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Very cool! Good luck, friend ! ;)

Thank you! :)

Good job.Good luck supernal!

Thanks, good luck to your sells too!

how do I instal this on wordpresS?

Looks nice :) Good luck with your sales!

Thinking of buying this but I have what may be a newbie question, do I have to add the stats manually or can this template automatically pull those stats numbers from the various sources?

Hi! You will have to manually add the stats.

I like it! Good luck with the sale;

nice script…. How can I change Graph values dynamically,....... please help

Hey great template and very well documented. However the google analytics function does not seem to be working for me? I typed in my tracking ID directly into the bottom of the index.html file where it was supposed to go. Am i missing something?

Thanks, and really it’s an easy theme to work with.


Well, the only thing I can suggest – follow what google analytics asks you to do and make sure the information you provide is correct. Because it shouldn’t be template’s fault

Hello, I have purchased this template. But contact form is not working. Please let me know what is the issue. Here I have installed it.

Thank You.