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Hello, I’m very interested in buying your template! Is very beautiful.

However, i have a question first: Right now, the images open as a pop-up only when clicking on a tiny button ( with a magnifier glass icon), I would like that all images open as a pop-up no matter where I click (instead of opening on the top of the page). Is this setting possible for noob like me? (or do i have to tweak code?) A second question: can I include a single line of information/text in the pop ups? or it just allows images?

Thanks!! Gabriela

Hey Gabriela, you would need to do some code modifications to allow that, but it’ll be a daunting task for someone with no/not a lot of experience with PHP/HTML/CSS – though I’m sure you could find a developer on MicroLancer to handle it pretty easily.

Lemme check on that second question for you in a bit – I’m on my mobile atm.



Really cool theme. A slider would be nice though. On the homepage and on a portfolio item page as well. I’d also think it would be great if you could hear the audio without going to another page or popup window. Same for video. If these features would be added, i’d certainly buy it! :-)

Good luck anyway!


Hello team!

Thank you for such a fantastic theme. Just bought it and installed after trying and finding the Hati theme by another author a little buggy. Your documentation is very detailed and so is your Support page. Just have a few questions:

• Using Disqus comment system plugin and it seems to not work correctly. • Would love to be able to change the sidebar color. Is that possible? • Is there a way to make a large photo, full-width slider as the home landing page? • Share buttons. Do you guys have a plugin for share buttons on blog posts or facebook likes? Or do I have to use one like Zillashare?

Thanks again! super pumped to finish my new site.

Nice! Ah, I meant via FTP most likely.


Hey Rich! thx again. Is there a way to add the same lightbox effect you used in the portfolio thumbnails landing in the inside of each portfolio post too? I looked in the documentation to see if you have that feature available. For now, I found Lightbox Plus Color plugin that works.

Hey mate, it’s not set up that way out of the box, but you could try adding ‘lightbox’ in content-portfolio-media.php like this (http://thmbns.co/TYvf). I have not tried it, and it could be very wonky, but on the other hand it may work.


Awesome theme!

One question… can I change the orientation of the title so that it reads sideways from the right instead of sideways from the left?


I really appreciate the help! But could you please be more specific? I keep trying different combinations:

/===================================================================/ /* LOGO & BRANDING /===================================================================/ .branding-wrap.text-logo, .branding-wrap.uploaded-image .site-description { left: 0; position: absolute; top: 0; white-space: nowrap; z-index: 100; -webkit-transform-origin: -12px 80px; -moz-transform-origin: -12px 80px; -ms-transform-origin: -12px 80px; -o-transform-origin: -12px 80px; -webkit-transform: rotate(90deg); -moz-transform: rotate(90deg); -ms-transform: rotate(90deg); -o-transform: rotate(90deg); -ms-filter: “progid:DXImageTransform.Microsoft.BasicImage(rotation=1)”; }

Ok, I finally figured it out. It was the transform origin that was messing it up, making it go off the page. Thanks again.

Yup, for future questions, please refer to our Support Center to ask future questions – as to keep this comment board filled to the brim with support questions and not pre sales questions.

Thanks! Rich

I installed the portfolio plugin but can’t figure out how to display a portfolio on a page. I am trying to make it exactly like the example.


Hey Halligan, have you checked out the Koi Help Doc? This section is to the portfolio section in general, with the Portfolio Page section right below.


Yes, found it thanks!

Awesome :)

Can I use an image for the header logo instead of text?


Yup you sure can. Look in the Theme Customizer, under General Settings. You’ll see the logo, favicon, apple touch & login logo uploaders there.

Cheers, Rich

Cool :)


How ill this perform with regards to SEO? Is there an option to add text to the homepage?

Thanks Mark

How do I ask a support question? I cant seem to find a contact on the http://help.themebeans.com/ page. At the moment the ‘likes’ are showing up on the iphone when they are turned of and set to none in the stylesheet. And the other thing is a custom change, I have changed the staced images to 60% width and it looks great, but I was hoping to keep it at 100% width for media screens like the iphone and ipad. do you think that would be possible? Thanks

The link at the very top right points to our contact form (link).

That’s very interesting, I’ll look into that and get back to you. For your second question, you would probably need to add in the same width CSS to the mobile media queries in mobile.css


Hey, looked into that likes bug you’re seeing and I’m not able to reproduce that. Do you mind contacting support (via that link above) with details? Thanks!


