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Love this simple theme. Pity it is not for wordpress. I see it comes with psd files. I assume I can get someone to code it into a wordpress theme for me?

Fantastic! Another question, are you available for customizations? I’d like to develop a design that incorporates elements of other site designs you’ve created into the one theme.

Hi Jay, Yes I do customisations. Email me to discuss

Great work! Is there a way to start the slider first (instead of the text below) even if it sits there for 10-15 seconds waiting for the slides to download?


Certainly a page loader is one solution. What I actually want is for users to look at slide1 (

    etc.) for 10-15 seconds until everything loads. In my particular case, the above described solution is better than the users’ current viewing experience. In other words, I am presently forced to read the feature text underneath the slides (e.g. <!- INSERT FEATURE TEXT -> etc.) for 10-15 seconds until the slides load. Thanks :)

Hey, Load times can always vary, and with full screen images it is important to crunch/compress the images as much as possible.

Whilst it’s not possible to preload just the first image at the moment, I have tried some alternative css tricks to alleviate the blank header while your slides load.

The best method is to set a min height for #slides div and then you can set a background image or color for it. Once the slides load this background image will simply be covered up by the slides.

    min-height: 480px;
    background-color: #333; /* or use background image */

I note it would be important to set a general min-height that won’t be larger/higher than the slides themselves, especially on mobile devices. So I would also set individual min-heights in each of the Media Query break points for #slides. So for iPhones you wouldn’t want to set a min-height larger than the 480px high screen, however for desktop you could comfortably set it to 700px high.

This is not perfect solution for the viewing experience you want, my preference would still be to use a page loader script. Also going back to my first point making sure you have compressed your images as much as possible really does make a massive difference to load times.


I want to change out the Download now button for an “Available on the app store” png, but can’t figure it out.

Hey Chris,

Check out the comments on page 2, I have covered this with user “lampot” in some detail.

Thanks. Is there any way to get a gif to be one of the main slides? It appears but doesn’t play.

Seems to actually work on mobile, but not desktop.

I can’t get like buttons to appear anywhere on the page. plz help.

Hey Chris, There are no like buttons in the template, so not sure what your referring to.

Hey Kenny,

Anyway I can get the action you used to get the faded/retro look for those photos? I have some other screen shots I would like to use along with the ones in the photoshop file, but would like them to be consistent with the photo effects.


Hey Piper, can you PM me your email address and I will email you the action file.

Hey there, just bought this but need to have the column text display on mobile. I read that it wasn’t meant to do that (which I don’t understand, why wouldn’t i want it displayed?). I’ve removed the .column p, .columnRight p, .column h1, .columnRight h1{ display: none;} but it still doesn’t show up on iphone / mobile.

Hey BigTree

I intensionally disabled the column text to put focus on the screenshots when on smaller devices.

Do the following to replace the column text. On line 151 (approx) delete the following:
.column p, .columnRight p, .column h1, .columnRight h1{ display: none;}
And then on line 221 in the first media query delete the following:
.column p, .columnRight p, .column h1, .columnRight h1, .slides-pagination { display: none;    }

This will display the column text again, however the you now may want to adjust the positioning of the column content. To do this look on line 231 of the main.css for:

#slides .slides-container li .container .column, #slides .slides-container li .container .columnRight{ bottom: 0px; }

Now you can adjust the vertical positioning of the content on smaller screens.

Let me know if you run into issues.

awesome, that did the trick. thnks so much


I just downloaded the theme. And the slider is doing a funny blink after each slide. It only works like this on the template.


Hey Aliyalcinkaya, Can you let me know what device or operating system and browser your using? Also not sure what you mean by “only works like this on the template”, is it working when its on your server? If you can provide a link also that is a great help.

How is the work coming a long with translating this into a WP theme?

Hey Herrmon, Sorry but this got pushed back in the que in preference for making another one of my templates a WP theme. Kodax will be the next cab of the rank, expect it in a month or two.

Hi, I really like the background images, especially the one “with the table” which would be fitting quite good for my app website. I already purchased a wordpress theme somewhere else, so I wondered if it is possible to purchase just a PSD file?

Hey energywebdesign, the psd is part of the download file for Kodax.

I don’t have it for sale anywhere else as it would be the Theme Forest exclusive seller rules.

hey, now is the main-slider from left to right. i want this from up to down. is there someone that now how i do dis?

grtz, Rbn

Hi, Sorry left to right is the only orientation for the slider.

I bought this theme mistakenly for a wordpress . Is your wordpress version out ? if yes , can i use it instead of the html version?

