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Very nice theme. Good luck :)

Thank you :)

Cool theme. Will buy it soon. Is it possible to make a light (white) version in an update?

Will add to the to-do list :) Thanks :)

Great :) Keep up the good work.

Hello -

The contact form is not working.

Where is the php form?

Hello, there’s no php script included, we just provide the contact HTML and styling :)

Hi. looks like a great template for the price! can I add my facebook fan page and/or twitter feed to the site?

Sure, you just need to paste the code that facebook provides you here http://developers.facebook.com/docs/reference/plugins/like-box/ and twitter here https://twitter.com/settings/widgets

—Nice template, but package doesn’t contain css for different color schemes (( —Documention is lack of info (((

Hello there, you don’t have any files under your /colors directory?


Can I add vimeo videos?

thanks john

Yeap, of course, you just have to paste Vimeo’s embed code.

Hi – do you plan on creating a wordpress version of this site? thanks.

Yeap, it’s already there, available only through our website.


I’m relativelly new to this ..is this template good for use in wordpress ? ... so i pay, download and upload it in wordpress ? .... or ?


no .. i have to go to your site … found it i guess

Can this be changed to a white version, I am over black themes.

Hello, I’m afraid we don’t have a light color scheme included, but if you’re savvy with CSS it’s very easy to change the colors however you like them.