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Discussion on KLEO - Pro Community Focused, Multi-Purpose BuddyPress Theme

Discussion on KLEO - Pro Community Focused, Multi-Purpose BuddyPress Theme

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Hey I am having an issue with my sidebar – it loads in the footer. How to fix this? https://deholistischecounselor.nl/

sq_support Author Team

Hi, 1. You can try to leave off all caching plugins and features for one day just to check the behaviour in time.

2. Making the sibderbar 300px value width it’s not a best practice, our theme uses bootstrap and the sidebar it’s col-3 and main content container it’s col-9 I recommend to use the next option from theme options -> layout settings -> Main content width for one sidebar templates -> 67% or lower value, in this way the sidebar will be larger, test and choose your desired value.

Cheers Radu

Hi Radu, I’m not talking about the sidebar. I am talking about the side-menu with overlay setting that is fixed in the side menu option, but there is no option for changing the wide and fonts etc. Cheers, Jera

sq_support Author Team

Hi, You can change the font size and color for those links using this CSS .offcanvas-sidebar ul li a {font-size: 20px;padding: 20px 0;color: red;}

The sidemenu width can be changed using this css .offcanvas-sidebar {width: 400px;}

The css can be added to wp-admin -> appearance -> customize -> additional CSS

Cheers Radu

Hello! I have a presale inquiry. I would like to have a social user media orientated WordPress theme where users can post their own image/video content. BUT I would like to know if I need to meet any requirements on my server/hosting company to accomplish this other than using RTMEDIA?. I previously tried doing this with other themes but it was VERY difficult for my users to post their content. So I need a theme that does this EFFORTLESSLY.

Thank you!

sq_support Author Team

Hi, Our theme uses buddypress that offers that community component and rtMedia for media component, they work on any hosting also on shared configurations, if you will have traffic on the website it’s recommended to upgrade the server specs.

Please have a look at the community demo at this address : https://kleo.seventhqueen.com/members/kleoadmin/

Use login demo demo to can see how it works live. Cheers Radu

Pre-Sale question ….

Perhaps I missed it but … Where can I try a demo of the backend of the KLEO “business directory” template ? (https://kleo.seventhqueen.com/business-directory/wp-login.php)

I would like to test the settings and familiarize myself with them before I buy.

Well noted. Will have a look.

I created an account at https://launchmywp.com but the only template that is available to be launched and tested is “Modern Dating”.

“KLEO” is not an available option.

Are there any other ways to test the backend of the “KLEO” template.

*FYI … I sent a private message to you with more details.

Hi, Please go to wp-admin -> appearance -> look for Kleo demo data tab, there should be all demos, hover and click import. Let me know Cheers R

theme option not saved. and support page no reply…!!!!!!!!

Hi, The support replied to you earlier , please use google chrome to perform the changes it’s a bug that will be fixed in next theme update. Cheers Radu


I am making changes to the Theme Option area and it is not showing up.

I had to delete the website and start all over. Not working

I bought this theme last year. Then, I saw it was having issues on the product page of the Woocommerce product page. So, I uninstalled, deleted the project and reinstalled it on the same website. And since then, everytime I try to edit from the THEME OPTION area, it was not effecting the change.

The woocommerce problem as not resolved still.

You can chat me up on https://wa.me/+2348033060873.

Hi, Please use google chrome to save the theme options it’s a bug that will be solved shortly Cheers Radu

For the second issue, please write to the themeforest seventhqeen profile you website url including a product url page showing the issue. IF you will use google chrome the theme options will be changeable and if that will solved the issue in the product page let me know Cheers R

Do you have any example pages that show a single meal, like from a food blog?

Hi, Our Food demo it’s only this page (like a restaurant menu) : https://kleo.seventhqueen.com/food/ It doesn’t any any inner page with specific design, but you can build your own arrangement in the page using bakery composer and to clone that page for each menu item.

Cheers Radu

Hello. I bought your template yesterday. I wanted to read the manual because there is one thing I don’t understand (where do I go to modify the content of the right side section of pages. So I go to https://my.seventhqueen.com/docs/kleo/ but I get no responses since yesterday. Is there other way to get the manual ?

Hi, In general the content from sides are added from sidebars. Go to wp-admin -> appearance -> widgets. Let me know Cheers Radu

Hi, thank you I will check that. Meanwhile, when will the documentation come back online ?

Hi, Please check now, we had some issues with the servers from the datacenter. Cheers R

I don’t know what’s wrong, but I cannot update my theme option. When I save changes, it does not take effect.

Hi, Please try to do that change using google chrome browser. it should work. Cheers Radu

I am still having the same issue.

