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Where’s the documentation? I’ve downloaded it but there’s no readme…what am I supposed to do with it ?

It does come with a documentation folder, in the same format as that offered with every other ThemeForest theme.

Oh dear…I paid, downloaded, spent the afternoon setting it up and it now seems this product has been forgotten about by the author and not updated for 2 years….. I accept i should have checked but needed a solution quickly. Did I just waste $27 ?

The theme is still updated to work with the latest versions of WordPress…

Segcom, it was last updated 3 months ago…

I want to purchase this theme. I played with the demo a little and I noticed that the Excert for each post is minimized and the users have to click the ”+” char to the right of the post. Is this configurable? Can the excert be configured to always show? Thanks

For a documentation/knowledge base theme, changing the numbered list formatting to just simply bullets is not recommended. When writing documentation, you may want to reference back to a step in a numbered list so the user knows what step you’re talking about.

For example: You can change your password (From step 5 above) by going to File > Change password.

I can’t find any documentation. The “search bar” in the Live Demo doesnt display itselfs in my own installation. How do I enable it? Either does the “Contact support” area display.

Where do I enable those? Im running 3.4.1 and just bought the latest version…

In your reply to “segcom” you said there is a documentation folder, like all other Themeforest themes.

I’ve just purchased this theme (5th September 2012), and the closest thing to documentation is a changelog.txt file

You might want to check the ZIP for the latest version and correct it.

We’ve uploaded a corrected version now. Thanks.

Just downloaded and installed. No documentation folder. Need one desperately. Please help.

OK, so no documentation, no native menu support (!), no subcategory support (!!!!).

Please refund my $40, this theme is a waste of money. Should have been a hint that the live demo was a broken link.

Hi David, I can’t find your documentation. can you also please provide xml dummy content just exactly same with your demo page? thanks

We’ve uploaded a new file that should include documentation again. Not sure what happened there!

Live preview isn’t working.

Now fixed! Thanks

I have nothing to do with this theme other than I’m using it just fine on a couple of websites running WP 3 .4.2, such as http://marybethevans.com/articles

Just to be helpful to fellow buyers, I put the documentation that came with the theme here: http://smcwebdesign.com/documentation/

broken link for live preview? or is just me? :-\

Broken for me too, It appears it has been broken for about a month. Not sure if the Author is still supporting this one.

Hey Guys – The item preview is now fixed. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Neither the ordered list nor the blockquote options seem to be working. Both look correct in the Edit Post page but ordered lists show up as bullets and the blockquotes are ignored on the rendered page.

Any ideas on how to fix this?

Thanks. —COFFEY

My tag cloud has not the ability to change font sizes. Every tag is the same font size. How do I fix this?

Can this be used for say a science book publication website? Pretty much what i want to achive is upload various books and each book should have multiple chapters. Maybe there should be a snopsis or abstracts of each book and each chapter but there should be PDF downloads available for books and individual chapters. Could this be suitable for what I am after?

working with 3.5?


1) How do I configure the template to show more “last articles”?

2) How do I remove box tool?

3) Where do I change the date format of articles’ list?