Thanks for your work. I have 2 important recommendations for the next update: 1. The logo, when it comes to an image does not fit horizontally in the responsive version. 2. Would be nice to have the option of activating a “load more” for those portfolios that are larger not take so long to load.

Regards, Dario.

Ohhhh I see now. Add this to your Custom CSS, or Child Theme (preferred):

#mobile-header .logo {
    width: 30%;
    margin: 60px auto 0;
    -webkit-transform: rotate(-90deg); 
       -moz-transform: rotate(-90deg); 
        -ms-transform: rotate(-90deg); 
         -o-transform: rotate(-90deg);
That should do the trick! Cheers!


Perfect! Thanks!

No problem mate!

I’m thinking of purchasing this theme, i was just wondering if the white strip on the side ( menu ) can be horizontal instead of vertical ?

Hey Danny, not by default, but if you’re suave with CSS/HTML you could probably pull it off without a hitch.



Are you able to provide me with the demo xml file data file for your demo website as it’s not included in your download package?

Please kindly let me know.


Hey Abbey! Yup, you can download it via this link. Cheers!


Can I add a portfolio post with both videos and images in it? Thanks

Hey Ross, not out of the box, but with a couple of mods it’s possible. Contact us through support here with your question and I’ll point you in the right direction!

Cheers, Rich

How easy would it be to implement a menu animation like this? https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/3252011/_DR/Test/index.html

It uses css3 to make that animation… would it take much to apply something similar to your template?

That’s pretty interesting. If you know your way around HTML/CSS a bit then it should not be too difficult. I have all the sidebar HTML properties located in it’s own file to make mods easier in that manner (content-hidden-sidebar.php) – but again, without a solid HTML/CSS skillset it could be a little difficult to implement.

Cheers! Rich

Cool :) thanks for the reply – I’ll have a closer look to see how much I’d have to adapt…

I am struggling with the search widget with this theme. The search widget works on my site but it seems to only return results from pages, not from any of the portfolios. Am I doing something wrong? How do I fix this?

Hey there! Look in functions.php and remove the bean_search_filter (lines 263-274 – screenshot: http://thmbns.co/Tllg) and you’ll see the portfolio posts. You may need to conduct some CSS massaging though.

Cheers! Rich


Can I add a banner to the home page, under the portfolio, without editing the page files? And can I adjust the size of the portfolio grids so that together it’s a square?

Hey Thinkcrush! Unfortunately you would need to edit the page-portfolio.php file to add that in there. For your second question, are you referring to the actual images in the grid? If so, then yup – I just have 3×4 ratio featured images attached. If you loaded squared images, they would display as such.


Hello! I loved your theme! I already installed it and trying to set up few stuff. But I’d like to ask you 2 things:

1) is it possible to have 2 menu “portfolio style”? Because I like the grid but I’d like to divide my work from my personal stuff.

2) How can I put a img on a page/post and make it fits big in the page as the img on the portfolio’s page.

Tnx a lot!

cheers! :)

Hey mate!

1. Yup, you can display them via categories, like this here: http://demo.themebeans.com/koi/portfolio_category/photography/ If you want to hide the title on those category archive views, add the following CSS:

.tax-portfolio_category #content-container {
display: none!important;

2. I’m adding page featured image support, which is in the TF update queue at the moment, which will enable this simply by adding a featured image on the page editor.


Hey Guys,

this is by far the most good looking portfolio theme. It’s clean, focused and the subtle animations make it special.

One question, I would like to use the off-canvas sidebar as a space for content. So is it possible to give the sidebar a width of maybe 80%?

And if you press the the toggle button the content is pushed to the right, that’s fine but there is also a scrollbar then. Can I fix this by giving body overflow-x: hidden?

Thanks in advance and best regards Florian

Oh I really do appreciate that Florian – made my morning to be honest!

You most certainly can. You would just need to change the translate on the #theme-wrapper.side-menu and the width on the .hidden-sidebar CSS elements. As long as they are the same (even if you use percentages) then you’ll be fine.

Yup, you can have the following CSS to prevent the scrolling:

html, body {
    height: 100%;
    overflow-x: hidden;

Hope this helps and thanks once again!


