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I want to use plugin to show my recent portfolio post in the footer, but I find out that the portfolio have their own portfolio category. It is possible to change the portfolio category to default WP category? How? Or do you have any other alternative ways to show the recent portfolio post? Thank.

First of all, the footer by default doesn’t have too much space but fortunately it’s enough if you remove position: fixed; from it and it will become a normal footer that has any height and that sticks to the bottom of the page. You’ll be able to put large widgets in it then. Some other style adjustments may be necessary (like removal of its background color and mouse over color animation).

Secondly, you’ll need a widget that will list recent custom taxonomy entries rather than recent posts from ‘post’ post type.

‘Post’ post type and its categories are usually used for blog posts. I think that no theme on ThemeForest does it this differently because it would be against WordPress standards and ThemeForest submission requirements.

Lastly, do you really need to list them? If all your works are visible on one portfolio page then there’s no need to list them again anywhere. You can list blog posts with the most comments or from certain category instead – that makes sense because it’s not something that your visitor can find anywhere else on the site. I hope that you see that this template is already as simple and as complex as it should be and there’s no need to experiment with its structure unless something adds a valuable and justified functionality.

Hi Flow, here’s the 1000th license again !

It’s been a while I couldn’t work on my website, and now that I came back to it and made a few updates (WP, plugins), I’m facing quite a number of bugs. I’d like to know if you notice the same behaviour and if so what I could do: 1- color picker for the thumbnails does not seem to work on the last WP version (3.6) 2- the slide management system also got altered by the update. Particularly, I can’t order the slides as I want anymore. 3- the portfolio page works well on Safari, but for any reason the slides are under the portfolio thumbnails on chrome. This is my main concern at the moment. 4- in Safari, half of the words present in a field of the contact form disappear. The form is ok in Chrome.

It’s been few days I’m on this without being able to solve the issue. Your help would be more than needed. Thanks

1) It works for me.

2) It also works for me. It seems like the JavaScript is broken on that page. Which theme version is that?

3) This was happening only in one or two early versions, one year ago. In current 2.0-beta2 it works fine.

Please create a support ticket and I’ll be happy to visit your website and assist with all 4 issues.

Just installed the theme and have found some glitches that are different to the preview.

1) In slideshow the titles are about half the size 2) About Us in the menu has 4 drop down sub sections (typography, Media, Grid System, Shortcodes) 3) The left/right cursors are fixed in place on screen rather than following the users movements Thats what I’ve noticed so far but something has obviously gone wrong – any ideas what’s going on? Many thanks, Daniel

You can create a support ticket and provide us your website’s URL, login and password.

In style.css, here’s the selector for Featured Slideshow’s title: .featured_slideshow-meta-title and here’s the selector for project’s title in the slideshow: .project-title. Both have font size defined that you can adjust.

Thanks man – cool with the heading size now… seams to have reverted to your original sizing. Really pleased with the way it’s looking – I’ll add all content and then create a support ticket for changing the slideshow logo/nav to white Would be great if you could add ‘invert’ logo/nav to slideshow in V2.0 … would be soooooo nice and usable for every scenario : )

I’m recently adding such changes to the FAQ – it seems to help people a lot (at least for Daisho where the FAQ is already detailed and long).

I try to keep the main package as simple as possible but changes like that fit the FAQ well so feel free to create a ticket and if it won’t turn out to require a lot of code then it can qualify for a FAQ entry :)


For the portfolio posts that use video, will the new version of the theme be using a pop-up or light box for the video, for when it shows through mobile device.

Thank you! I’ll look forward to the new version of the theme this week.

P. S. The home page portfolio images, having the ability to link to another location, is still a plus. Hopefully that feature remains.

Yes, this feature will remain. All features should remain in the same or improved form. I’m working on that every day but I think that I won’t finish it this week. I hope that I’ll finish it next week though.

It’s always like this: http://s3-ec.buzzfed.com/static/enhanced/webdr03/2013/7/25/5/enhanced-buzz-18231-1374743528-6.jpg so we’re almost there but testing and improvements take a lot of time.


