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So I ended up buying this theme and it is turning out magnificent. Really easy to work with, well thought out design, and the backend is extraordinary for someone with less experience. Editing and customizing is a breeze.

Just one quick support type question.

Is there any way I can implement a light box or gallery on a specific items page? I am making a sales page for one of my digital downloads, and would love to have the Flexslider Gallery going instead of multiple images below it. Thanks guys1

Hi, glad you like the theme and that you find it easy to work with – that was one of our main priorities – to make a theme that would be very easy to set up even for users with limited WordPress experience :)

I suggest you use one of the Kodax shortcodes to create a gallery on your page. You can add shortcodes to your page using the Kodax shortcodes dropdown in the page/post editor menu (make sure you are in the visual editor and click the kitchen sink on if you don’t see the dropdown). We have both lightbox shortcodes and an image slider shortcode as well :) Feel free to write us a mail through the email form on our profile page if you run into trouble – that is where we handle most support :)


Is there any way to show a gallery image as url link instead of the lightbox popup. I’m trying setup a sponsor & partner page where I want to link each images to the companies website with this awesome theme.

Hope you can help

/best regards Healthlocker

Hi, if you go to your Gallery page in the Kodax Page Settings box you will see a select named “Clicking Image” – here you can select whether clicking the images in your gallery will “Open lightbox” or “Open post”. We suggest that you select “Open post” and in the post that is opened write some more details about your sponsors/partners and include a link to their websites. There is no built in function to link gallery images directly to an outgoing (away from site) URL. :)

Hi, sweet thx for the quick response and help :)

Just a heads up. I launched my company with this theme.

If you are still on the edge, wondering whether to buy or not, I’d recommend it. Pretty near perfect support and an incredibly versatile theme!

thanks Mike

Hello! Noob here trying to set up the theme… a little bit complicated :/

First step, trying to import the .xml file and I get a list full of errors like this:

Would you mind telling me 5 easy steps to get a page like the preview one?

Hi momofrg, If your finding the documentation hard to follow, you may wish to try this 5 minute set up video:

It is a video for another theme of ours, however the installation and set up process is exactly the same.

I just found your gallery and I love what you’re doing in general but this them in particular. Only one thing missing, as far as I can see, and that’s a fixed or sticky menu header. Or maybe that’s an option I can’t see?

Hi, you’re right there is no option to have sticky header in this theme. However we have a new theme coming out shortly that has this option – if you like our designs you should definitely have a look once it’s released :)

Hey just bought your theme and followed the instructions completely to set up as your demo site.

I can’t find a way to edit the home page text and features. When I click on the home page under pages there appears to be no text available to edit, yet text appears on the home page as per your demo.

How can I change the text on the home page, e.g. ‘Powder sugar wafer’, etc


Thank you very much. Great, fast support. Defo recommending to others and will purchase future themes.

Hey just a quick question. I have turned off ‘Show Features’ on the home page under the setting tab. How do I simple add my own content in above the Quotes section?

SORRY, Got it, HOOKS people, Hooks under Kodax settings :)

LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS THEME!! I just have one issue with the store. The rows seem to be breaking. I sent support email in and waiting for reply.

Again, GREAT THEME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Answered via email Meeplace. For others using Woo-Commerce please make sure you untick the “Enable Woo-Commerce CSS” option.



Hey, quick question. How can I display the pricing table on the home page under the slider? Thanks

Hi Nurdit, you need to use the Hooks feature and insert the pricing table as HTML. Email us though our profile page if you need to HTML for the pricing table. Cheers.

Thanks guys, Your Brill :)

hello I am thinking of buying this theme for a client and was wondering if i can use the layer slider on the home page in place of the one the theme comes with ?


Hi Caroline, I haven’t worked with the layer slider myself so I’m not sure what requirements are needed to implement that slider. I would expect however that you would have to rework the homepage code a bit to make that work :)

YUP. This is pretty much a 5 star theme.

Been using it over the last couple months. Couldn’t have come at a better time since I had just started a new company. I’ve still got editing to do all over, but we’ve got our basic presence and branding for Euro Algotrader in place, thanks to this theme.