Hey Rich,

many thanks for this fast reply, this is what a I call a damn fine service.

Recently purchased it and it’s fun to work with it. I remarked a small bug on iOS devices – maybe it’s not a bug. The scrolling on iPhone for example isn’t smooth at all. So I fixed this by giving -webkit-overflow-scrolling: touch; to the body. It works but maybe there is a better solution?

Also I would like to know, where can I disable/change this sliding overlay/hover effect? I know this is a cool thing but I want a nice and easy fade in and fade out effect when I hover the images.

Thanks for help and wishing you a nice weekend Florian

Awesome, glad you’re liking the theme and our support. I’ll look into that for you indeed. You can remove the sliding thumbnail effect in the Theme Customizer > Portfolio Settings.


Hi there, awesome theme!

One question, can I display only a specific range of Filters? Thanks for help.


Hey Marco, out-of-the-box Koi displays the categories as the filter options, but you could remove the PHP elements and add in custom filters in content-portfolio-filter.php. I would take a look at the HTML output and use that as a base for the list items in the #filter.

Hope that helps! Rich

After searching through over 700 different wordpress themes I ended up falling in love with this one! It’s very nice. I am brand new to using wordpress and have a tiny bit of html/css knowledge and have a few newbie questions before I take the plunge into the world of wordpress. Again I apologize for my tyro questions, here goes:

Is the image adjustable on the sidebar navigation? What I mean is, is there a size to work with so instead of how KOI is displayed vertically, could it be horizontal?

Alongside that question, is the type under the logo an image or text? If text, can it be made into an image?

When clicking on a project is there a way to adjust the image so there’s padding on both sides? Or does it automatically expand to fullscreen? I’d like some space and for the image to be a little smaller if possible on the project page.

I was reading in the previous comments that the theme allows for images to initially be retina quality on the page load and wanted to know what size do I need to start saving my images as to drop them in and have them display properly before purchasing the theme?

As a follow up with that question, How does the Retina plugin work with this theme?

Do I need it if the theme already allows images to be displayed at retina quality?

If everything is already retina quality, will they take longer to load on non retina displays?

Is there anywhere I can see other customer’s sites who have purchased this theme and use it in order to see how it looks personalized?

When someone likes a project where does a user see that information?

Can I adjust the square sizes on the modular homepage display?

Thanks in advance, I can’t promise there won’t be more questions.


Glad you like it Ashley! It’s my personal favorite that we’ve done. I’ll do my best to answer your questions.

1. I’m not following you 100% here. Are you referring to the logo space, or images in the actual sidebar – e.g. Flickr, Instagram, Dribbble images? If the logo, I recommend around 60px width, though lots of people have extended it and added wider images.

2. It is text. You could upload a logo with your subtitle added to it instead, and not include the subtext there.

3. It’s automatically set to fill the width of the window, though you could easily add some padding to the #media-container.

4. To set them exactly like in the demo, you could upload 800×600px for the portfolio images, and the portfolio gallery images as large as you’re willing to go.

5. You can turn off retina.js, if you’d prefer. Retina.js allows regular images to be served to regular DPI screens and retina images (if they’re uploaded) to be served on HDPI screens.

6. Speed would be affected (as with any resource that is technically larger) but the amount is minuscule for the portfolio featured images (which I would suggest at the 800×600px.

7. Not at the moment, but I do have a gallery in the works to add user’s sites to.

8. You can enable likes on each portfolio view, if you’d like. Here’s a screenshot: http://thmbns.co/Tu4B

9. It’s set at a 3×4 ratio, but you can modify that to square it off, via functions.php, line 150.

10. Bring ‘em on ;)

Hope this helps! Rich

Has anyone had any luck with using Revolution Slider on a default page at fullscreen with this theme?

It's probably one of the best themes I've come across but would like to modify it a bit more.

There’s an input field in Rev Slider to offset containers but #header-container or #primary-container hasn’t worked to fixed the problem.

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

Hey there,

am I the only one with this strange behavior/bug? If I open my page there a thin gutters between the images. I have to resize the site first to eliminate those.


Regards Florian

Hey Florian, I havnt seen that behavior before. Do you mind emailing the Support Team with your comment here and your URL so I can check it out?

Cheers! Rich