Hi, Please open a ticket on our platform, offer wp-admin and FTP login and the initial issue query for reference. Cheers R

Hi, Is it possible to use Elemenetor Pro theme-builder for forum pages? to get full control for sidebar and ect?

sq_support Author Team

Hi, Please read more about bbpress and elementor here : https://forum.elementor.com/plugins-and-addons-44/how-to-integrate-bbpress-and-elementor-4800

Cheers R


dualsun Purchased

Hi.. I imported Portfolio theme, but there are no pictures showing or posts made.. also there are no portfolio settings or admin area that I can find, it’s also missing from the Options. Have ai done something wrong? Where do I look?

sq_support Author Team

Hi, Make sure to have k-elements plugin installed and activated, the plugin adds some additional options to some elements and also adds the theme options.

If the portfolio demo not looks like at all like our demo just offer wp-admin credentials and url in a themeforest private message to seventhqueen profile to can assist you.

Cheeers R


sharmstr Purchased

Shawn (sharmstr) here.  I used to work for you guys on the old forums.

I’m getting the following error in Theme Options -> Header Options -> Search Context

Warning: call_user_func() expects parameter 1 to be a valid callback, array must have exactly two members in public_html/wp-content/plugins/k-elements/lib/options/inc/classes/class-redux-wordpress-data.php on line 477 No items of this type were found.

Noticed it when I was trying to figure out a way to remove media results from the ajax search.

sq_support Author Team

Hi Sharmstr,

Hope you are well,

Please replace this file content : /wp-content/themes/kleo/lib/options.php With the content of this one : https://pastebin.com/raw/WWkxrMAS

Let me know Cheers R


sharmstr Purchased

That fixed it. Thank you! I still really enjoy working with this theme. Keep up the great work.

sq_support Author Team

Hi! No problems at all, happy to hear that from you. Best Regards Radu

Hello, I am interested into your theme for my wordpress website. I have a few questions before I buy: 1.Does is compatible with elementor and elementor pro? 2.Does it have its own builder or I can use elementor? 3.I would like to have a membership theme but not a community, I explain me better: I want only a certain category of users to see the others but I don’t want all users to interact and see each other. So I have a membership plan for brands, and I want buyer to be able to see those brands and enter and interact with their pages, check thier pictures and stuff so they can buy, but I don’t want the brands to see each others and interact with each others. Could I have like a “category” option for who sees what, so I know that the brands do not see each others or can search for each others and see what they are doing? 4. Do you have like badges that each user can earn? If so, can the badge be semestral, like limited in time and every six month has to be earned again? Can I change and customized all the icons for the badges? I have no intention to keep it as a game, but using them as reward in terms of sustainability or inclusivity.

4.1 How does the badge works? We can decide what they have to accomplish to receive the badge? Can we decide what they accomplished and add a badge manually? Can we put the option that after they have watched a full video they receive the badge? 5. Do groups exist in your theme, can I decide if they can have access and chance to create or join groups or not? At this point we don’t want groups feature, but maybe in the future we can need them. 6. Do you have “friendship” requests? Can I disactivate it or change the name into “followers” instead? It would make more sense if a buyer is following a brand and not beign friend with it. 7. Do you allow profile ranking? Can I decide that only category “buyers” can rank and viceversa, only brands can rank buyers? 8. Can eventually the users (brands) rank on buyers with a long review written and not only a star ranking? 9. Can I create different memberships for different categories and with different prices? For example, the membership for brands would be different than the one for buyers, in price, duration of the membership and what they can see and do in the platform, can I customize all of it? 10. I am using Memberspace to monetize my memberships, because I am still on Squarespace, as the integration for my community, shall I continue to use that or your theme can absolutely substitute Membespace, and if not, how do I integrate Memberspace in yours? If your membership theme substitute Memberspace, does it have to verify my bank account for the payments, and also will allow the users to pay: Paypal, credit cards and debit cards, and maybe also in installments?

11.Our membership is based on content (and so pages) that the paying members can see and it changes based on the membership plan they buy (there ate 3). Can we have this in your theme, we can decide which pages they users can see or not?

Thank you so much for these answers, I would be happy to know if you can maybe develop these features for us in the theme as a customized option, apart from this theme? Martina

sq_support Author Team

1,2. Yes but our pre-existing demo designs are builded into Bakery Compoer. So our demos will be available only using Bakery Composer.

3. that it’s something that should be developer custom since our theme without buddypress it doesn’t have any restriction, all theme options resitrctions are based on buddypress componends.

4. 4.1 The theme doessn’t have this feature, this can be done custom by a developer. 5. GRoups component belongs to the buddypress plugin, our theme itself doesn’t any groups as component. 6. Same as 5, friends components comes from buddypress plugin. 7,8. Without buddypress (without community) you cannot have any profile but only the /author/ page where there are show posts in the wordpress site published by that user. 9.In pmpro you can choose the price only for the membership level, if you have to have different memberships you can define additional ones, but there will be no restriction, outside the buddypress components. There should be done custom coding in order to match the needs.

10. They should have a plugin for integration with wordpress/buddypress or a custom php files that can handle that. by default i don’t think if it’s possible.

11. You can check if the logged in user haves any memmerbship and to show related content to it using this code : https://gist.github.com/strangerstudios/cd8798839f7a878813fea5119ec2f8ce and then to wrap the content into next shortcode [haspaid]premium content here[/haspaid]

I’m not familiarized with the Memberspace platform, actually it’s first time when i’ve heeard about them. This tasks seems completx and our theme doesn’t have availability for this.