THanks Bryan

Hey Bryan, Sorry there is no Wordpress version available, on HTML. I have made a Wordpress Template that has the same full screen slider and you will have the ability to make all the changes needed to mimic Kodax, just slightly different fonts is all.

Please reply to this area instead. thank you Bryan

Hey Bryan, Sorry there is no Wordpress version available, on HTML. I have made a Wordpress Template that has the same full screen slider and you will have the ability to make all the changes needed to mimic Kodax, just slightly different fonts is all.

Hello :) i used and modified Kodax many month ago or my City website. Many people enjoyed it. But there is a huge problem with some Firefox versions: no images loading. Are you aware of this?

From firefox 3 to 15, no image loading at all. I had a problem in a meeting because of this.

Hi Kenny,

I am wanting to add a static div below the navigation that does not rotate with the slides. I was able to add but on mobile the footer overlaps the new div. Is there a way to make the slides a set height or not get smaller than the new div? Great template so far!


Hi, the slider is designed to fill the entire viewport, setting a fixed height won’t really work. If your new DIV is being overlapped by the footer, try giving it a z-index property to layer it above the footer.

PM me with your URL if you need more help.

Can i purchase this for wordpress?

Hi David,

Sorry Kodax isn’t a Wordpress theme. May I suggest looking at Selfy, a theme I created that has the same slider and layout options as Kodax, plus it’s a Wordpress theme:

Thank you! I purchased “Selfy”. :)

Hi Kenny,

Great theme! Is there any way to center the title and download button at the very top of the slideshow, almost near the navigation?

Please reference the link below:

Also, how do I remove the bold type treatment off the headlines?

Thanks! Kyhry.

yes, but that is outside of my support sorry.

Thanks for your help Kenny! Is there anyway to just remove the slideshow all together from showing on a mobile devices?

yes, you can choose display none in the media query for small devices. Put the following in your styles for the media query max-width 480 or 768 if you want to disable on ipads also.

  display: none!important;
.header-container {
    background: none repeat scroll 0 0 #333333;
    display: block;
    height: 150px;

Hey! Nice stuff here. Just want to ask is it possible to add a hand icon for dragging images on front page instead of a normal cursor ? How can i do that? Thanks in advance.

Hi try the following at the bottom of your main.css file:

 cursor: pointer;

for cursor options check here:

Thanks for reply.

Great work – only on ipad the menu stays open. Any ideas ?

Hi, sorry will push an update to this ASAP.

In the meanwhile, you can update your main.js file with the following. Replace // Responsive Menu.js with:

// Responsive Menu.js
          $('#nav-wrap').prepend('<div id="menu-icon"><span><img src="img/hamburger@2x.png" /></span>Menu</div>');
          $("#menu-icon").on("click", function(){
              $("#nav").slideToggle('medium', function() {
                  if ($('#nav').is(':visible'))
                  if ($('#nav').is(':hidden'))


And then also delete the following from the main.css file

/* ==========================================================================
   Media Queries Min 768
   ========================================================================== */ 
@media screen and (min-width: 768px) {
#nav {
    display: block !important;

Like a charm, thanks bro.

Dear Kenny,

Thanks for this awesome theme. Having purchased and tried to setup my site, I ended up with a font problem. The fonts included with the theme does not support my non-English language (my lang: Turkish).

Any suggestion for this, so that I can use non-English chars as well?

Regards, Burak Reis Yavuz

btw. 1 suggestion; An HTML 5 mp3 audio option may be very attractive…

The in main.css file, you need to find and replace all instances of the Roboto Font with the following:

font-family: "Helvetica Neue", Arial, Helvetica, Geneva, sans-serif;

For styles that have font weights and styles like italics like: font-family: ‘robotobold’; you need to replace with the above but also add “font-weight: bold;” to the style.

While at it, also replace font-family: ‘aleoitalic’;.

thanks for the reply. did the thing you said. but nav menus are somehow strange. sub menu items disappers upon hovering on them. pls check;

i uploaded your theme unchanged, with the exception of main.css as it is altered to have Helvetica, arial etc. fonts.

any comments?

It seems there is a line height difference that is causing extra spacing on the subnavs. Add the following to the bottom of your main.css file:

#nav ul{

Hey Kenny,

I love this theme. Its perfect for my promo site needs. I’m wondering if there’s a way to make the background of the “static home” fill the screen the way the slides do on the other home option? I notice a white bar on the bottom of the static home background image.

Hi, the static home has a height attribute (you can change this to suite). It does not automatically fill the view port like the slider. The white bar you mention is actually just the site that is below the main image. To update the height of the static image home page find and update the height of the following property in main.css

    display: block;
    height: 1050px;

Perfect. Thanks for the quick response.!