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I have bought your awesome theme and I saw that you have posted the latest version sep. 2013, I want to know how I can update my current version. Do I need to re-install the hole thing from scratch or just replace some files through the ftp ? Thanks for your reply. Dennis

That’s correct, it’s worth updating to 2.x versions. They are significantly better compared to 1.x versions. To update please follow the instructions at the bottom of this thread: http://support.forcg.com/topic/konzept-common-changes (you can update normally but some pages may require minor adjustments).

If you need help, please create a support ticket and we’ll be happy to visit your website and assist.

HI there, can you tell me how to order my projects correctly, at the moment my oldest project are at the top and newest at the bottom. I suppose they get ordered by the year and date or by the position number?. Please help.

Yes, the newest projects appear as the first ones. You can edit that in [Pages > (any portfolio page) > Order By]. There’s also “Order” parameter there.

Is it possible to have submenu?

Yes. You can test it here: http://trial.devatic.com/ – it will float to the right.

How canI use vimeo embed video in portfolio?

In [Portfolio > Add New > Vimeo Slide]. The trial website (based on WordPress Multisite 3.6.1) doesn’t allow administrators of their websites to save posts with iframes for security reasons, so it’s likely to don’t work but on your own installation it’s going to work.

Awesome theme, love it and just started using it for my website. :) so first of all just wanted to tell you i love it!

one simple question (you probably answered it 10000 times….) How do I changed to have it in black version?


I’m glad that you like it :) The dark skin is packed in a child theme. Installation video for both: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LjT7UdCuvig

Skinning in WordPress is usually done with child themes so that’s what I did too!

Example of a blue skin for the default orange Twenty Thirteen theme: http://ottopress.com/2013/im-not-a-fan-of-orange/ (Twenty Thirteen is a decent and well done theme – good for learning if you’ll ever need that).


With this new version. Is there the ability to have the theme’s navigation menu (web version) to appear horizontal from left to right. I noticed in a couple of your examples of how people are using the theme, the menu was left to right on them.

These people added some custom style to their themes. I helped a few people achieve the same kind of look but there is no general tutorial for that because all their menus differ. Example ticket: http://support.forcg.com/topic/menu-shade-or-visibility

You’ll need a help of developers to make it work like that.

Will the WooCommerce plugin work with this theme?

Some people like tobyneilan.com use WooCommerce with Konzept.

We currently don’t list WooCommerce as a plugin compatible with Konzept but adding this support is on our list of priorities for all the themes. I hope that this will happen by the end of this year. Technical implementation is only like 1 day of work but good design/project is what holds us back and requires more time.

Even if a theme doesn’t say that it’s compatible with WooCommerce, it is easy to add WooCommerce support to any theme – http://docs.woothemes.com/document/third-party-custom-theme-compatibility/

Let me know if you need more information about that!

Hello, i have a old version and i made update to 2.0.2 and now Services page and News layout don’t works, nothing appear.

Maybe i miss something ?

Edit: fix it ;)

I’m glad that you managed to fix this :)

Previously “News” and “Services” had special page templates but now it’s been simplified to shortcodes that you can use on a standard page – that’s faster and simpler.

I left the old structure available for a couple of versions so hopefully situations like that won’t happen too often but if they do, please check the back-end configuration here: http://trial.devatic.com/ (also the documentation is always updated to reflect the current version).

How can I get the thumbnails to link to the specific project? Even in the demo, it seems when I click on a thumbnail, a random project comes up. Please help.

If you’re using 1.x versions, please make sure that in [Portfolio > Add New > Project Title] there is a project title specified (there are two places for the title – one standard title for back-end use and one below the SuperSlide Editor). Projects that don’t have this specified will show their thumbnails and will link to random projects.

In 2.x versions, even if a project is empty, it will still link to the correct place.

It’s a good idea to update to 2.x versions. They are like 9 months newer – ttp://themes.devatic.com/konzept2/

Hi! I’d like to buy your theme.. Grest theme! Just a question: it’s possibile to have a background-color cover project (.project coverslide) different for any projects? Ex. Project 1 background-color cover blue, project 2 background-color cover red? Thank you

There is no such admin panel option but that’s easy to be done.

