Discussion on Koira - Industry and Manufacturing WordPress Theme

Discussion on Koira - Industry and Manufacturing WordPress Theme

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Hi, pre sale question: do you have figma file in this package?

Hi, what is the figma file? sorry but we don’t understand. Thanks!

Envato support ticket expired, but this is likely something affecting others so I’m putting it here (with it not being too involved to update things to resolve the issue [with it then being a standard thing WordPress plugins/themes should have that this is currently lacking.])

​This is likely more related to the CMS Portal plugin that comes with Koira (and possibly other themes).

The issue I’m having is the fact that the theme introduction notice in the site admin is dismissible, but it shows back up as soon as you refresh or navigate to another page. This is especially problematic as its shown across many pages of the site admin.

This is also the case for the recommended plugins notice. Meanwhile, I have a site where newsletters aren’t wanted/needed (one of the recommended plugins) and I have Gravity Forms instead of Contact Form 7 (another recommended plugin of the theme.) The plugin choices here aren’t problematic & is somewhat of an enhancement when it comes to using GF over CF7 and not loading a whole newsletter plugin just to have it not be used. It doesn’t make sense to have this continuously point out these plugins aren’t enabled for situations like this.

The initial notice definitely makes sense, but it should honor being dismissed. These should definitely look to remember that the notice has been dismissed (simply setting is-dismissable as a class on the notice doesn’t handle it remembering that it was dismissed.) This is something others implement for things like this that this plugin appears to be missing & is having this issue as a result.

​Proposed fix (to be done for both notices):

1. Make it so the dismissal triggers an AJAX call via a script that’s included alongside the notice which then has update_option save the dismissal to the site’s settings (using transients isn’t reliable for this & can still have it show more often than users want/expect.)

2. The dismissal option being saved could be a timestamp so determining if the notice is shown can show if that option isn’t set yet and/or the timestamp in the option is beyond a certain duration (ex. a year or so.) Alternatively, it could have the theme version as what’s saved as the option so it shows whenever a different version of the theme is being used from when it was last dismissed (probably more relevant than being time-based.)

3. These notices could then still be shown 100% of the time on the theme dashboard page for those looking to check/update things regarding the theme setup. I think that would be entirely reasonable & potentially helpful.

Having these always show across the site admin has it where I needed to comment out the 2 actions for these notices in the CMS Portal plugin. Unfortunately, this becomes an issue once a new version is released since it will re-introduce the problem when one should always want to keep things up-to-date. In the meantime, it’s become a point to avoid a theme with this plugin in order to not have this problem. Hopefully this can be a quick update for a future release so themes with this plugin can be reconsidered.

Reach out / reply to this if this is something which shouldn’t actually be happening (though I, when quick editing things to comment out the notices, didn’t see anything in the plugin code for conditionally including the notice so I think it isn’t unique to my setup) or if any further details are needed.

How do I chnge/remove the image in the header for services and case studies


Hienexp Author Team

to change/remove the image in the header for services and case studies:
We built it with Elementor so please go to Service tab -> select service and change it: https://prnt.sc/jaGfQ33brJZ5​.
Thank you!

How do i change button/font colors?

Demo page is broken. Fix please. Thanks

Hi there,

Could you please update your question and attach the info site (link+admin access) here: https://cmssuperheroes.ticksy.com

Our supporter can check your info and we can solved your issue together with you.

Thanks for your submission!


I didn’t buy your theme. I’m trying to see your demo page, but it’s broken:

Fatal error: Access level to Elementor\ETC_Element_Section::get_html_tag() must be protected (as in class Elementor\Element_Section) or weaker in /home/customer/www/demo.cmssuperheroes.com/public_html/themeforest/koira/wp-content/plugins/elementor-theme-core/inc/elementor/section.php on line 323 There has been a critical error on this website.

I have fixed. Thanks

How to remove theme copyright section?


You can use code CSS to remove the copyright such as: .bottom-copyright { display: none; }

Thank you!

Hello. I am trying to install the demo data and i am getting a critical error. Please advise.

Hi, Please give us the information your site:link+Admin access and FTP to https://cmssuperheroes.ticksy.com/ or email: info@cmssuperheroes.com to We can check and show solution for you. Thank you!

I tried accessing the ticksy but you wont accept my code. I just did email you requesting support and I included my code, ftp and all that you requested. Please help ASAP. I really need to get this demo data imported.