Cheers Radu

Your site states that the theme is based on Bootstrap 4.0 but looking at code it looks like it is based on the old Bootstrap 3.0, so I cannot use Bootstrap 4 in my child theme. Is there any way to use Bootstrap 4 with Kleo?

sq_support Author Team

Hi, Sorry for that, i think it’s added 4 by mistake because we are using bootstrap v3, i’ve tried in the past to make that operation but there will be needed to re-adjust many style of elements. Cheers Radu


neposed Purchased

Hello, I tried to install and active theme and the websites get this error. Notice: Trying to access array offset on value of type bool in /data/www/.../.../wp-content/themes/kleo/kleo-framework/kleo.php on line 448

Notice: Trying to access array offset on value of type bool in /data/www/.../.../wp-content/themes/kleo/kleo-framework/kleo.php on line 452

what can I do with this? Thank you.


neposed Purchased

I have already fixed it. Sorry :)

sq_support Author Team

Hi, This it’s a notice, make sure to have in wp-config.php the wp_debug set to false. Cheers R

You have made it impossible to open a pre-sales support ticket. I want to know if we purchase an extended license from $1900, does that give us the right to rename, rebrand and resell your theme?

sq_support Author Team

Hi, Pre-sales questions are placed on this section, The extended license will allow you to sell only to one client, not to multiple clients. Cheers Radu

Is wpforo forums supported instead of bbpress?

sq_support Author Team

Hi, It should work like any wp plugin Cheers R

Hi !

I would really like your theme. However, since I would like to have optimal user-friendliness for a community, I would like to ask the following questions:

Job Manager Plugin? Marketplace? Geo Directory Plugin? Forum Plugin? Dark Theme Modus? Youzify Plugin? BP Better Messages? Polylang Plugin oder nur WPML ? RTL kompatibel? Kirki Framework ? RT MEDIA?


DSGVO / GDPR kompatibel?

User Register Plugins Does the theme have an integrated user management system? (Registration Form / Login Login Form / Delete Account Form)

Hat das Theme ein integriertes User Managment System? (Registrierungsformular / Anmeldung Login Formular / Konto löschen Formular)

Language Package in AT / DE / CH with for User Profile?

Alternative: Ultimate Member Plugin Users WP (https://de.wordpress.org/plugins/userswp/)

Can members set the language themselves? (Können die Mitglieder die Sprache selbst einstellen?)

Color Theme Customizing (as Admin)

Advertising Advanced Ads – Ad Manger & AdSense (https://wpadvancedads.com/) AdSanity Plugin (https://adsanityplugin.com/)

If the answer to the questions is YES, then I would buy it.

sq_support Author Team

Hi, All of mentioned plugins should work with some exceptions (I don’t know about kirki frameowrk) The kleo theme doens’t have a darkmode option.

Wordpress haves rest api build in , you can query the data externally using it. https://developer.wordpress.org/rest-api/ DSGVO / GDPR kompatibel? Using some plugins that are addressed to DSGVO and GDPR yes. https://wordpress.org/plugins/gdpr-cookie-compliance/

We are using buddypress for community and there it’s a page or register, activate,groups, activity, profile, sitewide activity, login pop-up from wp main menu.

For the multilanguage you will have to use a pluginn we recommend WPML it’s the best. OR if you simply want to translate website a in a single language you can do it with loco translate plugin that it’s free.

IF you will use buddypress not sure how it will behave with usersWP plugin, usersWP plugin it should work in our theme.

Can members set the language themselves? By default not in buddypress, if the usersWP supports this, it should be also integrated with WPML plugin.

Color Theme Customizing (as Admin) Yes in theme options-> styling options.

You can use any ads plugin in between with KLEO monetizer plugin that allows you to plate the banner codes between theme template sections. It can be installed from wp-admin -> apperance -> install plugins.

Before purchasing i recommend to start a trial here and deplying the kleo install : https://launchmywp.com/ and test all your questions to be 100% sure.

Cheers Radu

Hi support team, i need an elementor theme for membership. What i want is this…

1. The users to be able to login and sign-up or i want to send them a username and password in order to login. Can i do this with your theme? To have the option for sign-up or ONLY for login.

2. Can the users that login to the website to see a specific page with prices, that will be hidden for other users than login users?

they will see the page in their profile OR they will see the hidden page in the menu?

3. Is your site WPML compatible?


sq_support Author Team

Hi, 1. As admin, you can create the users by you in backend and then send them the credentials via their email that you had completed in their user details.

2. It should be doable using a plugin or by seting that certain page as private, in this way only the logged in users should be able to see it. https://wordpress.org/support/article/content-visibility/

IF you need also to show that page conditionally in the admin please use this plugin and set the menu item for logged in only : https://wordpress.org/plugins/if-menu/

3. Yes it is.

Cheers Radu


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