Im in the pre purchase zone of your really nice theme but i have some questions before buying. And i´m not sure if you already have answered these questions but:

-The picture flow seems to be flowing smoother in your other theme (the agency) is it because of my computer or is there a difference in the coding?

- is it possible to remove the loading indicator ( a line, a spinning thing and a percentage counter) or maybe only have one of them?

- is it possible to make the header smaller?

-is it possible to have a fullscreen video from vimeo embedded?


Great fast response! Thx Flow! i bought your Konzept and think it will work out great!! Im also looking forward to the Konzept 2 update! Cheers

Great and thank you! You can actually install 2.0-beta2 version right now. You’ll be then able to update to the final 2.0 once it’s ready. I really hope that I’ll finish it soon but it may take a week or two.

Sounds awesome! I will install the 2.0-beta2 version right away! THX!

Hi, do you have a set date for the final 2.0 release?

I just check a few the most popular icon sets and none of them has Behance icon at this moment. They have plenty of other services but this one is missing. Perhaps one of them will add this icon in the future and if not, you can install a set that has it and implementing it is usually simple and requires only 5 or 10 lines of code. I’ve helped a few people on the support forum with that in the past and I’ll do my best to assist also in your case.

That would be great! so, it’s getting closer to the end of the month, do you have a better idea when the final 2.0 will be released?

It’s been uploaded yesterday. I’m still updating the documentation, FAQ and videos – these may be useful for some people.

Hello , I installed the Konzept theme and I got two problems.One of them is turkish language support for the fonts.I did not use ’ ?,ü,ç,i ’ in the text. The other is social media share buttons in the theme.How I can use the social share in the theme? Thanks a lot ,

1) We include extended characters set but if your characters are not included then it can be extended further with various subsets. Please create a support ticket and I can assist with that.

2) Sharing icons are available for projects by default. For posts and pages we recommend plugins. You’ll find some here: http://support.forcg.com/topic/daisho-common-changes#plugins

Let me know if you need more information about anything!

Hello, This theme is really cool but to my understanding it lacks some support for background. Can I use a panotour pro virtual tour as a background? thx.

You can test that on the trial website – it supports standard images and videos. As for website’s background you can use plugins that add slideshows or static backgrounds – a few plugins for different purposes are listed here: http://support.forcg.com/topic/daisho-common-changes#plugins

Hi Flow, Just wondering how I change the order of the project thumbs in the portfolio section? Thanks : )

In [Pages > Portfolio > Order]. All ordering properties that WordPress supports are available there if you’re using Konzept 2.0-beta2.

okay thanks – any chance of being able to change these manually in V.2.0?

You can do that manually right now in [Pages > Portfolio > Order]. In version 2.0-beta2 the file responsible for that is project-loop.php, around line 56: 'orderby' => $orderby,. You can pick anything from this list: http://codex.wordpress.org/Class_Reference/WP_Query#Order_.26_Orderby_Parameters (but you don’t have to since all of these are available in the admin panel).

Let me know if this answers your question! I must admit that I’m not certain if this is what you are asking for but I hope that it helps at least in some way :)

In the slideshow mode how do I get the slider transition to work … currently there is no transition active. Many thanks

Just a quick update because I don’t want to leave any comment unanswered: we enabled this transition for you on the forum and it’s also enabled in the main package :)


I have purchased your theme , freshly instaled WP and beta2. Everything works but when i click on gallery thumb, page will remain grayed and slider is not working so i cant see any portfolio images. Simply…clicking on gallery thumb ´nothing happens. It looks like slider is loading but i cant see anything.


Can I have your URL please? Ideally, please create a support ticket and I’ll visitor your website and assist. Normally it works like this: http://trial.devatic.com/ (that’s unmodified WordPress 3.6 + 2.0-beta2).

I found the problem. On my ftp, i renamed theme from “konzept” to “konzept beta 2” – this caused issue with slider and also, admin menu was messy (missing image`s previews, site was not responding to changes etc.).

