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Can you please tell ho how to enable drop down menus in this theme… I have page and sub pages. Please help

Drop-down menus aren’t supported I’m afraid, but you could always add these yourself using a plugin?

hi, after i have installed the theme, i cannot display the categories and post, is there any solution for me?

thank you.

update: just found that if all the post are private post, then all the categories and posts cannot display.

would you pls talk a look to this? thank you.

I wish the search was instant results using AJAX , JQUERY. Then it would be perfect.


It’s possible, and might come in a future version :-)

One very annoying aspect of this theme is that strong and H1,2,3 etc tags are not displayed properly.

http://wiki.flexraid.com/ Can someone help me out with that?


Okay, it looks like I should be using H3 and below as H2 does not render. I still have issues with the tag as wordpress uses it instead of .

how to upgrade top 1.3 from previous version without harming my live site?

Why hasn’t anyone responded?? I will be forced to ask for a refund if support does not respond. I also tried emailing from the website and no response.

Just upload the new version as a new theme — it shouldn’t harm your live site, and you can always revert back to the previous version if it causes any problems!

Just purchased this theme and installed. In a fresh install of WP 3 .2.1. As soon as uploading the theme I get the following messages:

“The active theme is broken. Reverting to the default theme.”

Broken Themes

The following themes are installed but incomplete. Themes must have a stylesheet and a template. Name Description KnowPress Theme Stylesheet is missing.

How do I get help?


Hey Jeff — I expect you must have uploaded the files in a slightly incorrect way. You need to make sure that you upload the knowpress-v1.3 folder only to your WordPress themes directory. Hope that helps!

I’m just about to buy this. Is there currently a known issue for WordPress 3.2.1?

No known issues – It should work fine. Thanks!

I would like to request two enhancement to this theme: 1. (most important) Ability to organize post other than by dates 2. Support for sub-category

Lastly, when you have multiple posts under a category, the pagination is not intuitive as it goes from right to left instead of left to right.

Solution for DropDown Menu Hi! since the author is not offering a solution for a simple Dropdown, I would like to share my solution:

1. Created a menu in Wordpress. – Appearance – Menus

2. Installed: http://shailan.com/wordpress/plugins/dropdown-menu/

3. Configured it

4. Copied this baby: <?php shailan_dropdown_menu(); ?>

5. Pasted in header.php first erasing the original menu:

”< div class=”menu”>

    < li class=”page_item<? ph p if (is_home()) {echo ’ current_page_item’;} ?>”>
Home <?php $setPageExclude = get_option(‘setPageExclude’); wp_list_pages(“sort_column=menu_order&title_li=&depth=1&exclude=$setPageExclude”); ?>
  • ””//

    6. I erased it because it did not worked with the menu option that wordpress has.

    7. Now I control my menu with the Menu option that Wordpress has, and the look and feel with the plugin.

    8. Hope it works for you as it did for me.

  • Is there way to get analytics on what people are searching, what keywords they are typing in?

    You’d have to do this using something like Google Analytics. It’s easy to set up by specifying your query string in Analytics.


    Two questions: 1.How to get rid of toolbox (print page etc) 2.How to get rid of the contact support from the first page

    Thanks in advance

    Hey All,

    Just to let you know that we’ve uploaded a new version (1.4) which fixes lots of the issues that people have mentioned in recent weeks. Should be working perfectly with the latest version of WordPress now.



    It’s a nice theme but still missing some features :

    1) In the “knowpress settings” page i would like to see the possibility to add logo instead of the site title.

    2) Is it possible to show all the category’s even if they have no posts? and would it be possible to show the number of posts in the category next to it?

    3) Possibility to show link category.

    or am i missing something?

    pls help


    I was thinking about buying the theme, does it work with the newest version of WP ?

    Yep! Should work fine.

    Hey I wanted to know if you quick edit the post on the page itself without going to admin panel? Also if the search can be made instant (AJAX) that would be great. I will buy it if the theme allow the edit the post without going into the admin.


    is this theme compatible with Wordpress 3.3.1?

    Yep – Should be fine!

    I am having an issue with pagination archive pages. Can anyone help…