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Nice to see this on here. I bought this theme from onethemepermonth.com back in 2009. Still haven’t used it yet.

whats the difference between this one and one theme per month, since i already bought that one, and dont wish to pay for it again.

I’ve made a few modifications, but it’s essentially the same theme – just refreshed and up for sale here.

Changes include a redesigned compact header, support for subcategories, and full compatibility with WordPress 3.0.

perfect guy! good luck!

so can we get this sent to us? or do we have to pay for it again, reason i started buying off one theme per month, i assumed it would be one theme per month, but that never happened.

I took over One Theme Per Month when the owner sold it, and we’ve recently re-branded to 13 Styles. We’ll be releasing themes more regularly, and selling them through ThemeForest.

Drop me an email to info@13styles.com with your original PayPal/eJunkie receipt and I’ll send through the latest version for you.

Thanks for buying from us back in the early days!

Its really nice, the only thing is…is it just me or is it all a big to the left (like 10px). Sorry i have a big monitor.

Beside that great job and good luck!

ps: shouldn’t this theme include 13 styles and not 5 :)

Thanks for the kind words!

13 Styles is named as such because we used to be a site that just sold CSS Menus (13 different styles of CSS Menu, to be precise). We’ve branched out, but stuck with the name.

The layout is dead centre on my screen.

I think this is exactly what I’ve been looking for, but I have a quick question.

Can I easily control the order in which articles appear in the category or are they only listed in the order in which they’re posted?

I’m asking because I have dozens of magazine articles about a client that span more than 20 years. I need them to be listed in the order they were originally published rather than by posting date. I know I can work around it by posting them in the published order, but having control after they’re posted would make things a lot simpler.

Thanks in advance.

Glad it seems to fit the bill! Unfortunately, they only way to order posts is by the date published. I think you’d have to publish them in the right order, or go through and adjust them after importing into WordPress.

Nice theme you’ve got. Good luck!


Nice work! Great idea for a product – I know I’ve had at least a few projects where this would have worked great. Good luck with sales :)

Thanks – Appreciate the kind words!

I installed this theme and it says its broken

The following themes are installed but incomplete. Themes must have a stylesheet and a template.

Name Description KnowPress Theme Stylesheet is missing.

I checked it out, the style sheeet is there, and I get a bunch of error codes when i installed it…i’m running WP 3 .0

I tried changing the file name and it didn’t work. I checked my file permissions for the uploads and theme folder and its already set to 755

Drop me an email at info@13styles.com and I’ll do my best to help you out. Thanks.

Thanks for all the help, I give this wordpress theme 5 stars

Hi David, Nice to see you here. Hope you rember me ;) BTW nice template.

Does this use custom post types?

It doesn’t, no. Just standard WordPress blog entries, sorted into categories to create a Knowledge Base/Wiki system.

Hi – I purchased this but would like to have the number of posts in each category beside the category names on the homepage. Is there an easy way to do this? Thanks!

There’s no easy way to do this using the theme as is, but you can make a tweak to the code to achieve it. In custom-functions.php, search for the line that says

$cats = wp_list_categories(‘hierarhical=0&depth=1&echo=0’);

Change this to read:

$cats = wp_list_categories(‘show_count=1&hierarhical=0&depth=1&echo=0’);

Should work (but I’m not at the office at the moment, so I can’t test it)


Wow was thinking this was getting sold by someone who had bought it from the numerous amount of names you have had, but still. Old but decent theme, good to see your putting them up here.

Thanks – Good to be here! We have a few newer ones coming soon :-)

Hello David

I have buy you template, but in the first categories comming a url why?

Hi Arlo,

I think that we’ve solved this via email, but let me know if you’re still having problems. Thanks!

Hello David

I have written to you five times but you have not answered me on Email?..

Please can you help me with my problem…

Hi Arlo – Could you send me a working link to your installed theme via email? The one you sent through several times didn’t work (as I mentioned in my reply). Thanks!

I bought this theme, but I really find there is too much whitespace. Not enough space for actual content.

Sorry to hear that. We actually love the whitespace – it’s a vital element for making a design readable and professional!

How can I modify the main navigation? The WP menus function doesn’t seem to work.

I need a combination of pages / categories that I choose to be in the main nav.



Hi, Is it possible to show sub-categories on the font page using show/hide accordions? Cheers.

Hi there, does this theme work well with buddypress? I’m all set to purchase just curious about this.

much thanks, AC

I am having the same exact problem as stevenbeckmann (commenter above) had when installing this theme. I did the suggested fixes, but still had the same result, theme installed stylesheet missing. What is the fix for this problem? Thanks for your time.

It’s either: (a) you just need to upload the actual theme directory, not the higher level one containing documentation etc as well, or (b) you need to select a colour theme from the admin options. Thanks!