You can add this to FAQ.

Renaming the theme shouldn’t affect anything. It’s coded like described here (with all these functions that should be ideally used): http://wordpress.stackexchange.com/questions/31802/can-wordpress-theme-folder-name-be-changed-freely-and-nothing-technically-happen

You can freely rename it without any adverse effects. I have a few copies with different names on my localhost.

But I see two potential issues with the above name:
  • In Codex they say “avoid numbers” for some reason – http://codex.wordpress.org/Theme_Development
  • And having spaces in its name may have affected something. I usually see themes named like: “konzept-child” rather than “konzept child”. Please try that.

I’ll take a look at it anyway and test that with numbers and spaces in the name. Thanks for your comment!

HI Flow

I am planning to buy this theme ‘Konzept 2’ can you please show me the path where i can purchase this?

thanks Ashish

Thanks Flow for your Quick reply… I knew that “Purchase” button would take me to Konzept theme where i can buy it. But there is one thing which is bothering is that it says Version: instead of Konzept v2. So wondering which is the link to v2. Just wanted to make sure that i am buying the latest Konzept theme.

It’s included in the package in ‘future releases’ folder. It’s marked as 2.0-beta2. You can install that one and that would be recommended. I’ll remove from the main package in 1 – 2 weeks. Only 2.0 will remain.

Flow Thank You so much for your help, this helps.

hello, I installed Konzept 1 and wondering how to make the portfolio page refresh-able? Thank.

In the final v2 you can add page-refresh class to /core/body-class.php and that will cause everything to work with page refreshes, like in most other themes, without JavaScript other than to initialize projects.

In v1 and v2.0-beta2 this option doesn’t yet exist.

I’m already testing final 2.0 version and I hope that I’ll upload it soon.

Please could you let me know how to change the slideshow order – I am finding it difficult to locate the correct php … please make it newb friendly : )

You can just change their publication dates and the newer will appear as the first ones :) That would be recommended.

As the last resort you can use the following plugin: http://wordpress.org/plugins/post-types-order/ but I would stick to standard reordering by date in your place.

If you’d prefer to change order directly in the files then it’s slideshow.php around line 400 (there where WP Query is). It accepts order and orderby paramaters: http://codex.wordpress.org/Class_Reference/WP_Query

Great, thanks I now can’t seem to get the portfolio projects into order even though I have given the right date order – please let me know what I’m doing wrong? Thanks again

All you need is [Pages > (your portfolio page) > Order]. It works for me.

If it doesn’t work for you I can check your admin panel (I think I have your WP login and password because you have a ticket on the forum).

Hi again. Just doing some prep work for the new version. I was just wondering, for the home page only, is it at all possible to create this: http://ajaypatel.ca/home.jpg (ie a static image over the background and no logo in the top left). For the rest of the pages, I would like to shrink the logo and place it in the default top left corner. Also, would moving the menu container slightly to the right for computers ruin the responsive look for mobiles? Thanks!

Yes, that’s possible. It may require a few minor CSS tweaks but generally this theme is a good start base for this. You can have a static image and you can hide your logo there with just a line or two of CSS.

I just updated the demo website where mobile mode behaves differently – http://themes.devatic.com/konzept2 (I think that it’ll stay this way for a long time).

looks good, thanks! since the logo is the same on all pages, wouldn’t i have to give only the home page logo a new id and set it to visibility:hidden, or something? not sure how i would go about doing that though. may have to go to the support forum when the time comes. i think i may know how to set a static image. just set the slider container to background url(‘location of image’).

As for the static image:

  • you can set a static page for your front page and set this page’s background image
  • or you can upload just one slide to the Featured Slideshow and hide its arrows with CSS. At the top of slideshow.php you would have to disable the limit that at least two slides are required. All that is rather easy and can be done in a few minutes.

As for the logo – that’s correct. You can load two in your header and show/hide them with CSS. You can also do that with JavaScript (it would be modular this way).


Do you have a list of the recent changes made in v 2.0?

