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Can add social icon links or contact info at the bottom of the side menu bar ?

You can add them via a text widget, and you can add links via the copyright input field (screenshot: http://thmbns.co/TvoK).



Is it possible to add a comment form to the portfolio section on each post?

It is possible but can be trivial if you are not familiar with PHP/CSS/WordPress loop functionalities. I would suggest against it, unless you are comfortable with those facets of theming.

Alternatively, you could replace the post loop to pull the portfolio loop format instead – but you would probably need a developer to do this sort of customization as well.


Hi there! Just puchased the Theme.

Copule of questions. I would like to use some instagram plugin – create a second portfolio where to display the instagram content – show the pics as thumbnails in the same way as a normal portoflio with portfolio items. Is that possible?

I am using wp retina 2 in order to load high res pics in retina devices – which is the correct size in px for the pic that i have to upload?

Hey there imweird87! Glad to have you on board!

That would depend on the plugin itself. You would probably need to custom code some parts of it – or use the Instagram API to pull images in the isotope grid. It’s not possible out of the box unfortunately though.

The theme actually has retina.js built in – provided it’s enabled via the Theme Customizer. As long as you’re uploading images with the same name, just with @2x appended, then it’ll replace the original, on HDPI screens only. I would reccommend 800×600px for the portfolio featured images, and however big you can afford for the single views.

Hope this helps! Rich

Dear Rich

Can I adjust the squared images on start page as unlimited height images (just as “Wonder” theme)?

Thanks Marco

Sure, head into functions.php, around line 150 (screenshot: http://thmbns.co/TzEx) and replace the portfolio-feat add_image_size function with the following instead:

add_image_size( ‘portfolio-feat’, 800, 9999 );

That should do the trick!

Thanks, Marco

No problem Marco :)

Hi, very nice theme!
I’ve got a problem with portfolio with a lot of projects.
Now in my portfolio there are about 150-200 works with 1280×1024 featured image…
This causes a long waiting time (more than 1 minute and over 50mb) because the images in homepage are not resized.
By resizing the situation could be better but it would still be slow.
There’s a system to solve this issue like pagination/lazy load?

Hey BMFactoryAgency, the images should be resized to 800×600px – but you are correct in that loading that many posts would cause strain – but on any install. Do you mind contacting our Help Team with your URL so I can see what’s going on exactly?

Cheers, Rich

Hi, the website is not visible to the public and there is not much to see..
I’ve regenerate all thumbnails and now are resized to 800×600 but there are still long loading time (25mb of contents and 50 seconds waiting) obviously.
I know this is not caused by a problem with yours theme, but i would know if is possible to solve the problem somehow…
Thanks and best regards

Hello I want to buy a theme. There are several issues. 1) How does the transition between Home pages? In the demo only 1 page. 2) On the main page. By clicking on the image opens full news. You can make the effect of magnifying glass instead? 3) Is it possible to add a link to download? http://androidbox.ru/1.png 4) It is possible to remove the filter?

Sorry for my english – translate.google ;)

Please. Write as simple words. Translator can not bind sense. Please put numbers to the answers to questions. So it will be easier to understand.

Please reply

Hey Deffos, There is not navigation built in, but you can choose how many posts to display via the Theme Customizer.

RE: “I actually decided to build in a selector switcher, to use the Portfolio Sorter, in that customizer option. After you’ve updated the theme, select “Portfolio Sort” and you’re posts will display in the way you have them sorted.”

This works fine, but when using this option, the pagination arrows in the top right do not seem to follow the same order

Any thoughts? Thanks

Hey Ross, the WordPress pagination will always use the standard next/prev posts based on the publish date – as that is a default core WordPress functionality.


Hello . Can you say to me if this theme is neeed to have a kick server. Could you say to me the minim requeriments to make the theme work well. Also I would like to know if it’s possible to add woocommerce plugin in this theme and if someone have tested woocommerce

Hey Vicens, Koi works well out of the box, as long as you’re running the minimum WordPress requirements – more info. There are no custom WooCommerce templates/styles so you may need to add some CSS to massage the corners a bit – though all the functionality should remain untouched.

Cheers, Rich

In the page SORT PORTFOLIO is it possible to view for any item non only title but even a thumb and a date?

Ahh I see. You may be able to, but it’s a good deal of work to the bean-portfolio.php file within the Bean Portfolio Plugin.


Solved, thank you!!!!!


On a portfolio page is it possible to add more div tags or content into those pages? Or is it only possible to have the title and top info, then images?

Hey there, you can add any divs/content into the entry-content section on those portfolio single pages (where the main content is). As long as you’re using the HTML editor vs the Visual editor, you can add whatever you’d need to there.

So what about shortcodes? If I used for instance the visual bakery builder, I could insert shortcodes into there and they would display fine?

You can insert shortcodes in general, but I have not tested the Visual Bakery Builder with Koi.


