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Big! Love it. GL with sales dude

Thanks Pierre

Love it :) GLWS.

thank you

That’s a nice idea man! GLWS!

images included?


Hey Rodrigooo, Yes images are included.

Love it!

One thing, the slideshow doesn’t slide by itself. is that by design?

Cheers! Tom

Hey Tom,

The slideshow does slide by itself, I accidentally left the slide interval to 50 seconds instead of 5 seconds. Updated now. cheers.

Hi Kenny, works like a charm, thanks!

When i saw this template , i said “ok”, this is it , this is what i am looking for , how ever right after i open up the file, i saw that i am not able to change the background images for slider images.So now it’s useless.

Hey Breakfast1905,

Whilst you can insert screenshots of your app into the supplied PSD via the smart objects (blue panels), it would be to painstaking to deep etch each device in each slide, as there is depth of field, blurring plus peoples hands and bodies in all photo’s to deal with.

Perhaps you could try to take some photographs of your own app in hand?

That would be cool to see I reckon.

Well i can think of that , but decrease the work load of my self , i decided to pay and get a ready template , why would i pay and still work on photographs as well. Anyways , there are some problems on chrome web browser ( js-slider) .

Hey Breakfast1905,

It would be helpful if you can please describe what problems you have on Chrome? This template has been heavily tested and by all accounts works perfectly in Chrome to date.

I don’t know what “js-slider” your referring to? there is no instance of a “js-slider” in this template.

A fresh approach to landing pages well done. Was about to purchase and noticed errors with the rotation of the background image from portrait to landscape on iPhone and the enlarged menu button also on iPhone. Very keen though otherwise once these are ironed out

Hey Forestman23,

I have fixed the enlarged menu icon you mention. However I am not seeing an issue with the rotation of the device in relation to the slide image. Can you email me a greater description?


Is is possible to add the fullscreen slider that is displayed on the homepage, on a singe normal page?


Hey Martijn88,

If by single normal page you mean an internal page like “about” etc, Yes you would just need to duplicate the index.html and rename it to what you wish.

Kenny, I instantly fell in love when i saw this theme but was disappointed to not see a contact form( it just takes me to an email address). I also observed that the home page background image does not resize correctly on a phone. Will there be a fix for them? Aaron

Hey Aaron,

Sorry, but a contact form will not be included into the template. So there will be no fix for this.

In regards to the slider image on iPhone, I am currently working on the fix for rotating from portrait to landscape which seems to only occurs on some iPhones. Will have an update done soon. thanks

Thanks again Mike

HI Kenny,

How can i get rid of the header image(container) in the about page? Or set something different that this? And i want to change the wrapper colour of this page as well, i didn’t looked good i think in the css file.


Hey Martin,

The header image in the about page is set in the main.css file. Look for “Internal Page Adjustments” in the CSS Comments and from here you can easily change the header image or color with the ”.header-container.internal” class.

Thanks, where can you change the white background colour of the page about in the css file? cant find it!


Hey Martjin,

To change the internal background colour, a new style will need to be declared. If you use the following, you should be good.
      background: #efefef; /* change this value */

Hi Kenny, I sent you a request and I still haven’t heard back you. When will you respond? Kind regards, Daniel

Hi Daniel, Sorry I have been travelling all this week and haven’t had much chance to get on the net.

I will email you about your custom job shortly, just need time to investigate if your video idea is possible.


Great work! Care to tell us which font you used for the logo?

Thank you.

Hey, The Logo was made from Helvetica Neue Bold

And did you do the icons yourself? If not, where did you get them?

Yes I did the icons myself, they are part ofa larger collection I have made, you can find them here: Uicons Icon Set

Thanks for a very nice piece of work! – 5 Stars from me!

It’s nice and easy to figure out. But I’m not an expert at all, so I got one question. How/where can I move the logo? :)

Regards, Michael

Hi Michael,

In the main.css file look for the following:

.header-container .logo

This selector occurs in several places due to the site being a responsive template. You may need to update your positioning in the media queries as well. Again just look for all instances of the above selector in the main.css

cheers and thanks for the rating

Well which lines should I edit? – I have edited the size, which it should be next to.

I’ve purchased your package with the icons. A simple question if you can answer it easily on same time: In PhotoShop for example. I’ve colored one icon. How do I save that icon and use it. Only the one icon not the whole package _

I will just search the internet if it’s too complicated to explain.

Regards, Michael

Hey Michael,

With-out knowing where you want to move your logo to, I can not tell you which lines to edit. However by adjusting the position attributes of top/left on ”.logo” , you can reposition your logo.

In regards to the icons, each icon is on a separate layer in the PSD, find the icon/layer you want, select it and save for web as a PNG file.


Hi there!

I notice that the content of a slider is not being displayed in vertical position on an iPad. Only the “download now” button is visible. In horizontal view everything is fine. ALso, the scaling is off when switching from horizontal to vertical view.

Any suggestions?

Love the theme!

Thanks in advance, Tom

Hi Tom, This is odd, I have tested in multiple iPads with no issue. Can you please let me know what iPad and iOS your using when this issue happens?

Yes, it’s strange. I have alerted several developers for bugs or issues with the latest retina iPad. It appears that safari with IOS 6.01 has a different engine. For example, some scripts are handled differently than on other and earlier devices. It’s not that the scripts are wrong usually, but they are loaded after a page is loaded, resulting in different behavior. With your template, I don’t know why that happens. Perhaps you have set the width in a way that this version is not translating correctly? Anyway, its the retina iPad with 6.01.

thanks Tom, let me try to resolve this issue and come back to you soon.

Really love this—great work!

I have 2 questions.

1 – How do I slow the speed of the slideshow. I’ve found the jquery.superslides.js file and have attempted to fiddle with the values at the bottom under options, but have seen no effect on the page. I would like the slide show to slow and play at about 70% its current speed.

2 – When I view the site on my iphone 5, none of the copy (h1 or p) on the slides display—only the button. I do not want it to disappear.

My site is here:

Thanks in advance for your help, I appreciate it!

Cheers -

Hey Adilabs,

To change the speed of the slides, look in the main.js file for // SUPER SLIDE and you want to adjust the “delay”, currently set to 6500.

In regards to the CTA text, this needs to updated in two areas due to the responsive break points. Do a find and replace for ”.column p, .columnRight p, .column h1, .columnRight h1” and remove the display: none; property. This will display the text again, however you may need to adjust the positioning for the text as the template didn’t intend for the text to be shown.

Good luck, your site looks good.

Thanks for your help! Again. great work on the template. It’s great.


I got another question.

How do I set a single image as “slide/static” front?

At the beginning I don’t need more than one background-image but later on I will need the sliding feature with more.

Thanks for the help with your icon package :)

Regards, Michael

Hey Mtrolle,

In the main.js file look for: // SUPER SLIDE and change the “play: true, to “play: false,”

Also take out any unused slides and slide markers in the index.html file, and that will do it.

Ahh of course :) – Thanks a lot! :D