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Hi, I’m interested in buying this template but I wanted to know, is there any way to support VIDEO?

Is there a fix for images being stretched in the full page image view. It does not keep the proportion of the image. If there is fix for this, i will buy the template.

Hi again

I wanna know when the theme is available for WP?????

Sorry but we cannot give an exact date for that!

Do you have a beta for it? cause i just bought it.. and i screwed up i thought it was for wordpress..

Poor documentation. Poor support.

Make sure the template is either fit for your purposes or you are confident in making amendments yourself before buying as you won’t get any help or support on making any fixes. Very poor PSD also.

Can I get an answer for my question!?

The horizontal version is not working correctly when opened on mobile devices (tried Safari and Chrome with in both horizontal and vertical). The menu appears in the middle of the screen and it is blocking the content. I would purchase the theme, but I need the horizontal version. Is there an update or fix for this issue?

hi ! buy kollar theme ? used horizantal theme but iphone not showing properly can you help this about immediately pls

Is there a fix for images being stretched in the full page image view.I mean in project photos fullsecren It does not keep the proportion of the image. If there is fix for this ? or just preview like that ?

vizyon7 I wanted to purchase but before I try on all device and on my phone also not work its samsung galaxy s2.on mobile phone template behave crazy not fit well and you cant enter gallery and when you click to gallery just scrolling up but not opening image I thing this template need more modify . after this than will be very good template.

We will check this and let you know!

baddal ? buy this template and iphone4s not working horizontal and send e mail themeforest still not answer about :( exporer and chrome so pc version not problem but mobile version problem frankly, I was disappointed this site because not answer this problem still ? wait :(

We will check this and let you know!

Waiting with hope, thanks

vizyon7 I know.. you say what I mean,on phone not work.there is bug. I see comment and poor support I heave doubt to purchase .I wait till author fix this bug than maybe ..? I say maybe! because of poor support author not answer people comment and problem.wait maybe he fix all. or we fix more purchase :)

We will try to fix it!

Great template… but how i can convert in wordpress?

hello sir! I’v brought the template, and when i’m editing it i have the following code to display one item: <div class="post brand"> <a class="post-gallery" href="#"> <img class="open" alt="" data-src="upload/photo17.jpg" src="upload/photo17.jpg" /> </a> <div class="post-content"> <h2>Mascotes R. ao Caloiro</h2> <p>Associação de Estudantes da EsACT</p> <a class="zoom" href="#"></a> </div> <div class="large-post"> <a href="#" class="close"></a> <a href="#" class="prev"></a> <a href="#" class="next"></a> </div> </div>

i repeated this code twice (so i should have 2 tiles) but i’m getting 3, one of the 2 is getting repeated.

any help ?

can we use this layout in ????

It has been build in HTML5 and CSS3, so yes you can use it!

images are showing on home page


I have a quick question. Is there a way to open a project page with the direct link. in other words, a stand alone project page.



i have to combine home page and blog2 page how can i do that, please provide solution


how to show videos on page, which i have in my folder ????

Well, a bit too late to find out that this is NOT A WORDPRESS THEME!

Found a stupid refer on: Saying it is for Wordpress

So let’s ask the question again: When will this be available for WP?

If the company is called: nextWPthemes and you don’t make WP-themes, then it is very strange in my ears.

I regret my purchase.Why? I am not stupid to get my site hacked with a plain system like this and all my images will also be stolen within 24 hours from the site. These are the reasons I suggest anyone else to consider the matter before spending money on this html based site. Yes, the contact page is php. Rest is html.