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Great looking theme!! Do you offer it as just a html, java css (not Wordpress)? Thank you

Disregard. I found your other html version! Thanks!!

Wow! Nice design! Love it. ;)

I love it… any parallax options in near future?

Already supports parallax on all internal pages.

too cool. can you demo that? please

It is already in the demo on interal pages, probably not that noticable due to the choice of image we have.

Great Theme!Best Design! :)

Looks great , congrats!

thank you

Nice job! Good luck :)

Good Job, I like it, GLWS ;)

nice theme, not bad at all :)

Thanks a lot :)

Hi i wonder if it is compatible with qTranslate? I want to know before buying it.

Hi yprat, we haven’t tested this theme with qTranslate so we’re unable to tell you if it will work. We have however tested Kodax with the free plugins Multisite Language Switcher and Multilingual Press that both let you translate your site into multiple languages using a multisite structure :)

Huge headache in customizing this theme…as a beginner you are forced to use the exact same page templates…and it looks pretty much the same as another theme Selfie.

For the homepage you will have to know php & wordpress functions in case you want to add a freaking paragraph…pretty dumb to limit the content on the homepage just to slides, features and quotes… not to say that you cannot easily arrange them (in case you want a row of features, a row of quotes, a row of features or text…)

Hi manwishes,

thank you for your feedback.

With Kodax we are aiming to give people an easy to use theme that will work “out-of-the-box” with a minimum of fuzz. With this theme you don’t need to set up a million different settings or know PHP or CSS – you can have this theme up and running in minutes and be ready to put in your own content.

You are right that Kodax does have some similarities with our other theme Selfy – but we believe that there is a market for both just as with the HMTL templates that they are based on.

We have discussed your feedback and decided to add a hooks feature in our next update that will allow you to insert custom content in set locations on the homepage. That way you won’t have to mess with the code if you want to add custom sections to your homepage :)

Great theme !

Is it possible to have a touch icon for iPhone / iPad springboard ?


On the homepage slider, I’d like to add a custom button instead of using the shortcode button but when I add an image of a button and link it.. it makes the button 1900px wide. Is there a way around this?

I was able to customize the button using CSS but is there a way to get this area to accept any markup?

Hi, The slider is programed to make images fill the viewport. You will need to add a custom class and some extra markup to each slide, if you wish to use images as buttons in your slider.

Try the following in the Final Call CSS:
    width: 200px; /*width of your button/image */
.slideBtn img {
    height: auto !important;
    position: relative !important;
    width: 100% !important;

Hello, love the theme. But could you give me some guidance with the .psd’s ? What is the best way to put my own screenshots in or over the blue layer? Sorry, bit of a noob with this ;-)

Hi, will be adding this to the documentation:

Go to your layers palette. Under the Slides group find your desired slide and in this group, update the “Smart Screen” layer by double clicking on it. This is a Smart Object, simply replace the Screen Layer with your own screen shot of the same size, save and close the smart object and your slide will be updated with the correct perspective and effects.

After you have your own screenshot in the PSD you need to save for web only the image for the slide you want, so remember to turn of the text layers and any other layers not needed.

Great support! Thanks a million!

Purchased this (under another account) – trying to get the accordions and toggles to work, but clicking the closed accordion just sends the browser to the top of the page and doesn’t open the accordion – what’s wrong?

Trying to use the Knowledgebase section (in the FAQ template) gives the same issue.

Also, looked at the Styles page – what’s the difference between a toggle and an accordion?

Hi Justin, please lodge support requests under the account you purchased the theme with. thanks

Hi. Great theme, got it yesterday, started working on a site this morning. It’s at: – my 2 questions are why:

- in the screen shots and demo site you have – the menu isn’t getting in the way of the picture (there’s more space between the menu and top of the ipad). On mine, it seems to be overlapping?

- the paragraph on the left is a little higher up than on my site. Mine seems to be lower.

Top regards, Umar

Thank you for your helpful answers. The menu is fine now. It is a really nice theme – just had a couple of initial quirks that I needed help with.

Would it be possible to make the menu buttons just like the “Home” – orange background and white text? Or at least something else? This way I can make sure the text doesn’t get lost on the iPad. Is this possible? I checked the Appearance options, but couldn’t find this particular one. To change the other buttons in the menu.

(Basically to change the buttons not in use)

*Actually – cancel that last question – I’ve got a temporary workaround :)

Great theme.

I am trying to play with it and I noticed two small problems.

The first one is when I want to cutomize the quotes, but even if I add a quote and save, the quote is note saved. Seems a sort of bug, or may be I am not following the right procedure.

The second one is when the setup of the top menu is done in the Appearance, Menus. If is flagged the “Main Navigation Menu” the CSS with the orange background of the buttons is lost (the list/order of the button is correct). The orange background of the buttons, is back if you unflag that option. If the option is unflagged the order of the buttons is wrong, also the buttons are not the right one but the pages that were created in wordpress.

Hey can you please email us your URL and login details.

Hi. If we were to use our own pictures – would it be possible to know which action/filter/plugin you purchased to add the photoshop effects? Or, was this done by yourself? If so, no problem – I’ll look around. I’m trying to get a similar vibe how you’ve done in the photos. The one I’m interested in is the one used for the “laptop” slide.

Hi, The filter is one I created myself. Send me your email and I can send the you filter .atn file for photoshop.

Hi. That’s kind of you. Thank you for the file – email address you can use is: umar (at) umar (dot) me – (.me domain).

Have a great new year ahead.

Hi – congrats, nice theme - interested to purchase – being a fan of left side navigation – would it be easy to shift menu to top left – reposition logo etc ? sometimes i realise this can create challenges – thanks in advance

Hi, there would be bit of custom work involved in rearranging the layout to suit left side nav. Whilst it is possible, I am not sure the current design lends itself to Left Side Nav, also not sure how this would affect the main home page.

thanks for your honesty ~ awesome looking ~ good luck

Just purchased this theme and am hoping to get it up in a day or 2. I see that there are 3 recommended Kodex plugins, but they are not in my downloaded files…? How am I supposed to get these? I don’t have to buy all of them, do i? Thank you.

Hi Jamie, the recommended plugins come with the theme. When you install the theme you will be recommended to install them, this recommendation should also be on the plugins page.

Failing all that you can also find them in the theme folder under / inc / lib / plugins.

Hey, got a few questions as I am considering purchasing it.

  • How hard would it be to integrate Easy Digital Downloads into this theme?
  • Is it hard to customize, I know you mentioned it’s goal is to work well out of the box, but how much of a challenge will it be for me to make it exactly how I’d like it?
  • Can I add more image layouts and sales buttons (buy now buttons) on the landing page? Or will that be a hassle to edit?
  • Thanks, this theme seems to fit quite well, but I want to make sure it can easily integrate with those features.

Ok awesome. Thanks for the quick response man. I will definitely be putting this on the list. I am still debating what type of theme to use for this project, but really love your work. Are you the same guy as Kenny Williams or someone different haha?

Yeah I am Kenny ;) Also should have mentioned Kodax is compatible with Woo-Commerce, which also does digital downloads aswell. Cheers.

Sweet, and yes I saw that, but I refer easydigitaldownloads for it’s compatibility with my project. Do you use skype by chance Kenny? I was sort of curious about your advertising efforts for the “selfie theme” if you want to chat?

My skype is: mike.moloney8