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Hi, can you please offer a fix for this “first category” problem? We can not switch to english in wordpress, there needs to be another soution for this. thank you very much.

We’ve fixed all the reported issues with the theme, and are just waiting for the new version to be reviewed.

Hi David, Great theme, making excellent use of it.

My only question relats to post styling. The H! and H@ do not have nay impact, only the H3.

There is no difference in how bullets and lists are displayed and quotes do not show.

Is this normal behavior or is there an updated css file that contains these styles.

Thanks Ed

Hi there,

The search form is broken on my site which is built using WordPress 3.1. Any assistance would be great.



SOrry Man – no solution to your categories problem.. not to talk about other languages..

Here is a solution you might want to integrate into your template http://www.dagondesign.com/articles/multi-column-category-list-plugin-for-wordpress/

Also a gr8 solution and the i used to fix this problem..: http://www.bloggingpro.com/archives/2010/01/15/how-to-display-your-wordpress-category-list-in-multiple-columns/

Just need to make a ready css.. maybe add the “column number” in an option page using a shortcod.

Can someone confirm this theme works fine in Wordpress 3.1?


There are problems with this theme as of Wordpress 3.1. And this doesn’t look good:

Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently: contact@13styles.com


Hey There – Sorry that you’re having a problem. We’re looking into the 3.1 fix/issue, and I’ll post back with an update shortly.

Hi there .. is it possible to have certain posts only available to logged in users? —this way we can use the wiki for internal and external at the same time …

ie password protect sections / posts ..

Will you be supporting Wordpress 3.2?

We now completely support WordPress 3.2 – The theme has been updated, and everything works perfectly.

Was just about to buy then saw the last few comments.

Waiting for the fixes to 3.1 and news on 3.2

Unless you’re working on a new version :)

Support for WordPress 3.2 has now been added, and it works fine!

When I re-download the theme from themeforest, I stil get the same file. Where can I find the file updated for wordpress 3.2?


how do I shorten the tag could? It’s coming up as nearly 200 items!

Im still having issues with the language. If I use swedish, the first category looks wrong, but if I use english it looks ok.

What to do?

Hi Also like ‘variera’ we have problem with language. If I use german, the first category looks wrong. Link:


Any idea?


Firstly thank you for this great theme. I’ve made a few tweaks but it’s coming along nicely:


My question is how would I go about making sub-categories (achieves.php) display the same as the normal categories (index.php – the folder icon) display?

My knowledge of PHP is very limited so I’m unsure how to change the format of this.

Any help with this will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Jack

EDIT : Would also like to know if it’s possible now or in the future to show articles to those logged in.

It’s disappointing to see that the developer doesn’t respond to users.

I’m looking for someone to make 1 change to the theme (PHP knowledge required). Please email me at jack (at) zomex.com if interested.

Payment can be discussed.

Thanks, Jack

Hi just wondering if you have a plain HTML version of this theme?

In the Themeforest page for this theme it is said that it have been updated to 1.3 version, but downloading it it’s still 1.2.

How to download the new version?


Too many bugs on this 1.2 version.

I’m giving up, it’s useless for me.

Hope we can download the right version 1.3 as anounced.

i just bought this theme but seems to be useless i cannot even get to the settings page. Author please fix for wordpress 3.1 and 3.2.