I tried to paste the code here but it became like that in my comment: http://gyazo.com/c65428e61a58d16d5cbbdbae23a5c2ae.png

It was meant to display like that: http://gyazo.com/1c2eef80459f19e77d169e0c3cccee65.png

Hi, purchaes the theme, working on some custumazations. Wondering how i can stop the theme to call out google font style sheet.

Google fonts are loaded in /core/fonts.php. Other fonts (including icon fonts) are loaded in /modules/fonts/.


I’m a beginner at wordpress, but I love your theme and I want to use it for my website. I’m using the trail right now to try to familiarize myself with everything.

So far everything is working perfectly except for one little hiccup. I’m trying to get my images to be viewed like the illustration you have in the documentation as fullscreen + fit+scale-up-allowed, but it doesn’t seem to work for me. It seems to me like once I activate the scale-up-allowed option that the fullscreen is ignored. Is there any way to work around this?

Thank you

You’re currently using the newest available theme version: http://themes.devatic.com/konzept-dark/ (v2.0.2). The version from the previous year had different menu: http://themes.devatic.com/konzept/ (v1.0) but it’s been simplified to provide support for more systems and devices than just iOS and Android.

so it’s not possible to use the old phone menu with the new version? It’s not a huge issue, I just liked it more

It’s rather not. It’s not recommended due to potentially worse compatibility with rare systems and devices. So, previous menu covered 90% of mobile/tablet users and the new one covers 99% of them. Those are just guesses but simple solutions have surely better compatibility with everything.


Is it possible to have multiple fullscreen elements (slider, video or text) one below the other? A little like on this website: http://lifeaccordingtosam.com/

The animated close-button of the opened gallery items looks pretty familiar to your theme’s, by the way :)


Hello! That’s not possible unfortunately, they used a different script.

Hello Flow,

Love this theme! I recently just changed from Daisho to Konzept and they are both great. I am having an issue with the blog tho. Everything transferred pretty well except the blog. On the main index page it is showing the entire blog post and not just the featured image / summary.

Am I missing something obvious?

Thanks, -D

I’m glad that you like both :) You can pick a page for your blog in [Settings > Reading]. You can also set any portfolio page or any other static page to be your front page in that place.

And the main portfolio page should be selected in [Konzept > General > Main Portfolio Page] – this one will be loaded on pages like “About”.

One other thing I noticed. On your “About Me” page please add <p></p> tag that wraps the text to make the bottom margin appear: http://gyazo.com/17a3de46505071a2f5a806d631c1517e.png – WordPress usually adds these automatically with wpautop filter so I’m not sure why it didn’t do it there.

You can also enable/disable comments for pages in [Pages > (any page) > Allow Comments] in “Discussion” box which can be enabled in “Screen Options” in the top right corner.

I hope that helps :) Let me know if you need more information about that.

Thanks for the response! I have added the p /p to the about section.

I have already declared the portfolio page in Konzept>General and the blog page in Settings>Reading and Konzept>General. My problem still remains that when you go to my blog main page, entire blog posts appear instead of just a summary. Here is a zoomed out screen shot of the main blog page. http://imgur.com/UG439AM

Ah, that’s what you mean. I misunderstood it. Yes, that’s default behavior also in Twenty Thirteen theme. Please see “Blog” page here – http://docs.devatic.com/konzept2/#pages – there are two ways to make it shorter. On the demo we use “Excerpt” panel.

Hello, Thanks for this theme, it’s great. My portfolio is online, but I can’t choose models pages (blog template, news template, coming soon template…). I have only portfolio thumbnail grid.

Thank you very much for your help.

Just a last question: Is there the dribble icon in the footer? Thanks

Unfortuantely no. Here are all the icons: http://www.fontsquirrel.com/fonts/web-symbols I’ll switch that icons set to Font Awesome in the future. Please use this: http://wordpress.org/plugins/font-awesome/

Also excellent theme!!! How difficult or even possible would it be to include an arrow down an up key, so that when an image does not fit the height of the viewport you can scroll up and down to see the rest of it? For example screen resolution is 1920 X 1200 and the image is 1200 X 4000. I would need an option to say “Fit width” and “Scroll up and down” :). Thank you very much!

