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Hello, I have a pre-sales question: What exactly does “compatible” with Facebook mean? I even couldn’t find any features listed under “Item Details”?

Also regarding the Daisho theme I have the very same question. Could you explain please?

Many thanks, Osewa

It means that an item can have any feature that uses Facebook. This item has sharing icons that include a Facebook icon.

You can also use plugins to enable Facebook or Disqus comments with not much additional effort or add sharing icons to blog posts.

I see. Many thanks for explaining!


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I have version 1.0 installed how do I bring the theme up to date with the latest version? 

Thank you

Hello, we’ve recently opened a new support forum (which is still in works but should be already fully functional). Could you please post there instead?

This is how you can update any theme: 1) Log in via FTP. 2) Rename /wp-content/themes/your-theme/ to /wp-content/themes/your-theme-backup/. 3) Upload the new version of the theme to /wp-content/themes/your-theme/.

You can also remove the theme and install the newer version in [Appearance > Themes].

Or you can use the “Envato Market” plugin.

If you’re using v1.0 (2012) then after updating to one of the recent versions (2017) it will most likely be necessary for you to review [Pages > (all pages)] and [Portfolio > (any project)] and update anything that broke (if anything).

We did a lot of changes in the meantime (especially between 1.x and 2.x versions we might have renamed some custom fields etc.) but we will not inform you about the individual changes because 1.x versions became deprecated in 2013 and we already archived all information about them.

If anything would break please refer to the up-to-date documentation to update the configuration: https://docs.ikonize.com/konzept/

hi there. I’ve just updated my WP to version 4.9.2 and my site frontend has disappeared. I’ve visited your General Forum but there are zero articles posted.. Not sure if I would need to update my theme version.. our theme is heavily customised. should I upload the new version minus the style css?

Would appreciate a quick response as this is our company page.. Thanks. PS I’d be willing to update support if needed for this. Just let me know soon please.


ok I’ve updated the theme but lost my custom header. Looking at the new theme package, I see the ‘core’ folder has been replaced by a ‘css’ folder. could this have anything to do with losing my custom header menu? what can I do to rectify this? FYI I just paid for extended support.

Hello, the support forum was just made public a few days ago and although it’s still under development it allows users to log in with Envato and post.

The answer was posted on the support forum.

i cant see Options menu to import data from anywhere, where is that?

Please ask your questions using the account that purchased the item and has active support period and we’ll be happy to answer them. Thank you for your understanding.

Hi, I have installation this great theme, but don’t works keyboard navigation in portfolio. Mousewheel yes, but not with keyboard arrow right/left. Why?Is not this enable?

Hi there! I’d like to get your theme, but I’m wondering if your theme let me use https://wordpress.org/plugins/multiple-portfolios/ before buy it. Is that possible? It is a condition from my client :-| Thank you in advance!! JP

This plugin isn’t going to work with the present version of Konzept because its portfolio template fetches projects only from “portfolio” post type.

But you can imitate this behavior (i.e. have multiple portfolio pages, each with different set of categories) using the “exclude/include categories” box in [Pages > (any portfolio page)].

Then for each project you can select “parent portfolio page” in [Portfolio > (any project)].

thanks for your quick answer!!