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awesome work! Good luck :)

thank you so much louiejie

The best fullscreen portfolio i’ve ever seen.

thank you!

best..!! WP please :)

thanks :D. yes we’ll do the wp :D

Hi, I’m very interested in this theme but I saw there’s no version for wordpress or at least I’m not being able to find it. Am I missing something? Should we expect a WP version soon? Regards.

hi Tuisti and thank you so much for interesting in our theme. No, there’s no wp version for kollar. we’ll make it wp but we still don’t have any deadline for it.


Hi! Work is good – bought. I want apply it to my gallery spherical panorams. Can also add the fullscreen function?

thanks akphoto.
the template is done for square images. we haven’t try if this work with spherical photo. if we can help with something else we will not hesitate.
regards: besim

Thanks for the reply. I already checked the work page “Gallery” with spherical panoramas – all right. I want to add a fullscreen option. Can you help me?

Can you add ecommerce feature when building wordpress theme?

we have in plan just to do wp version for now, but we will consider your question. thanks

Një punim i mrekullueshëm.. Uroj të arijsh numër sa më të lart të shitjeve.

faleminderit dsbeats

There is a horizontal scroll bar when template is on iPhone. Can you fix it or post tutoria howl to fix it? Thanks!

thanks for question. aronbalog you have to open file responive.css and in section @media screen and (max-width:768px) you have to type:
#center-logo { display:none; }

regards: besim

Thanks for quick reply! I fixed horizontal scroll problem.

Cool template guys. Could you however fix the responsiveness issue on smaller devices (iphone 3gs etc.) -currently only 1-2 items appear in the menu because of the small resolution

it’s working well in our devices.
thank you for question andyp1

-also is there an option to include a fingerswipe function in the gallery? It may seem a little confusing for some users as to how they can browse through the pictures.

we are sorry but we cannot include that feature for the moment. maybe later yes!

Looks very promising. Thank you!

thank you to luismruiz

ckemi …me pelqen shume puna jote dhe doja t dija nese pranon te besh nje sit t posacem dhe sa do t me kushtonte dicka e tille ,,,,klm

faleminderit per komplimentin

hi, great job on this theme. just a question: what about portraits? all the images here are “landscapes”, how this template deals with vertical images?

Best regards

you can upload the different size of the images, and it’s not problem. it will work correctly. thank you for question.

great template. however, how do you change the images?! ahh!

thanks. you have just to replace photos with yours

Hello! A friend of mine purchased this theme and the following doubts: When he clicks on “go to project” carries no portfolio. The page is blank. Already tested in all browsers, ftp put in and still not appear the project. How to configure each project? In that part of the code set up each project? I wait. Thank you.

you have clearly documentation. just read carefuly documentation and you will understand.

Nice template. Congrats! Good luck with your sales!

thanks jfthemes

When can we get the WP version?? :-)

Hi really love your template…. Could you please tell me how to change scrollbar color?



you can change on file script.js line 10
var nicesx = $(‘body’).niceScroll({touchbehavior:false,cursorcolor:”#b2267c”,cursoropacitymax:1,cursorwidth:8});
thanks nasir

Thanks Besim, That was a great help…

Just a quick check… I have tested the template on IE 9 and looks like after clicking Next Project link none of the links then work. I have click browser back button…. I have tested on the live preview as well. Any help would be appreciated.



Hi. Great template.

I’m trying to set it so that my full screen images don’t squash and stretch to fit the screen as it’s important my proportions stay correct.

Instead I’d like the image to fit to either width or height depending on the window size, and then the image to get cropped off so it will still always be fullscreen, but just crop part of the image off instead of squashing it.

Do you know how I could do this?

Thanks, David