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Hi! love your theme. But…I’ve a problem: i would to change the content background of pages but I can’t find the option. It’s automatically turn on grey. Take a look > http://nobook.it/ebooks/ Could you help me?

Hello, got any news? I still see gray background http://nobook.it/ebooks/ :( P.s. i’ve replied to your email.

Ok now we have another problem: the template don’t allow us to put white color on content box. What could we do? Thanks

Hello again! Is it possible to put white color on content box? I’m waiting for your reply. Thanks

Please update your theme to current version!

Thank you!! :)

On www.seo-nederland.com, I use this template. I changed the background picture. In Safari on my MAC the background has glitches. It doesn’t stay static. Any suggestions?

On www.seo-nederland.com, I use this template. I changed the background picture. In Safari on my MAC the background has glitches. It doesn’t stay static. Any suggestions?

Hello! Please email us.

pre-purchase question:

the circles on the home page currently shows an image only when rolled over.

my question is, Can an image be set as the featured image instead of the icon/text and also have the other image shown on rollover?

DO NOT PURCHASE THIS THEME. It looks great (when the preview is working) but the support it unacceptable and the theme doesn’t work on certain devices. It’s a shame. Beautiful work yet not functional means I’ve lost my money…

Hello! Sorry for inconvenience, did you update the theme?

I redownloaded, and reinstalled the theme a few weeks ago and the portfolio still didn’t function on the iPad… I will try it again. Getting everything to work has certainly been an uphill battle but I do love the theme.

I understand you, are the previous access details valid? Please when you reinstall th theme let us know so we will know if there is any issue and it will help us to respond quickly. Thank You!

hello :)

thanks for the nice work . i have one issue and need help ASAP please !!!

the website I’m making is in Persian and the writings should be from right to left :( and when i put in the writings and menus it write them from left to right and mess them up ! please tell me how to fix it . its URGENT !!!!!

thanks in advance

hello again :) i actually figured that problem out not the only thing i need is to : ALIGN CENTER the SUB MENUS !!!!

i need custom CSS to align center the sub menus from navigation . for navigation i already used the one below and works perfect : nav {text-align:center} but for sub menu i cant find please answer ASAP !!!


Hello! Thank you for reply, email us and provide link to your site and access data for support.

what is your email ? :)

themesdevelopment(at)gmail dot com

Hi Yashma

Having serious issues with the theme working on an ipad. It works fine when positioned vertically but when positioned horizontal the main menu stops working and the content over laps itself. Also the background has not changed and is still the demo background. I will try and resolve the background issue myself but am unsure as to how to get the theme to work horizontally. Regards Tetrosyl

Hello, please email us and provide link to your website and wp access data. Thank you! Also we need version of iOs ans screenshots.

Hi Yashma,

I’m trying to upload new icons onto the home navigation bar (style 1) that fill out the whole circle, but when I try to upload it, the image starts lower than the top of the circle. How do I change this? www.rachelthor.com

Thanks, Rachel

Hi Yashma, I sent you a private message about three weeks ago in regards to the iphone background image not working… still haven’t heard anything? Really need to sort this to publish the site so please let us know, thanks.

This is a joke! Your support is no existent!

Quick question would like to know how to get rid of the breadcrumbs node….want the page to look minimal and get rid of the title and the box…cheers

You can get rid of it adding .block_title{ display:none } .block_breadcrumbs{display:none} to Custom Css field in Admin Panel-Know How-General.

Hello, love the theme! Was wondering if the portfolio supports vimeo/youtube links or at least links to blog posts that I can put the embedded videos in? Thanks!!

Hello! Yes portfolio supports vimeo and youtube links.

You can find this option navigating to Admin -> Portfolio -> Edit -> KnowHow portfolio settings.

is this work with 3.7.1 wordpress?

Hello! Yes, KnowHow Theme works with new version of WordPress.

hi it seems to be a problem with internet explorer 9 the blocks are not working properly have you noticed it ?

The squares in menu instead of the circles, it happens because IE is the old browser and it doesn’t support CSS 3. If you have another issue, please provide more info or a screenshot.

I hadn’t seen any microformat tag in the theme.

Hi there! sorry for that, we will update this info. Thank you!

Hello, how can i download all plugins? cos i can’t found it..

Hi, what plugins would you need?

Here is a list of plugins that are used in KnowHow: ? Thimthumb ? Jquery ? AnythingSlider ? jQuery Form Plugin ? Audioplayer ? FlexSlider ? ScrollTo ? prettyPhoto ? Quicksand ? jQuery Tools ? jQuery.tweet.js ? css4 PIE ? HTML5.js

Unfortunately no, we are not able to provide all those plugins and currently do not support this theme.