering that feature. Maybe on the next update. Unfortunately I dont have any ETA on it.

Thank you

Very nice! I’m building a membership site and just recently decided to give buddy press a try. This template will work nicely.

Question: Is the fancy pants membership pages only for the PMP integration or can they be used with another membership plugin?


What do you mean by fancy pants moxie? Please feel free to contact me in my profile page.

Have a great day!

LOL.. I was just being cheeky. Purchased the theme and look forward to digging into this beauty. ciao ;)

Thanks a lot!


“Question. I cant figure out how to put this youtube video in. In post edit section, select the video post format and add the ‘klein_video’ custom field.

For YouTube Video, get your YouTube video id and put that in ‘klein_video’ custom field. An example YouTube video id is: ‘MHEr-qjxdgQ’. If you don’t know where to find the YouTube video id. Please click here”

What exactly is the “klein_video” custom field and where do i find it or put it in?


Kind regards,


Hello Mart. Please create a new custom field, label it as ‘klein_video’ and add the YouTube ID.

More information on how to create custom field: http://codex.wordpress.org/Custom_Fields

Please see section under “Usage”.



Well, the most complete theme so far !

I have few questions:

1) Can I make the theme full width 1280px, I know you have the full width option, but it’s not the full width I want, it’s just a white boarder. I want the theme to be stretched, but will this affect the theme responsiveness on the mobile devices?

2) Is this theme high resolution? Retina Ready?

3) Will you add a rating system? Customizable Flexible banner? Ajax upon user registration to check the user name availability?

4) Is the theme Mega menu plugin compatible?

I asked too much, I am sorry, but honestly this is the only theme that has BBpress, buddypress, bootstrap and WooCommerce compatibility!! Wow, thank you!

1.) You can easily do it via .container{ width: 1280px }.

2.) No yet fully. 3.) You can install GD Star Rating :). Not Yet. Not Yet. 4.) You can try uBer Menu. But I havent tried that one with Klein before.

Thank you so much for asking!

Nice theme kabayan! I am excited to get working on it. Balitaan kita pag na up ko na!

5 starts on this!

Thanks tol. May update pala ako sa theme. Kaya lg pending pa eh.. :)

Check mu nlng this week.


For sure it would be very neat! Cheers bro!