It fixes most of the issues reported in the past 3 months (since 2.0-beta2). Most of the main template files were modified because it’s been also prepared to support post formats (this affected archive.php, search.php, index.php, content.php, content-none.php, single.php, page.php and more).

If you’re planning to update to this version and if you need any advice, let me know!

You can test this version on the trial website.

Hi I’m looking at buying this theme and wanted to know if you can have the website open on a video project. Is it also possible to have that video automatically play? Then visitor could access the menu while the video plays in the background.

If that is possible what’s the best way to go about doing that, ie hosting through vimeo, youtube, or uploading the video?


Awesome. Perfect. Thanks!

One last question: is there a recommended file size for background .mp4’s?

Less = better = faster loading.

You can use our demo files as reference. I’m always trying to make it 5 to 10 MB for each 1 minute.

This video has 5 MB and 1:40 minutes in 720p: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OEeC3f4LxXQ

Hello! Flow! Congrats! One of the best works I ever seen in envatomarket. I’m really interested in buying this theme. I just wandering is there any chance to make this portfolio inner page Look like Daisho portfolio’s inner page?....

Yes, you can pick either thumbnails or text for each portfolio page separately in [Pages > (a portfolio page) > Portfolio Type].

The documentation mentions this briefly in “Portfolio” section but I’m generally trying to make all options available in intuitive places so hopefully not many people will have to read the documentation :)

You’re right my mistake… You should do it for dummys like me!

Yup, I’m improving it all the time as we receive questions :) Frequently asked questions go to the documentation and FAQ on the forum.

You’ve been a member of this marketplace for a more time than me and you’ve purchased hundreds of items so feedback from people like you is invaluable!

The tough part about the documentation is that some people know WordPress and its features very well and for others it’s their first contact with WordPress and themes. Some people already know all the plugins (like SEO, caching, favicon) and some are starting to discover all that.

I’ll make sure to highlight the most important information (like switching thumbnails to text) in the documentation! Thank you for your comments!

I’ve been having some issues on my site with the title and formatting the content.

Issue 1: The top navigation bar covers the title half-way on all my pages. When the title is removed the content is covered by the navigation bar.

Issue 2: There isn’t a template format that allows me to enter my own code in the content area. All the font’s revert back to the main font in the templates css.

Issue 3: Content is showing differently in browsers. (For example. In the content section when I type I have to add spacing by hitting the enter key so the it shows correctly in chrome but in firefox you can see the spacing on the main webpage and you have to scroll down to see the content when pressing the enter button several time in the contents css.

Question: is there a way to eliminate the slideshow when you click on the thumbnails?

1) In v2.x it isn’t. It’s advisable to update to that version. It has a lot of technical improvements and new features.

2) You can use “Default Template”. You can use your own code there. It is the same template like in Twenty Thirteen WordPress theme.

You can overwrite fonts per-page basis using for instance: .page-id-1234 { font-family: your-font, sans-serif; }

3) Can I have an example of that? Enter = new paragraph. In 2.x versions page templates have been simplifies and improved. In 1.x versions there was a little piece of code that used to center the content of a page if it was short. It’s been removed now.

4) Sure, you can make thumbnails link to external locations using [Portfolio > (a project) > External Link].

I hope that helps!

ugh.. this update has screwed everything all up

dark child theme doesn’t work, messes everything up looks like a stylesheet error (and yes i have replaced with style.css with the dark child theme version.)

I have lost my main page, where before I had thumbnails of projects, I now have a blank page that says homepage.

Konzept is white by default. Dark version is located in a child theme. This video shows how to install both: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LjT7UdCuvig

To have it in dark colors you need to have both white parent and dark child theme installed and dark child theme activated.

You can set your [Pages > Homepage] to “Portfolio Template” and you can set it to your front page in [Settings > Reading]. It’s going to stay like that permanently. Previous options were a bit more complex and now they have been simplified.

Let me know if you need more information about that! We’ll be happy to help you update your website if you have any other questions.