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AMAZING theme, normally they take around 20 mins to get like the demo! this took 5 secs!

Never used a better theme! each step i went (in my head) “wow” – bit strange i know!

One quick thing though on the home page below the slider the icons (font awesome) are being made slightly bigger than their containers and so they look a bit of centre because of this – how do i fix this?


Hi, thanks for the great feedback! :) Can you send us a mail through the email form on our profile page then we will try to help you out – please include your original questions and a URL to your site :)


i sent you an email over 2 hours ago and no response.


We try to return support queries in around 24 hours, which is reasonable. I have answered your email, but again can you please share your URL so we can help.

I’m trying to use Final Call CSS to overwrite the custom font but it doesn’t seem to apply. I have checked the “Use Finall Call CSS” and also re-cached the page but still no changes. When I use inspector I see that the code isn’t even getting through to the final CSS output… Any ideas?

Hi, please write us a mail through the email form on our profile page – remember to include your original question and also the code you are trying to put in the Final Call CSS :)

Is it possible to resize height of header image?

Yes, but only to a fixed size.

Hi there,

I’m using the Kodax theme can’t figure out how to change the formatting within the tab name. Currently it looks like: Favicon SitenamePagename. It bothers me that there isn’t a space or a divider between the site name and the page name. Is there a way to customize the way the tab title looks like?

Thank you!

Hi Julia, Please lodge your support requests from the account you purchased the theme with, thanks.

Hi there,

I’m using the Kodax theme and I can’t figure out how to change the formatting within the tab name. Currently it looks like: Favicon SitenamePagename. It bothers me that there isn’t a space or a divider between the site name and the page name. Is there a way to customize the way the tab title looks like?

Thank you! Felicia

This is very perplexing… I still haven’t received any emails from you guys, besides the responses to these comments. Could we try an alternative way, such as sending a private message on Facebook? Our page is


Messaged you via Facebook now.

Thank you so much!! We finally go the message. :)

Great theme.

The only problem I’m having is that the mobile menu setting does not activate when the theme is viewed on a smartphone or tablet. The responsive setting is enabled, but I’m still getting nothing.


Hi, what smartphone are you viewing on? and is the issue isolated to your test site or does it happen on our demo page also?

Demo page works, but my site still doesn’t. I’m viewing from the latest version of ios as well as chrome/ie/firefox. The site is

You haven’ assigned your menu. Read the documentation about menus.

It is really a great theme. Had one question. When trying to view from my Android mobile Chrome browser I am having problem scrolling up at first few tries when I am at the top of the page only. It scrolls only after 4-5 tries. I am assuming that the scroll might have some issue on the slider at the top. Do you have some feedback regarding this issue ? We may need this theme for one of our projects.

The slider at the top is touch enabled, so your swipe gesture may be progressing the slide instead of scrolling the page. It’s the fist I have heard of this though.

Hi, I’m sorry but I can’t seem to download the plugins via wordpress. Is there some way I can get a link to them? Thanks

Hi Hybird, they are also shipped with the theme, look in the theme folder / inc / lib / plugins. You can install these if the auto/recommend install does work.

If I wanted to use this in WPMU as a landing page with a pulldown for different cities, could I easily do that?

Hi, I’m not sure what WPMU is – could you explain in more detail?

Hi Kenny,

I am really enjoying the theme. Using it for Wordpress.

Question: Is it possible to make a page a category also? What I am having trouble with is that my menu link title ‘product’ can be clicked through; however there is no content on that page. I am just using it as a ‘menu title’ persay. It is more important that the ‘menu item’ ‘product’ has the correct drop down pages. Hopefully that makes sense.

In regards to above. Would it be more beneficial to make my pages posts>categorize them> then link the info under the ‘products’ menu? My problem with this is that I want these ‘posts’ which are currently pages, under that menu title.

Here is a link to the page:

Thank you. J

In the section Appearance / Menus / you can add categories and product categories to your menu: see this screenshot:

Hi there,

Another couple of questions:

1/ I’m trying to suppress the theme meta description so I can use a SEO plugin; however, after saving the settings to suppress the Kodax theme’s meta description multiple times it appears that the theme meta description is still there. As a result, I’m having a hard time getting Facebook to show an image when I try to post a link because there is “More Than One OG URL Specified.” Is there another way to suppress the theme’s meta description?