And even though they are similar, Kodax is so good, I’ll be getting Selfy for Wordpress for my personal online resume.

By the way, great work on Make Lemonade.

Thanks for the awesome feedback ;)

can you have a different header image on each page?

Yes, you sure can, or you can set a default for all. ;)

Awesome! Would CSS styling be similar to selfy? I currently use that one. I like the header addition and the various fonts in kodax.

Yes, css and markup are similar

Hello! First off, thanks so much for making such an awesome theme.

I have one question. Is there any way that I can make a thin slider go across the top of pages (Such as the about page, contact page, etc.)? Or is there any way to get rid of the page title on each page?

Thanks so much!

Hi Lipbaum, sorry this isn;t possible with the current theme and would require some additional coding/customization of the theme.

Hello! I’m following the documentation step by step as well as the Selfy youtube video. When it comes to uploading the file ‘content.xml’ I get all this errors, why?

Thank you :)

Hi, getting errors / messages on import is very common when importing into WordPress (almost unavoidable). In this specific case these notifications appear because the xml was formed on a server with WooCommerce installed and thereby the WooCommerce specific posts have also been included in the content.xml. But when you try to import on a WP install that does not have WooCommerce installed those specific posts cannot be imported. If you want to avoid those notices install WooCommerce plugin first – however if you don’t need it simply ignore these warnings. The other content will have been imported correctly :)

Ooooh, I got it! Thanks a lot!

If I want to get something like the demo page should I let woocommerce create the pages for me or should I do it myself before importing the content?

Thank you :)

Let Woo-Commerce create the pages for you, it will have a prompt.

Hi there,

I have purchased this theme for an upcoming project. It looks great, but I need the PSDs for the homepage and inner page in order to customise them and present to the client. I can only see the PSDs for the slider, not for the full site design – are these available elsewhere please?

Thanks, Dan

Hi Themecanon,

Do you have a response to the above please? As we need to get started on this project!

Thanks, Dan

Hi Dan, sorry for the late reply. Can you please use our contact author form on our profile page and send through your email address.


Really like the theme. I would like to use this for some marketing purposes. What options do you have with the theme to set it up single page? Is it possible to add some more features to the homepage? Like a contactform? Love to bhear from you!

Greetz, RB

Hi RedBanana, The home page template allows for custom markup in area’s called hooks. This has the potential for users to add anything they want to the home page.

Seems everytime I have a category with more than 2 rows the 3rd row always breaks:

Hi Meeplace,

To fix, open /css/woo-shop.css and on line 685 change:

.woocommerce ul.products li.product:nth-child(4n+4){
    clear: left;
to this
.woocommerce ul.products li.product:nth-child(3n+4){
    clear: left;

Will release an update with this fix asap.


Running Wordpress 3.8.1 and installing the Kodax Shortcodes Plugin leads to a 500 error throughout the site every time. Could only gain access to the site again by renaming the [Kodax Shortcodes Plugin] folder inside the Plugins folder.

Not sure if you were/are aware of this or not.

Hi, we are running WordPress 3.8.1 without any problems on our testing servers. Could you send us a mail through the email form on our profile page with your url and a wp-login so that we can have a look. :)

It turned out that I didn’t need to use the shortcodes anyway. It might have been an issue with the auto-install on GoDaddy, or a plug-in conflict. I typically build on my own hosting/cPanel, but didn’t have the opportunity to do that.

Thank you for the speedy reply though!

No problem – just send us a mail if you run into any more trouble :)

How can I disable the sidebar completely?

simply use the full width page template for pages or go to Kodax settings / pages and post / to set default templates for blogs, shops etc.

Pre-purchase question – How easy would a Revolution Slider integration be for the homepage? I’d like to have a bit more freedom there.

Hi, I think that is going to be a little tricky as we have the header overlaid the slider on the homepage – so you would not only have to change markup but also dig into the javascript and more.

Maybe you will consider one of our other themes: Kause or Soap that both have the Revolution Slider :)

Love your theme!

Is there an easy way to sort the “team members” on the Team page?

I would like to add and remove members easily, and also be able to sort it either manually or alphabetically.

Hi, please send an email through the email form on our profile page – that is where we do our support :)