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Hello, I was running into problems with the slideshow images not appearing. I am the person working on a temporary URL and you told me one of the widgets wouldn’t display images because of that. Is that also the case for the slideshows? Because I am using the Carousel Slider and I see the captions and the arrows that do rotate but the images are not showing up. Perhaps there is a certain size images have to be for the Carousel Slider? What size do you recommend for the slider to work properly?


I’m afraid this is all TimThumb issue. Almost all images are being processed in this theme via it. If you cannot switch to “normal” url – please contact our support http://support.dream-theme.com – we’ll TRY to optimize TimThumb for your server.

I can switch to the normal URL just don’t want to switch until the site is complete. Thought I cannot see the images to test everything to make sure it does work haha. Once it is switched to a normal URL you believe everything should work properly correct?

Well, on some hostings you’ll also need to create the “wp-content/uploads/dt_cache” manually and set its CHMOD to 777… please contact our support http://support.dream-theme.com – we’ll check what can be wrong with your images. Thanks!

Hello, i am having issues with the Page Headers (“About Us” – for example) in the content area – they are not showing up on any new page that i create! It is also NOT showing on the “Sample Page” that is included when you activate the template. The goofy thing is when i uploaded the demo content, all of those pages have the “page headers” in the content area – Sample page still does not??? thanks


You can add any header you like in your WYSIWYG

Sorry – thought it would have been automatically generated.

Also, it looks like if i want a sub-category menu (like your “Featured List” from the “Features” drop-down menu) in the sidebar, i would need to create a separate menu, just with those menu items and in turn create a separate sidebar to host that menu?

Sounds right: create a custom menu and display it via menu widget.

Hi Dream-Theme

Can you add a shopping cart to the catalog page?


Catalog in Nimble is very simple solution for those who do not need the shop functions. But Nimble is compatible with WooCommerce plugin. Install it and you’ll have a fully functional online store.

I am somewhat confused…perhaps you can help me out. Was this theme not called Meccano? Why has it changed to Konstruktor?


thank you for clearing that up…and i do have one more question for you. it seems that when i go to create a new page…all the features and options of the theme…at first come in when the page loads…and then disappear. odd. can you help?

thank you!


You can change the theme name in “style.css” to previous. Al your settings will be restored.

this actually happeed before i updated the theme…so not sure what’s happened. thanks!

One question. Did this theme supports bbPress? To be more specific: If I will add bbPress it will show up propper in the theme like the rest of the website or no?

Aniticipated thanks for the informations… Alex


Unfortunately, bbPress is not supported “out of the box” – you’ll have to perform a significant amount of CSS customization to make it look decent.

I bought the (Konstruktor) word-press template. What’s do you charge to install the template, just like the sample. If you can do it let me know… We need the website asap.



Unfortunately we are not providing any individual services.

But if you are experiencing technical problems with theme installation, please, submit a request via our online help-desk http://support.dream-theme.com – we’ll get back to you ASAP and take a look what is wrong.

Quick question: How (what file) can I change the word “Details” on the Catalog page to another word like ‘read more’ or ‘ordering info here’, etc…?

Thanks in advance.

Hi, you can use plugins like this: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/codestyling-localization/ to translate any captions you like without touching php code.

Very good theme, but very slow support response. :( I am expecting for almost three days one answer… It is something wrong with the Help desk?


No. It’s weekend :D Please, specify your ticket # – I’ll check if there’s something front. Thanks!

Ticket number: #118653. Waiting for reply.

This ticket was answered earlier today. Haven’t you received notification?

Hi Dream-Theme,

your theme is great, but I am just facing a small problem, I have tired to put youtube video on the page using the [framed_video column=”half”] option but it doesnt work. this is how the code looks like.

When I put this one page, it only show a youtube link nothing much, no images, just plain text link.

Do you where I am doing wrong on this?

your help would be greatly appreciated.


Can you please post a link to that video here?

Hi Dream-Theme,

Apparently after loading the wp files again on the server, it started to work.

the link to the website is : www.maxfitbankok.com which is where I am using your wp-theme.

you can see that on the homepage it working fine.

Thank you for your quick response.

