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Looks good, nice work :)

Singularity_Designs, thank you

I would like to view this theme but It wont load on my machine. And on FF, it just times out :-( Do you have another link? or any other way to view it?

LOL no.. That doesn’t go anywhere either. In fact I tried your other theme also and it don’t load. Is there an issue between US an UK servers?? Well how about some screen shots at my email or something.

host server is located in Germany . Please try again after a while – I contacted the service and I was told today that they were updating the hardware configuration. Maybe the reason for this

drupalet , thank :)

drupalet,thank you

Very nice!Best of luck :)

ThemeRox ,thank you :)

Great Work! GLWS! :)

Defatch ,thank you :)

Nice work! Good luck with sales ;)

baser2 , thank you :)

Great looking theme! Nice job!

ThemeREX ,thank you

Awesome. Well done

lazar-petrakiev , thank you.

Very nice work! Any chance on developing it into a one-page HTML template?

Yes, of course. I think within a month he appear :)

Great work! GLWS! :)

jamieedwards , thank you

Hello i just purchased you themes..super awesome but i really suck at figuring out this email thing ….i don’t get email and the subscription section is not getting written to the text file…and yes i changed the one section in the contact form to input my email address. Please help.

i am now changing back to 750 on the entire folder and then only going to change permission on the php folder to 777…brb

Ok every one KWST was able to help me figure out a life long problem i have always had….and it simply boiled down to a permission issue on the folder that contained the email/subscription folder. 777 is heaven Thank You Great help and speedy response.

I’m glad that he was able to help you. contact

What kind of video format works ? How long can it be? Great Template :)

Good afternoon, video from youtube or vimeo. But if you want to add video format mp4 – I’ll send you the code

Nice work! GLWS :)

thecrea , thank you :)

looks great, i like the style ! Good job :)

EricProchnow , Thank you :)

Why is it I cant open up your theme?? Neither one of your themes open on my machine. I have tried IE,Opera,Chrome,FF. Is there an issue with US servers? Because all the others open on here except a few and there like this one. Any ideas? I have looked at my settings and cant see anything to edit for this. I’m lost LOL (:-/

maybe your firewall blocks – try to contact your Internet Service Provider – maybe they can help you

CoralixThemes , Thank you :)

Hello, There is no file ‘zip’ to get back Klif in wordpress in localhost place. How to get back it in “install themes” ?

I am sorry but this html template it will not install on wordpress. Wordpress template you can pick here

Well, Thank you for this really very fast answer … It’s a pity, it is one ’ coming soon ’ really magnificent … How to use it without passing by Worpdress?

copy the files from the desired version of the template in the folder public_html – and if you know a bit html then you will not be hard to edit it to your liking + read the documentation

Just making sure that the logo can be changed, right?? And is it simple to do?

good day! It’s very simple – just replace the logo on your

hi, loving the theme, but struggling with the contact form? its says the email is sent but it never arrives? I’ve updated contact_me.php and I’ve currently got the site hosted here:

any help is much appreciated, many thanks

thank you :) contact

one last question…

if i try to reply to one of the emails you sent me it populates the address field with this:


and it won’t send to that? any ideas why that might be? many thanks

rnX-Mailer:PHP/5.2.17 this engine postal address

unfortunately you will have to copy the email in response – it’s a feature script

That’s an amazing page, mate! Congrats and good luck on your sales!!

Would you mind if I ask what’s the base font used in your logo?

font macarena