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Can I please get XML file? adva@netsol.co.il

ofcourse, sent:)


  1. Menu: Can the menu-header/logo be placed under the 1st parallax section image area? (Concept example: Hydrongen: http://wp.youxithemes.com/hydrogen)
  2. Text Animations: Is there a formal name for the text animations w/ this theme? Can you explain more in how the text animation works?
  3. Demo Content: Do you have a 1 click demo feature to be able to easily create the same demo of the site?

Additional Questions
1. Text Animations: Can I have the text fade out when I scroll down the page (see Section 1 for example here: (http://themenectar.com/demo/salient-ascend/)
2. Can I make 2 different type of text animations in the same section?

Also, I’d like to know why you do not provide the XML Demo file along with the theme?
It seem like we’re forced to request it after purchasing the theme, which delays our ability to rapidly get started on development of our sites. When having to send a request, and it looks like it can take day for you to respond. Can’t you just provide the demo file in the package or have an easier method for getting access to it when purchased?

Hi. Great theme. Very cutting-edge. Nice work. I just downloaded the file I tried to upload the .zip into the “upload theme” section of my Wordpress panel and got the following message : Unpacking the package… Installing the theme… The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet. Theme install failed.

Is there a preliminary step I missed?

Thanks! :)

I figured it out : i had not downloaded the worpress install only. I was trying to load the whole zip. Successful Thanks.

Could I get the XML files at tiptagtow@gmail.com please Thank you! :)

Hi, Do you know when the next big update of the theme will be available ? Thx

Hello! Would you please email me the XML file at onenonlykatie@aol.com? I would appreciate it! :)

Hi – just bought the theme Can I have the xml for demo content also: jan@truecph.com

Excuse me but this theme simply has too many problems. First of all, it has not been updated since 2013. During the course of a year that i have been using the theme, it has broken on multiple occassions.

Scripts dont load. packery portfolio is broken, administration buttons dont work. Too bad

Dear team,

i want to buy this theme, but want to know if its possible to change the menu? My logo is a square, so i want to know if the hightest of the menu is changing. Also the inclined planes of the menu before and after your logo (KONCEPT), is it possible to change that?

Thanks for helping!

This theme is broken, I hope there will be soon an update. I bought it an year ago. It isn’t possible.

Hello! I’m having trouble accessing the wp-admin page. It shows a blank page, login not possible. After renaming this theme folder name, it showed up again, so it must be someting within the theme. Do you know of this problem and do you know a bugfix for this?

Is this theme compatible with Wordpress 4.2.2!? I purchased it but when I try to create a parallax page by clicking on “Add Section” on a page with the Parallax Gravity theme applied, nothing happens. The page refreshes but it doesn’t add a new section for me to edit. Please help.

Can I please get XML file? ahaljava@gmail.com

Can I please get XML file? ahaljava@gmail.com

Hello, I just installed this theme on a blank WordPress without any other plugins and get this JS error Uncaught Error: Syntax error, unrecognized expression: a[rel=] when I try to edit the theme settings /wp-admin/admin.php?page=theme-options_opts best regards, Hannes

Hi There,

I purchased this theme for parallax but it simply doesn’t work. I can’t add a parallax section on any of the pages + the profile settings feature doesn’t work. Can you please either help me, make the theme compatible with latest wordpress OR give me a refund? I will be contacting theme forest about this too as other people seem to be having problems.

Osama Filali Naji (Libya24Blog)

I was wrong to buy this theme, I Have a Refund ?

I was wrong to buy this theme , can I have a refund ?

Hello, we had purchased this theme to build a parallax website for our client, but some problems have showed up. When I try to change the site logo or favicon in the theme options, the buttons do nothing. Also, when I try to create a parallax page, I am unable to add any parallax page sections; the backend page simply reloads whenever I try to add section. If this theme will not be updated to fix these major issues, we will need to find a working theme elsewhere.