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Hi Dunhakdis, on your themes page you mentioned “BuddyPress Album Plus” is this a photo plugin? If so can you send me the link to it please as I cant find it.

I am interested in buying your theme but I would need a plugin that can manage users photo uploads and youtube video posts. So it has a page where users can see photo and videos other users have uploaded and comment on them and view them.

Is there any photo and video plugins that would recommend to use with your theme?

Thanks, Jamie.

Hi, Jamie. Here is the link to the plugin http://wordpress.org/plugins/bp-album/ .


Lovely theme! Wanted to check if this would work well for wpmudev’s marketpress too. If not, is there any way to make it compatible? Thanks for you attention!

I havent tested the theme with that plugin. But im pretty sure it will work well. You might need to add CSS for compatability.

Thanks :)

Please can I translate theme and buddypress using .po and .mo files? Are they included? :)

Yes. They are included and you just need to regenerate the strings to make sure they are updated :)


One of the most beautiful themes!
Question: Can every and each buddypress user open their own shop or add products to be sold? Thanks

Hi ack. As long as they have privilege to do so :)


Wow, if it’s true, then this makes your theme really strong among other ecommerce ones.

a normal WooCoomerce installation can do that already. You just need to set the privilege :)

Please tell me how to set Page Layout of Forums to Full content/No Sidebar? Thanks.

Hi yanagit. Thanks for purchasing Klein WordPres Theme. You can select that under ‘Appearance’ meta box. For more questions, kindly visit the support page.


Thank you

Hi, please can you tell me how to disable the wp admin bar (toolbar) for the members that are not admins. Is there a plugin or I have to insert a code in php? Thank you in advance

Hi Silva. You can install a plugin to do that. Here is the link: http://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-admin-bar-removal/


Thank you very much. I wasn’t sure about that plugin because it hasnt data about the compatibility with the last wp. I will try it now. :D

Hi, this gallery plugin seems to be dead? No support and no updates in months: http://wordpress.org/plugins/bp-album/ .

Has the theme been tested with RTMedia’s gallery?


Hi Tom. Haven’t tested the theme to work with the plugin. But if the plugin conforms with the standards of WordPress, BuddyPress to be specific, then it should work. You might need to apply desirable CSS codes to make sure the plugin perfectly fits the styling of the theme :)


Hi dunhakdis, I bought your theme and it was my first time to make wordpress web page. So in this field, I am as good as a beginner.

I’d like to make such as “http://klein.dunhakdis.me/activity-2/” including text area and activity timeline. Please let me know that what kind of plugins or features are used at that page?


hi betel. Thank you so much for purchasing Klein WordPress theme. Sorry, I was not able to read your message. That activity page is handled by BuddyPress activity module and is already inside the documentation.

Please go to my support page if you’ve encounter any issues setting it up :)

Thank you

Maybe I’m missing something but is it possible to show different page views for logged in users and visitors? By default logged in users will be redirected to their profile. If a logged in user clicks home or attempts to visit the Home page they should get a different layout from what’s seen by visitors. Visitors will simply see a registration login form. What are my options for controlling how content is displayed to logged in and visiting users?

Hi marvc. Thanks for purchasing Klein WordPress Theme. You can do that with Paid Membership Pro settings :)


Can I translate the entire site, every single word? And what is the way I can do that? Thanks in advance

Hi Catsby. Yes. :)

Gears is fastly becoming a pita! 1. Why do I get drop down boxes when I attempt to use the following shortcode to display site activity:

[gears_bp_activity_stream max=”10” activity_button_link=”http://mysite.com/activity/” activity_button_label=”Show All Activity”]

I want this to look as it does in the demo. How do I achieve this?

2. Is it not possible to display groups with the title of the group underneath the avatar? If I use the BP Groups Grid none of the groups have their names associated with them. Without the names they look like regular images. So how do I achieve what you show here in a grid format?


On this page you’re displaying 1 to 4 groups with the avatar and title. I want this in a grid format.

3. Is it possible to have the member carousal stretch the entire width of the screen or column? Right now I only see a few images and the arrows aligned to the left and lots of white space to the right.

Ticket also opened in the forum.

Hi marvc.

Thanks for purchasing Klein WordPress Theme. Rest assured your issue has already been addressed in the forum support. Also, please take few minutes to read the documentation.

Cheers :)

Loving the theme. But I need some set up help.

I followed the set up process, and now I’m trying to set up my Register page. I ticked the box in the member settings, synced up all the buddy press stuff. But when I go to the register page it just sends me to my homepage. I feel like I’ve tried everything. Help please!

Also, I tried going to your support site and I can’t log in or post a question. It says I’ve logged in with facebook, but it doesn’t do anything. I’ve tried creating an account and it says my email is already registered.

Hi Rio. Thank you so much for purchasing Klein WordPress Theme.

Please make sure you are logged out when you are visiting your registration page.

Cheers :)

Ive bought the theme but having problems uploading the visual composer plug in. Tried a few times, struggles to load and then says upload failed.

Hi designerange. Thank you so much for purchasing Klein WordPress Theme.

Please try increasing the memory limit in your PHP configuration or try uploading the plugin using FTP. Your hosting provider can provide you details related into this matter.


Hi, Thanks for the reply. I think I’ve managed it but where do I find the Visual Composer License Key to activate it? Thanks

Hello! You need to purchase a license for the visual composer to obtain a unique license key. Cheers!

Hi, thanks for the nice theme. I have a problem with FB connenct. I changed the username to k-rey ->Look at this: http://www.fachwissentausch.de/mitglieder/katrin-rudloff_thegfay2/profile/

but there is still @katrin-rudloff_thegfay2 in profile

i wan’t to change this to k-rey,too and “thegfay2” doesn’ look goog.

Hi Knuppel.

Thank you so much for purchasing Klein WordPress Theme.

It has something to do with the username of the user stored in the database record. Please visit my support page for more questions.

Thanks :)

Is there an update for Visualcomposer?

Hi Knuppel. Please re-download the theme. It contains the latest version of the plugin. Thanks


Is it possible for users to make posts without being in the standard admin wordpress environment? I cannot see a way to place a post when I try the demo. Almost buying, thanks

Nevermind just went through the commments and found the answer on the same question :)

Is the visual composer the only update in the new upload?

Actually theres an update to 3.7.3, is it possible to get that version? Includes some fixes for WP 3.8 and TinyMCE

Hi jwburkhard. Thanks for purchasing Klein WordPress Theme.

There are few fixes and changes in the CSS as of the update. Also, i’ve re-arrange the options in the admin panel and added few customizer options :)

Hi! I have a pre-sales question; Is it possible to turn off the over sensitive scrolling? I would like to have a normal scroll speed.


Hi lyre. Yep. Its available on theme option/settings :)

Great, thank you!

is the theme compatible with wordpress 3.8?

I downloaded the package but however I miss the documentation.

Where is the documentation? I only see the Changelog!

Hey, leijte. If this is your first time downloading theme from themeforest, the documentation is found in the package, you just need to click “All files and documentation” in the download section.

After you have downloaded all the files and documentation (not just the wordpress theme), make sure to browse through ‘docs’ directory and click the index.html