Hi there! Just puchased the Theme. I can install the plugin – portfolio, after activation, I can not find the plugin in the sidebar…

Hey there! Did you install and activate the plugin? You should see this here: http://thmbns.co/UQP3


Hey there, try disabling your other plugins, refreshing your cache and checking again. I bet one of those is probably taking over your sidebar areas.


HI, sorry to bother you with such a silly question, but I am trying to change colour and alignment of the Portfolio heading in portfolio page. Where do I find it? thank you

...and a very nice theme by the way

Hey there, sure. You can target it by using this CSS here:
.single-portfolio h1.entry-title { }

And thanks for that :)


i manage to do it thank you :)


Hi there.

I love the simplicity of this theme. Thinking of purchasing, so I have a few questions.

1) The animation on the home page (where the overlay follows your cursor, and the magnifying glass / heart icons bounce) — can that be turned off?

2) Once you click on a portfolio item, it takes you to a post / page where you can view more. On that page, can I display more than one kind of media together / at once? (I would need to display photos, video, mp3s and some text next to each of them.) Is that possible?

3) The photos on this theme are displayed large and lovely. Unfortunately, not all my images will be large / high res enough to pull that off. :) How do smaller sized images display?

Thanks for your time and patience.


Hey there Heather,

1. Yup it sure can, via the Theme Customizer (screenshot: http://thmbns.co/Ubud) but you need it to display the title/meta information within the overlay (if you’re wanting that).

2. Here’s a screenshot of the portfolio content layout options: http://thmbns.co/UbAy

3. You could remove the CSS (one line) to make your images not fullwidth. I’d point you to the line if you’d like :)


Hi There

Really cool theme – but I have a question…. Why are the widgets not loading in my internal sidebar when the filtered portfolio page is set as front page. It doesn’t load until i click on another page…..ex. contact??

Why is this…..can someone help??

Here is my site that I’m working on…....


Would be really helpful!!


Hey Thomas, there’s two sidebars for the theme – the Internal, and Portfolio (screenshot: http://thmbns.co/UbC8). Placing widgets on the Portfolio sidebar will output them on that template there.

Cheers, and glad you like the theme! Rich

Hey Rich :-) Thank´s for your reply – Oh! I didn´t get that…...and have been trying a bit myself – it works just perfect now !!! It´s a really cool theme!! Have a great week!!! /thomas

hello, in Portfolio page http://www.creativelc.sk/?portfolio=3d-pismo can i change black background solid color for an image? thank you

and also I would like to put on the sidebar menu just FB link, no menu, how do i do it? thank you

Hey mate, you could use the following CSS, with your image URL included:

body.postid-54 #primary-container {
background: url() no-repeat 50% 0%;
background-size: 100%;

I’m not quite following you 100% on your second question. You could add the Facebook link via the WP Dashboard > Menus page, like other links.

Cheers, Rich

Great theme! I’ve figured out how to customize pretty much everything but I have one remaining question.

I want the text logo to remain sticky so as the user scrolls, my logo and menu button stays with them. I set them both to a fixed position in the CSS. That works if the user is scrolling down normally through portfolio pages.

However, if the user clicks the menu or scrolls down if the menu is already open, the logo and menu disappears as it scrolls up with the page. Can this be fixed through CSS? Thanks!

Thanks for the speedy reply.

Yes, it still does it when I’m logged out of Wordpress.

I’ll take a look.



I’ve downloaded the theme and have some questions about uploading images.

1. I’ve saved my images out as both 150 res jpgs and png-24 to see if there is a difference and am having some issues with the quality of both of them. What do you suggest doing to fix this issue?

2. When I add a caption to the image is there a way to have it appear above the image and also to get rid of that block of space that surrounds the text? It seems to be overlapping on top of the image.

Thanks you!


Hey Ashley,

1. What kind of quality issues are you having here?

2. Are you referring to the portfolio post/slider captions? If so, you can modify that CSS with the following:

.bean-slide-caption  {
     background-color: #FFF;
     color: #888;
     bottom: 0px;
     font-size: 14px;
     line-height: 20px;
     left: 0px;
     padding: 15px 16px;
     position: absolute;
     text-align: center;

Cheers, Rich

Thanks Rich.

I do have another question. You mentioned the portfolio gallery image should be 800×600px, but what should the image size be for the work on the portfolio page in order for it to load at a reasonable pace?

Also, I remember you mentioning that there is an automatic retina display on this theme. I read that adding @2x before the extension will allow for retina quality, is that correct? If not, how do I activate the retina allowance and do I have to display my images at twice the size?



Hi, how can I limit the number of portfolio thumbnails displayed in the homepage to 20? Thanks!

Hey there! You can set the Portfolio Template Count value in the Theme Customizer, under the Portfolio Settings. Here’s a screenshot for you: http://thmbns.co/UbkL



How can I change the color of the text for the “Title” and “Tagline” ? I want them both to be white.

I found the html for the background color in “Koi: Stylesheet (style.css)” but can’t find where to edit the text color. Please point me in the right direction.



is it possible integrate woocommerce?

It’s possible yes, but there are no custom styles/template for WooCommerce integrated.