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Is the author not responding to questions? I am considering this product, but not if it is difficult to get help.

Is this a plugin for a theme? I am looking for a knowledge base plugin…hoping that’s what this is…..

This Theme does not work with Wordpress 4.0. Just updated and the category titles on the front page gets messed up. It adds ”” title=””>” in the end of the Category name. Any ideas?

A facelift of this theme in line with the new 4.0 release would be great as well.

This theme hasn’t been working “fully” with WordPress for awhile now.

The new WordPress 4 release is causing a problem (same as mentioned by ulflun in the comment above) on the homepage and there is no longer a section in the admin for customizing the theme specific options like we could in the past. Any help or fixes would be appreciated!

The problem with the title=> only occurs when you don’t have a Post Category Description. When you fill in a description or add just some spaces under Category Description in Admin Panel, the problem is “solved”. (Temporary fix, going through the code now to see where the problem is).

Yes it seems that after the update to Wordpress 4 the error title=>

The issue was fixed with the Error title. I had to add a description and it works fine. The Author has not updated this template for over 3 years. I guess this is not going to happen.

Love this theme, can it display the amount of posts per category and sub category?

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