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Hi, I’m considering this theme but my problem is with the mobile view, it appears some things are getting cut off the page on your mobile site, if you use an iPhone and go to the fitness website, there is a button saying ‘view our portfolio’ except the last 2 letters are cut off.

also videos appear to fit on the page until you click them and they enlarge off the page, the play button is almost inaccessible when this happens. YouTube appears to fit no problem but self hosted videos don’t.


Thanks for pointing on that – we’ll check what causes the “cutting”.

Concerning videos. Actually we do not have any self hosted videos on our demo where did you saw that?

Hello, I am creating my website and have a question. How can I create a widget for categories only to display on my blog page sidebar area? So it will be not seen on my home page or other pages as a default sidebar widget, but only on my blog page.. Is it possible? Thank you in advance


Yes. First of all there’s a dedicated widget area for blog posts. Second, you can assign any widgetized area to your pages. Please refer to user manual for details. Thanks!

Please tell me your theme support SSL Certificates. si? thanks.


On some servers using https it may require couple of minor tweaks to make TimThumb work. But overall, it will do fine.

Here’s a weird thing I’ve run into. I’m using the Fitness Club skin, and when I create a 3 column full-width gallery only two images will fit when viewed in Firefox. Instead of 4×3 images I get 6×2. This does not happen in Safari or Google Chrome. Any idea what can be causing this? I have noticed that your live preview of Fitness Club is showing 3 images in a row in Firefox, so I don’t understand why MY gallery isn’t behaving the way it should.


May I have a link to that page to take a look? Thanks!

I’ll submit a ticket in a few days time because I don’t want to make a link public.

hmm, may I have your ticket number?

Hey guys!

I just wanted to inform you that our support engeneer, Nastya, is on well deserved vacation till oct 15. Therefore your support requests may take a bit longer to process. Thank you so much for patience and understanding!

Also we are working on new knowledge base with advanced search and troubleshooter. So you’ll be able to find a solution for your problems quickly and even without submitting a support ticket.

At this point we’d be very glad to hear your opinion: what type of communicational tool do we need>

- a support forums (pros: transparent, searchable; cons: harder to provide individual support);

- a ticket system (pros: great individual service; cons: less transparent (but who will need it with decent knowledge base?)).

In fact, question is more like: would you (buyers) like to have a place to communicate with each other (concerning some customization questions, plugins compatibility, etc.) or you’d prefer to an individual approach and quick solving of your issues (don’t forget that customization is beyond the scope of our support)?

Thank you in advance for your feedback!

I would love: - a support forums (pros: transparent, searchable; cons: harder to provide individual support);

....and a ticket system if I can not find the answer in the forum.

Thanks and keep up the good work.

Hello. I am trying to submit a ticket , but the system will not let me post.

I am trying to figure out how I can change the blog posts widget item pictures so that when a user clicks on the picture, it will take them to the actual post and NOT the image itself. as seen here: http://www.societyoftraders.com

Can this be done?

Thanks in advance.


Normally our support system will not let you do this in only 1 case: you have to much opened tickets. It is automatically assigns “support abuse” status to your email. Please login to help-desk using one of your existing tickets and submit your request there.

I created a form with check boxes. But check boxes are not visible in Chrome. Could you look into this issue?


Can you provide a link, please?

I am having a strange problem. When using the DT-Our Team widget, it is not displaying the image. Everything elses looks perfect but it just shows a broken image. I have it set as the “Featured Image” and it is showing the image there on the edit page but when I look at it on the site it isn’t working. Any idea what could be wrong?

ah, It’s a known TimThumb bug feature :) Images are not displaying because of ”~” sign in the site url. As soon as you get rid of it – all will work fine.

Ahh interesting. Okay thanks! Yeah I have to have the site set up on a temp URL for now. Thanks for the heads up and SUPER quick response!

This actually CAN be fixed, but the solution is different for different hostings. And you will need to change things back as soon as your site go live. Please google for detail.

Hey everyone,

A quick note. It’s a crazy week. As I’ve stated on monday our support engeneer is on vacation till oct. 15. And now we are experiencing some serious issues with on of our servers, where half of our demos and development environment hosted (thankee, JaguarPC.com!). At this moment we are moving HUGE amount of data from JaguarPC to HostGator server.

