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Great work again, lovely theme!

awesome as usual.. good luck!

Amazing… as always! :)

on your demo here http://meccano.dream-theme.com/light/ I notice when scrolling thru the slideshow pics on the homepage that when I get to the one with the small embedded video that it will sometimes gets hung up.

Have a fast Alienware laptop running windows 7 chrome browser

Hi, thanks for feedback!

It’s very strange – we cannot replicate the issue even on machines that are lagging far behind Alienware in terms of performance… Have you got some sort of youtube/vimeo plugins installed to your Chrome?

In the name of a beloved legoLike toy from my childhood:)
Great design , looks wonderful ; wish you the best with sales.

thanks! btw, we’ve got 2 radio-controlled meccano cars in our office. we were assembling them from 8pm to 5 am :D

This is awesome and I would love to buy but I have a question before I do. When I resize the browser the footer disappears also on smartphone’s as well. Is this just the way it is, no footer with the responsiveness of the site?

Thanks Brad


You can configure footer and sidebar behavior (whether it will or will not be displayed) for mobile devices via Theme Options ;)

Guys, thank you all for feedback – we appreciate it!

Amazing work, as per usual! Good luck with sales!

Cheers to the first buyer! :D

Awesome work Dream-Theme :)

i want to buy this theme but ..i need a form builder …so i can have different forms on different pages …does it come with a form builder… it must allow a subject imput ..so emails can be sorted out ..for different problems by customers…. also i have a a html template that i like ,colours backgrounds , and fonts and the layout …how easy is it ro replicate it in your theme …as this is what my client like ….


Meccano allows you to customize site significantly. In fact you can create anything you like from it. Here you will find screenshots from admin panel and couple of screencasts: http://meccano.dream-theme.com/light/?page_id=5622

Also you can use third party form builder to create custom forms.

Wauw! This is truly an amazing theme with great versatility. Very good job! I’m seriously thinking of buying this – I’m just having two questions:

1) How easy is it to change the top-menu? It’s the only thing that has a little bit of a boring design.

2) No Pricing table? You almost have a shortcode for everything – so why not this one? Is it going to be added later on?


1) There are 9 different preset styles for menu. And specialist with good CSS skills can produce a custom one.

2) Well, we cannot create shortcode for EVERYTHING :D We’re good in themes development, others – in creating plugins and shortcodes. There are tons of multifunctional and very cool plugins for any purpose (including pricing tables).

hi, and congrats for the wonderfull design !

want to ask :

1. is the there a way for your slideshows to show recent/featured posts ?
2. save & reuse layouts as page templates ?
3. a way to show single posts with image on top (not left small image) ?
4. use @fontface fonts ?
5. in portfolio grids popup description to show on top of image (not to hide content below) ?
6. if your support helpdesk is a forum to search for others issues/answers ? (or just oyr own issues)
7. why layout editor does not work full-width ? (has an empty column on the right)

your theme style, sliders & layout editor ROCK !!!

thx, tasos

Hi, Thanks for feedback!

  1. you can manually create slides and link them to desired post (or whatever you like)
  2. layout can be simply “copy/pasted”
  3. this can be done manually (and relatively easy: 2-3 extra clicks)
  4. theme uses @fontface for headers. if you want to use it all over the text – it will require some amount of CSS customization
  5. this will require considerable amount of customization
  6. our helpdesk is private ticket-based. common issues are described in FAQs
  7. layout builder actually works full-width pages. (if you mean blank space in WYSIWYG – it was made with the purpose to give you understanding of actual page dimensions in the frontend)

1. i meant that it is easier to have new posts included in sliders when posted (w/o manual editing sliders) 3. how can we do that ? is it a single blog template that you are offering with small left alligned images in posts ? 4. i thought you use cufon, not @fontface fonts fro headers. so if can load our own @fontface fonts for headers, then it’s ok. can we ?

thx for everything :-)

1. Unfortunately it can not be done automatically :(

3. There’s an option to hide featured image inside the post. So you can insert any image you like instead of it. Also this can be automated (it will require minimum amount of PHP and CSS customization)

4. It’s first of our themes where we quit using Cufon. (And I’m still depressed about antialising of @fontface :) ) You can choose any font from 500+ library of Google Web Fonts. But there’s no way to upload your Custom font via Admin Panel (again, it can be customized via CSS )

3rd buyer here…

Love the theme but a bit confusing manual/guide.

Normally you get a step by step basic guide on how to set up the theme.

However, there are some very good guide and explanation of the individual sections and parts, I am just a bit baffled on which order to to them in. Maybe I am missing something?

Also I wish the dummy content was an exact replica of the demo here on themeforest instead of a completely different dummy content… but I have to give props to the author for providing one at all.

All in all, a very good start for the theme… Thumbs Up

Hey, Thanks for feedback!

Normally buyers are using only 1/4 – 1/3 of theme functions. That’s why it’s very hard to give step-by-step guides.

You can submit a ticket, describing what your site should be – and our support staff will try to give you clues where to start: http://support.dream-theme.com/

i want to purchase this theme …but can you please include a form builder in to the theme ..on your next update as i think a lot of people would like this feature…....

once i purchase if i email you a link to a template which i like can you help me make customise the look to look similar ..thanks


We are not planning to include “form-building” functions to Meccano. Specialized plugins will do this job better.

concerning customization. Unfortunately we are not providing individual customization services. but you can always hire a freelancer to help you

Hi there,

Is it possible to create a 6 column layout with this theme? If so, how would one go about doing this?

Kind thanks,



Meccano allows you to create max 4 cols + sidebar

This is an excellent Theme which I plan to buy soon. As a photographer I need to have a better option than a lightbox for viewers to see my work. I really like the way the theme photolux display the images in the grid gallery (where all the images slide left and right). Is there any way I can do this with this theme? Or please plan to do something similar for your future skins and templates.

Thanks, -bp


Meccano uses HighSlide JS (highslide.com) to power galleries. This is very powerful lightbox software and practically all its functions can be utilized in Meccano (it will require some amount of JS customization). You can play around with HighSlide options and settings here: http://highslide.com/editor/

Great theme, as usual! Did the layouts were arranged in a random order on the demo page? I couldn`t not notice the contrast between the first (Modern Church) and second layout(Night Club) :bigwink:

No man, I wanted to say that you set the first layout as “Modern Church” and second layout as “Night Club”. It hasn`t anything to do with the designs, which are unique and very different from a layout to another.

My observation, which was intended to be a funny one, was this arrangement: Club near Church. :)

ahh :)

well, philosophically speaking, those things are not mutually exclusive in modern world :D

You`re right! Okay then, good luck with sales! :)