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Beautiful work guys. Congrats on the theme!

Thanks friends!


Dear ThemeBeans,
I can not better express what I think: simply amazing.
I deeply love the interaction proposed by this visual result.

Keep it up!
My best wishes for new year and your sales ;)

Thanks mate! Really do appreciate the support – you’ve been increasingly supportive to our vision for WordPress. Cheers mate!


Hey, I downloaded your theme (it really great) but I can not optenir a password to download the plugins on your website … How do I do this?


Sorry, just remember the part where I said it is a “great theme” the email that was slipped into the undesirable !

Awesome! Glad you found it!


is it possible to leave the project description away? so it directly starts with the image.

Sure, you can modify the following in your stylesheet, custom css input, or child theme (recommended):

.single-portfolio #primary-container, .tax-portfolio_category #primary-container, .tax-portfolio_tag #primary-container { padding-bottom: 0; padding-top: 0px; }

.single-portfolio #content-container, .tax-portfolio_category #content-container, .tax-portfolio_tag #content-container { margin-top: 0px; }

That should do the trick for you!

Cheers, Rich


No problem Simon

Very unusual and beautiful theme! Added to my collection. Good luck :)

Glad you like it :)


Just bought the theme! Awesome! But I can’t get the Bean Social-plugin to work. Installed it but when I write the short code in a post (or text-widget) it only shows the code in text… Please help!

Kind regards Karl

Glad you’re liking it Kari! Just want you to know I’m checking this out for you.




I am interested in this theme and three questions about it.

Does it work as photographers’ portfolio?

Is it simplified more, just grid thumbnails and enlarged images, take out the description of each images, and so on?

Is it possible to gather thumbnails by each category?


Hey there, here’s some answers for you:

1. Yup, it’d work great for photographers. You can even password protect your portfolio posts if you’d like.

2. You can edit the single portfolio file and take out the description/title/meta if you’d like.

3. It sure is.

Great theme, just bought it.

However, the downloaded files don’t include a xml file. Where can I get this?

Cheers, Lorcan

Hey Lorcan. Glad you’re liking the theme! Sure, you can grab it at the link below:


Cheers, Rich

Thanks Rich, lastly I’m getting an error when trying to import post type portfolio, they all say Failed to Import.

Do you have the portfolio plugin installed? Sometimes it may post an error, but check your portfolio posts and see if they are loaded. You probably won’t have the media imported though.


Great theme! Absolutely love it. One question though, my thumbnails on the home grid are black and white. How do I get them to be color like the demo?

Hey Zechnelson, check the Theme Customizer (WP Dashboard > Customize) and look at the portfolio settings there. You’ll see a CSS filter option – set it to None, or play around with the other settings (Sepia, High Saturation). You may find something you like. ;)

And I’m glad you’re liking the theme! Would do wonders if you wouldn’t mind rating Koi on your ThemeForest downloads page. :)

Cheers, Rich

Can I use the infinite scroll in the isotope “responsive” portfolio?

Hey mate. Unfortunately the way I’ve done the edge-to-edge filterable portfolio template does not allow a correct infinite scroll effect. This is mostly due to the resizing of the posts – because if you’ve changed screen size, the “infinite” posts will still load as the original size, until you’ve re-sized your screen once again. It’s kind of a finicky deal.

This next theme I’m working on does include infinite scroll though :)



Great theme so fare. I tried to reorder my portfolio under portfolio – sort. But if i change the order nothing happens.

thanks, Simon

It went live late last night :)


i could change it. works perfect. thanks

Awesome :)

Hello, I’m interested in purchasing this theme but do you have any examples with video portfolio? Thanks

Hey there! Sure, I just added this one here for you. :)


Thank you. Purchased!

Let me know if you need anything!

Hi! Nice theme! I have the same question simonspring had – I’ve inserted your css, and tried to come up with other ways – but there is still tons of space up the top of the single-portfolio.php file. Do you have any other suggestions? Thanks.

Hey Ania, would you contact us through ourSupport Center (with your URL) so I can see what’s happening?

Thanks!, Rich

Hi – what’s the difference between the portfolio and portfolio filtered page templates and how do I see the diff?

Perfect – done. Thanks

Ok – I got ONE more request for now……… So you have it set up to make ‘KOI’ change colour on hover/focus right? How would I go about doing that with a PNG logo in place of it?

That would require a decent bit of customization, if you wanted it to look right. Probably by adding an empty span to the loop-portfolio, and setting a background image to that span, on hover.


I am sorry, is there some literature on setting this theme up to be like the demo? Having problems with getting my posts to show up like I want them to! Thanks Rich

Thank you so much rich!! One more question, after clicking on a specific portfolio post, is there a way to size down the gallery images? Or can you only control that by uploading the exact size you want? Thank you

actually NVM! figured out an alt route! thanks so much! my site is beautiful now.. anniegabrielle.com !!

Awesome, sorry I didn’t catch you in time, glad you got it. And your site sure is looking sharp!


Installing the theme right now. What’s the purpose of the zip/folder “koi-child”?

Hey there. If you install the child theme there (the same way you’ve installed the main theme), make the child theme active and then you can add any modifications to the files in there. For example. Add in yor custom CSS in that style.css file and your custom code won’t get written over when you update the theme upon any future updates.

The same goes for any files that you put in the child theme. For example, if you put content-portfolio.php in the child theme folder, and customize that file, then the theme will pull your file there, instead of the one supplied in the main package.

Hope this helps! Rich

Thanks, another quick question for you regarding Retina Image and portfolio featured image. According to your doc, it states that you utilize 800×600 px image for the featured image. So does that mean that I would need a 1600×1200 image with ”@2x” and 800×600 as normal? Thanks

Nope, I actually built the theme to pull the 800×600px featured images at 400×300, which makes them already “retina” quality on page load. This way when the images are larger, they still look right – as well as when they are smaller (due to the resizing of the grid).


is it possible to integrate touch/drag controls to the navigation.

also is it possible to have a full-screen image carousel or video on the homepage.

Hey there!

I’m not quite sure what you’re referring to with the first question. You may need to implement custom code or plugin for that though.

For the second question, not out-of-the-box, but if you’re pretty handy with WordPress PHP and HTML, you could probably swing it alright (or a developer).

Cheers! Rich

is it possible to get mobile device controls (touch/swipe/tap or drag on desktop) implemented with this theme.

Not out of the box, no.

Is it possible to have the gallery grid preserve the original aspect ratio of the art?

Hey there, there’s a small edit that you’d need to do (I’ll grab the line number/file for you if you want it) to get it. Though as it’s currently built, the grid sticks within each of their rows – in order to keep the portfolio overlay hover in line.


Is there an option for non full width portfolio item pages? I might not always want the image to be stretched full width. Thanks.

Not currently, but that’s an interesting idea.

yes. Fine artists don’t need fullscreeen.

Is there a way to make the menu bar on mobile snap to the top of the screen when the user scrolls? Would be a great feature.

Hey there, the main reason I did not go with this approach is because of the UX argument that comes with scrolling the menu list once it’s clicked. It’ll be pretty difficult to create an instance that is fixed, then isn’t once the menu is open. Otherwise you’d be limited to only a few menu links there.


if i only had one screenfull of links at 480 h, would there be a way to make it work?

You could try to work in some CSS position: fixed magic, but still it’d be a bit tricky.