Hi, we reinstall theme like demo for your site. You can check. Thank you!

Beautiful theme. Do you plan to add a Woocommerce shop/ catalog for profucts?

Yes. We will check and update it in the next version. You can see style of Shop page like demo: https://demo.cmssuperheroes.com/themeforest/startus/shop/. Thank you!

I imported the demo, however when I go to the page it looks like none of css is not being used at the home modern and home classic. Any ideas why this might be?

Hi, Please give us the information your site: link+admin access to email:info@cmssuperheroes.com or https://cmssuperheroes.ticksy.com/ to we can check and reinstall theme like demo for your site. Thank you!

Hello Nice theme,but why have a problem with your them ? I don’t know why my industries button no optional items here,it is blank,can you help me check why ? we need your help,thanks !

Hi can you please check my theme,why it is different with before,All the home pages are very messy,can you please help me recover ? thanks

Hi Please ! i need your team help,thanks so much,

You can check replied in email. Thank you!

what icons did you use?

Hi, we used Font Awesome. Thank you!

Your support system is not working. Please check.

Also, please help me to change the header navigation background.

Please find the screenshot. https://prnt.sc/s5xju7

I didn’t get properly what you explained.

What code I need to enter in CSS

“(min-width: 1200px){ #site-header-wrap.header-layout3 #site-header { background-color: #000eee!important; }}”

Above Correct?

I hope you will provide proper information.

Also, issue fixed with your support website?

Hi, Please give me the information your site: link+admin access to email:info@cmssuperheroes.com or https://cmssuperheroes.ticksy.com/ to we can check and show code correct for you. Thank you!

Thanks for your reply. I have changed the color as per your instructions. Thanks for the support.

no replies on your other products ??

Hi, I don’t see you buy our theme. what is the issue you need help? Thank you!

you didn’t even read what i said here

i asked why you don’t answer on other products! i have asked you 18 days ago about JustGive theme but no reply from your side

Why no updates? Theme support available?

Hi, Yes, our theme still support normal. Our theme is compatible with WordPress 5.4…Thank you!

Thank you for the response. Purchased.

I think you will lose more sales as everyone is looking themeforest for new and updated themes.

I just suggest you to update the theme.

Hi, Thanks for your feedback! We will check and update theme as soon as possible. Thank you!

hi, i have a pre-purchase question, are the colours editable from orange?

Hi, You can easy change color of theme via Theme option: https://prnt.sc/rnjubc. Thank you!

Hi, i have a question, work’s with woo commerce?

Hi, Yes, our theme is compatible with WooCommerce plugin. Thank you!

Hello! Are you planning an html version of the template?

Yes, our partner is developing HTML version of theme. Thank you!

I’ll be waiting. Thank you very much!

How do we add more font options?

Hi, You can refer the document:https://www.wpbeginner.com/wp-themes/how-to-add-custom-fonts-in-wordpress/. Thank you!

Thank you!


A very beautiful theme for WordPress. If I understand correctly, this is your first theme to use Elementor Page Builder. I’m glad you started creating themes with Elementor. At the moment I am considering buying this theme, so I have a few questions. 1. Can I install demo data together with the theme, but do not use and install plugins (Slider Revolution, Essential Grid)? Can the absence of these plugins prevent the theme and demo data from working? I try not to use these plugins because of their resource intensity and complexity of the interface for the end clients I create websites for. 2. Is your WP theme compatible with Elementor Pro? 3. Do you have a possibility to check if the theme is compatible and correct with 3 plugins – “WP Hide & Security Enhancer”, “WP Fastest Cache” and “Wordfence”? It is desirable that the theme was able to work with these plugins.

P.S. I noticed a small error in the theme demonstration – some images have the wrong “localhost” path. Most likely, it was a problem of transferring data from localhost to a demo site.

I would be grateful for your answers. Thank you very much!


Thank you for answering. But I would appreciate it if you could also answer my first question from the previous post.

1. Can I install demo data together with the theme, but do not use and install plugins (Slider Revolution, Essential Grid)? Can the absence of these plugins prevent the theme and demo data from working? I try not to use these plugins because of their resource intensity and complexity of the interface for the end clients I create websites for. Thank you very much!

yes, you can install all demo data of theme not use plugin (Slider Revolution, Essential Grid).Thank you!

Thank you so much for paying attention to my questions.


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