Why do you need to know this?

1. Our support, known to be lightning fast and helpfull, will be noticably slooower this week (till oct. 15).

2. VPS is stated to be an isolated environment with guaranteed resources… bullshit! At least on jaguarpc.com.

Hi, I love this theme. But I have a question before I buy. Is it possible to add shortcode to the photo stack slider or any slider on the description, instead of text I like to add a shortcode, is this possible?



If I understood your question correctly, I’m afraid, no.

I have contacted support several times and have not had a response yet, so I figured I would post a comment here. I have Links inside of an accordion thats inside of a tab, when you click the links they are simply closing the accordion instead of loading the link!

Also in IE9 , I notice the first tab working only… when you click any subsequent tabs, everything is closed so nothings shows..

Hi there, Dream-Theme. I love your theme and have build one of our latest projects with it. We have, though, a couple of problems regarding Internet Explorer and the mobile version:

- Internet Explorer 8 loads the page painfuly slow and seems to almost freeze every time. Don’t know if it might be the parallax background or what… Also styles don’t match the changes we made in it, specially in the menu section.

- The mobile version adapts beautifuly, but the menu botton doesn’t seem to work. It might open some sort of black area which does nothing or just re-open the main page, thus not allowing any kind of navigation.

Maybe we did something wrong regarding css tunning, but just can’t figure it out, specially the mobile part which was one of the key points of our project (and the reason we went for this theme).

the project: www.elpaisdeloshorrores.com

Hope you have any ideas about this, but anyway thanks again for the theme: apart from those two bugs, it works beautifuly!


1) IE issues. Styling in older IE will degrade a bit and be different from modern browsers: IE does not support css3 features such as gradients and, alas, there’s now adequate way to tech old IE new tricks. Also it’s better to turn off parallax background in old IEs – JavaScript works really slow in them.

2) This sounds like a serious issue. Can you please, submit a request via our online help-desk http://support.dream-theme.com – we’ll get back to you ASAP and take a look what is wrong. (Btw, we can help disabling parallax in IE to)

Hello Can not search photo albums!!

It can search the content in blog, portfolio, pages, but photo albums!!

Just bought the theme – love it, and also use Nimble on another project. 2 Great themes. One issue. In the admin … non of my style, background or option images are showing up. Just a long page list of radio buttons … no image icons.

Also when I tick “upload your own” ... non of the options make available an upload field. Like Nimble, when you tick that checkbox it displays an upload field to add your own image, but this one seems to be broken on the Meccano theme.

Just also noticed the color pickers in admin do not work either.


Most probably there’s some javascript error. It may be caused by:

1. (not very likely) Conflict with one of your plugins.

2. (most probably) Theme was not installed properly and some of its files are missing. This may occur due to error during file transfer via FTP . Or installation file was not unzipped correctly.

Please try to disable your plugins and reinstall theme completely. If that won’t help, please contact our support: http://support.dream-theme.com – we’ll get back to you ASAP and assist with setup. Thanks!

Thank you. I actually did all of that – redownloaded the files from themeforest and uploaded again a few times. Also there are no plugin issues. Its a clean WP install and no plugins have even been updated yet.

Sending support ticket now.

Hi I am working with your theme for a church site, and am using onebyone slider. I have set it to fade, but it still slides in form the right or left. I have set it to slide in from right and it does, but dosnt change when i set it to fade. Can you advise please? Also, i really need the background colour of the navigation bar to be different colour to your presets, and i see there is a place for my own stylesheet. Can you advise what I need to put in the stylesheet just to change the colours? thanks you.


please, submit a request via our online help-desk http://support.dream-theme.com – we’ll get back to you ASAP and take a look what is wrong.

can you tell me why the blog posts images are not showing up here http://www.societyoftraders.com/ ?

I placed a background image on

.full-width.third .blog-posts {

css property and now the images have disappeared.


You mean the “DAILY COMMENTARY ” section? It seem to look fine for me. Have you already resolved it?


May I know how to setup google analytic in this theme?



This can be done in “wp-admin > theme options > appearance”. Under “Misc” tab you’ll find a textarea for “Analytics code”