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Great work, GLWS :)

Thank you so much :)

Very nice startup template! GL :)

Awesome page, GLWS :)

Thank you very much :)

Clean and pleasant design. GLWS :)

Thank you so much :)

awesome & great work, GLWS :)

Hi there, I have been running Kolo for a while. I have found that when I add a new portfolio item it always adds it as the top item even though I have it displaying in Alphabetical order. Is there any way to force an item to show alphabetically?

Hi, vidcom2011, have you bought my template. Sorry for my question but you don’t have the sign purchased. Thanks

My Apologies, I own Kolos and thought that was you. Sorry for any = inconvenience.


It’s OK. Have a nice day. Regards

Hello, i just bought your landing page template. Let me say starting off it is great an suuper easy to use, ill definately purchase more templates from you as needed.

My question though is if i dont want to use mailchimp integration how do i get rid of that? I like the the way the form is setup and the newsletter portion is set up, i just want it to send me an email though. Cant seem to figure it out.

Hi,billya22, thanks for purchasing my template and kind words. If you don’t want to use mailchimp form just remove the div with id=newsletter. Thanks

Dear DSA THemes,

Sorry for my bad English, but i have a question, about “kolo” theme.

I bought this theme, an di like this, but i have a problem with the portfolio module.

My problem, i have more than 37 images, and when i write the html code, the site will loadd all 37.

Possible to change the default “ALL” group to other? I mean i set 6 image to a other group, name: “TOP IMAGES” and when someone load my site, not the “ALL” images group load, just a “TOP IMAGES”.

Sorry for bad English, i hope you understand me…

Hi, misikex, thanks for purchasing my template. Please contact me via email dsathemes@gmail.com. Thanks

Is it OK for wordpress?

Hi, gauthier1, it’s simple HTML template. Thanks


Does the landing page support sliding banner?

Hi, geraldinetay27, thanks for your interest. What do you mean sliding banner? Thanks


I am using ‘simple_register_form/index.html’ and would like the background image to fill the screen.

I am using an image (2000×1333 pixels).

I have modified the #intro css as follows: background-image: url(../images/Background-Image.jpg); The image is showing – no problem.

Please suggest how I can get the image to fill the screen – just like in your ‘fullscreen_slider/index.html’.

Thanks in advance, Mahesh

Hi, maglobe , thanks for purchasing my template. You need a jquery or javascript. Thanks

Can I not make an adjustment in the CSS. The image is large enough – it is getting trimmed by the CSS (or something similar).

What should the javascript be doing?

Hi, maglobe, I’m sorry about very late replying you. Try to set for the intro section css value height: 100vh; I would appreciate if you rate my template. Regards

Thank you very much!!!!

If you feel this is a customization query and not an appropriate question please just tell me. Instead of using this as a one page website, I have created other pages (that don’t have all the ids) but the navigation links in each of these pages links back to the relevant ids on the home page (so I could expand each team member etc). All works fine except for the scroll up feature which now doesn’t appear on the new pages (home page is fine) – I think it is something to do with the ids in the menu but I don’t know how to fix it or even if it is possible to use your scroll up feature with multiple pages. Any help or point in the right direction would be much appreciated.

Hi, PaleSeptember, thanks for purchasing my template. Can I have a link to see? Thanks

Thanks for the speedy response. Here’s a link to a ‘sub page’ http://earthgripper.co.uk/ron-knox.html Many thanks for taking a look.

I think you need to place the code for scroll up effect into a separate file. If you can’t make it work then please email me from my profile page. Thanks

Sorry for my bad english.

Where does the URL in a custom link (in a menu) referer to?

for example In the default it says ‘http://themesvila.com/themes-wp/kolo/#pricing' But i can’t find out where #pricing is located, and what it is (e.g. label?).

Hi zwadder, I think you have to ask your question to the author of the WP version here: https://themeforest.net/item/kolo-startup-landing-page-wordpress-theme/17796077?s_rank=1 Thanks

Have a nice day!!!

dear sir


dear sir please help me we have already perchased your theme.


Hi, bigorgne, I’m the author of the HTML version. I think you have to ask you question here https://themeforest.net/item/kolo-startup-landing-page-wordpress-theme/17796077?s_rank=2. Thanks

hi, I purchase Kolo. and want to use one of the premade layouts. there are four home pages listed in the preview. How do I launch one of them instead of building from scratch? thanks

Hi, Foveate, I’m the author of the HTML version. I think you have to ask your question here: https://themeforest.net/item/kolo-startup-landing-page-wordpress-theme/17796077?s_rank=2. Thanks