2/ For the Kodax slider, is there a way to resize the image shown so that you can see more of the information at the bottom of the page? Currently it looks like there’s the full-sized image, but then it’s confusing for users to know that the page is scrollable and that there is more content at the bottom. We’d like to resize the home page image to make it more apparent that there is content at the bottom of the page.


Hi felicia, I have resent our response to your alternate email adress. Let us know if it doesn’t show up :)

Thank you for your help! Unfortunately, the email still hasn’t shown up. :( Would it be easier to call?

Hi Felicia, We have now resent to your other email account

Great Theme!

Wondering what the best size for photos would be for the slider. Don’t see where I can edit the ratio for the slider so I guess I have to alter the photos before saving to the slider.

Any suggestions? Thanks!

Our example images are 1820×1194px


Is there any easy way to run the flex quote slider from the homepage template on all pages via footer.php?

I’ve revised this portion of the theme to run full-width with a background image on the homepage, sitting just above the footer and would love to carry this throughout the entire site. I did end up grabbing your piece of code for this in the homepage template file and moved it over to footer.php, but it’s just not activating for me. Is there a function for this script that would need to be altered as well or…?

Thanks for your time on this! ...and awesome theme by the way.

Hi Taylor, If I understand correct your wanting to use the flex quote slider on other pages? You would have to hard code this into the template as you suggest, but yes it should work.

You can get a sample of the quote slider markup from the typography page from the original content.

Right, thanks a lot for pointing me in the right direction.

Cheers -T

Can you explain the Kodax custom field values? Or where I can find the info? Thanks!

Kodax doesn’t use custom fields. You can hide custom fields by going to screen settings.

I have a pre-purchase questiona. Is it possible to make the titles (or images) of blocks on the homepage linkable? As I see in the demo they are just text and a Font Awsome icon and without a link they are quite a deal breaker for me.


Yes the titles can be links on the home page. ;)


I really enjoy your site. However, I cannot access the site via mobile. I get a “site not found” on all my tablet/phone devices. I access to preview and still same response. I have responsive design checked. My site is

Thank you! J

Thank you for the response. However, I am still unable to access the mobile site. I have deactivated all plugins including those the theme included but remain with same problem. Any suggestions? Thanks!

Your site works fine on mobile devices. As it is a responsive theme I am confused as why you are trying to set up

There seems to be a misunderstanding. I apologize if I was unclear. The problem is resolved. It was a conflict with GoDaddy and the Dudamobile service. Thanks for the reply!

BEFORE I PURCHASE – HOME Page and Nav Bar Options

Is there anyway to keep the nav bar always visible even when scrolling? And can you place a nav bar option to see the material just below the full screen image on the home page? It’s not intuitive that you can scroll down to find more info. My first reaction is to go to the menus and not scroll down on the home page. Thanks

Sorry for the late reply over Easter. Yes you can fix the nav bar to the top of the page permanently. You can also set the slider height to be say 90% high, thereby showing the first bit of content to indicate scroll.

Thank you. I am working on getting the site up can you share with me how to fix the nav bar and where to adjust the height to 90%. I am working on a fatal error. Comment sent to you thank you.

Hi there,

I’m no longer seeing the shortcodes dropdown menu in the visual editor since upgrading to WordPress 3.9. Is there a different way to access the shortcodes?


Hi Felicia, Please update your Kodax theme and theme related plugins and this will resolve the shortcodes button issue in WordPress v3.9

Hi there, I updated the Kodax theme and theme related plugins, but still do not see the shortcodes button. Any other ideas for how to troubleshoot this?


Hi Felicia, can you please use the contact author form on our profile and email us your URL and login details. thanks

Got a fatal Error after loading Kodax parent theme and then the Kodax-Child theme up0n clicking activate. I installed the plugin successfully but that too gives me the error when I try to activate all the plugins.

Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 41943040 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 30720 bytes) in /data/22/3/4/10/3004499/user/3335221/htdocs/wordpress1/wp-admin/includes/menu.php on line 232

It was a server issue that I think is resolved.


We are currently having issues with the menu bar. Its seems that the correct kodax navigation bar is not activated, because when we try to assign a customized menu bar it wont save. Instead the menu bar just shows published pages as individual menu buttons.

How can we activate/assign the right menu? We’re using this through wordpress, and the URL is:

Hi, can you email us your login details, use the contact author form on our profile

Hi, login details emailed!