Hi Dream-Theme, I am running a website where I sell products for computer musicians and have a little trouble with template. I would like to use “Catalog” to present my products, but unfortunately there is no Slider for Catalog items like for Portfolio (which I can add in page, not in sidebar). is any quick way to fix this ( I mean to have slider for Catalog items? or any other alternative).

Cheers, piotr979


Why don’t you want to use a portfolio post type for that purpose? It supports multiple instances and “dt_portfolio” slug can be changed…

Dear Dream-theme, I would use portfolio post type, but unfortunately portfolio item page is not too handy for this purpose. it displays big image (2/3) column and description (1/3 column)

I was thinking to change this manually,but looks like size of this column (1/3 description) is set inline (div.full-left)

what I want to do is to have image on the top + description of item below + sidebar on the right. Catalog has all of these except slider :( I have good knowledge of css3 and html5 but wordpress just a little :(

or maybe I missed something (in settings for example?)

No, I need something like this (this is link to my old exisiting website) http://www.emergeaudio.com/sa_dune.html

So: One column (2/3) + sidebar (1/3) =3/3 In the column image on the top + description. In the sidebar my widgets. Catalog is fine for this, but no slider :( BTW : thanks for quick respond

Hi Dream Theme,

I have come across another problem, or its something to do with some setting or not. here the problem what I am facing.

When I add post a an “Editor”, the visual button are not available in post. I have unchecked the “Disable visual” on user profile already.

Plus when I land on post page, everything I type comes in white which makes it impossible to read since white background and white text. I cant change text color since there is no Visual buttons.

However, when I add an post as an Admin, it works prefect.

do you know why is this happening?

If you want, I can assign send you private message with the editor username and password.

Thank you.

I have send ticket, they told me to update the theme, and then I has asked how do I update the theme and if do update he theme, will I lose all the setting I have done on the website now, since the website is live and i am afraid it might effect.

Please do let me know how to update the theme? download the theme and upload ? or ?

Thank you for your support.

My ticket number: Ticket #785238


I’ll take look at your ticket personally. Sorry for inconvenience.

Thank you very much. :)

My slideshows option is not on the left side of my dashboard anymore… I want to add and edit my slideshows but it is no longer on the left side to click on. I have no clue when it disappeared. I didn’t change anything…

This is what I see.

Notice there is no “Slideshows” option.


There seems to be a minor conflict with “Contact form 7” plugin. Disable it to see the “slideshow” menu item.

Also you can submit a request via our online help-desk http://support.dream-theme.com – we’ll get back to you ASAP and assist to solve this issue.

Awesome support. Thanks! Very simple fix ;).

Thank you for the awesome Theme and for the lightening fast and excellent Support!!!

Thank you so much for feedback!

Why are the images in the sliders not showing? The name of the file shows but not the image? I create the slideshow & publish. I create the page and select the slideshow. I choose the RHS template (have tried all of them) – a block shows up where the image is supposed to be – small copy in bottom corner is the name of my file and changes from slide to slide but no image shows up. Please help. Quite an urgent project.


Most probably this is CHMOD issue. Please refer to user manual, “installation” section. There you will find all required details on how to fix it.

Great theme, but I can disable the mobile version?

Hi, unfortunately no.

Do you plan on coming out with an update to disable the mobile version? I didn’t realize it but now that my site is launched it looks very rough in mobile mode and a live chat script I have on the site gets cut off for people using Androids.


No, we have no such plans

This template already change name, so got anything updated compare with theme before?

I need to reinstall the theme?

I got some problem facing i my website . I hv done make the parent menu items clickable, but the parent menu is no valid on some PC and iphone version.

How i can solve this problem?

Hi. You do not need to update. If there is any problem – please, submit a request via our online help-desk http://support.dream-theme.com – we’ll get back to you ASAP and take a look what is wrong.

hello, I had bought meccano, but it disappeared and now its renamed do we have to buy this again? thx

No. Theme was simply renamed. It appeared that previous name is registered TM and not the common word (as google translate refers to it).

Strangely, I can’t see your buyers badge. But renaming theme must not influence purchase status! It is obviously some bug of ThemeForest. I strongly recommend you to submit a request to Envato support: http://support.envato.com and report this issue.