I’m glad that you like the theme :)

It’s hard to say if that would be easy or difficult. It’s surely at least 2 hours work and probably more. A developer that would work on that would probably start with adding overflow-y: scroll; to see if it would work. If it wouldn’t, he would move on to code some simple JavaScript script to handle that.

In your place I would think of acceptable alternatives before investing time and money into doing such modification. This should be your last resort in my opinion.

Please think if you can make your portfolio presentation simpler rather than more complex. Maybe even Daisho WordPress theme would be a better solution for you? Or some completely different theme with lightbox that will display 1:1 images? You won’t spend any additional time and money and your visitors will see 1:1 images.

By default you can use one of the modes described here: http://docs.devatic.com/konzept2/#portfolio

I hope that helps! :)

Thank you very much for the detailed answer :)! I agree that Daisho would be the better choice for me at the moment!

Great :) Most of your visitors don’t care if they see Konzept or Daisho, most only care if it works and if they can easily find the information they are looking for.

Let me know once you need any more information from me!

Dear Flow, great template. Just I have a question about the scrolling in differentes devices. With the Ipad works great but with the trackpad or scroll of the mose in the portolio site goes to fast and crash. Do you know the reason? My site www.franciscobarboza.com Thanks in advance!

I’m glad that you like it!

What you describe is already reported as bug – #5061.

I didn’t write this slideshow myself because that would take months. I used iScroll 4 library which works like that with trackpad by default. I hope that they’ll resolve this soon. I’d prefer not to switch libraries because this one is one of the best of this kind. I think that it has only this single issue.

Thanks for the fast reply. Sorry I have two more. About google analytics code. I have put it on thw widget but seems that doesnt work. Any suggestions? And the ico logo for the new tabs in the browsers. How can i put it? Thanks again!

Both can be done with plugins: http://support.forcg.com/topic/knowledge-base-plugins

These are usually not a part of themes. I’m following official WordPress standards (if possible) to decide if something should be a part of a theme or not: http://make.wordpress.org/themes/guidelines/guidelines-plugin-territory/

Hi there,

I’ve just updated the theme and found that the shortcodes work perfectly in Firefox but not so much Chrome. Can you verify if thats the case for you as well please?

Thanks! M.

Can I have your URL please? Please hit Ctrl + F5 in Chrome to do full refresh. That usually helps. Chrome and Firefox are not much different and they should display your website the same way.

Thanks for the quick reply. Yeah werid – looks like you are right, a hard refresh (or manually clearing the cache did the job). Could be that or my server was caching it for faster loads too, Anyways, great theme and thanks for the excellent support. Keep up the good work.

I want to remove the whole slide show script when clicking on the thumbnails.

Which theme version are you using? “External Link” has been added in v2.0+. You can find it on http://trial.devatic.com/ in [Portfolio > (any project) > External Link].

Once “External Link” is specified, slideshow will be disabled and the thumbnail will link to some URL. The last thumbnail on http://themes.devatic.com/konzept2/ has external link specified.

Last Month I updated the child themes. If I replace Version with version 2.0 will I lose my custom codes that I have placed in the theme?

v1.0.4.4 is initial May 2012 release. v2.0 is full rewrite from September 2013. So, they are vastly different. Everything is now updated to the newest standards and some CSS class naming has changed so not all style changes may work if they were done on v1.0.4.4.

v2.0+ is also the last rewrite of this theme (because it’s already well done technically), all further updates will only fix bugs, add new features and introduce minor changes. This means that if you update to v2.0 and if you modify this one using a child theme then won’t have to update your child theme for a long time.


I am wanting to remove the copyright text at the bottom of the footer – how can I do this please?

Ignore this post – resolved

Alright! For anyone else wondering the same thing: each footer column is a widget area editable in [Appearance > Widgets].

By default it accepts only two very small widgets but you can unstick the footer to have an option to insert large widgets there.

More on that in “Theme – unstick footer and make it accept large widgets” – http://support.forcg.com/topic/konzept-common-changes


It seems like Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks updated its Safari browser a way that broke YouTube-slides. If I look my site (www.valkeinen.org) with the newest Safari, I can’t see any of the videos, but with Firefox and Chrome videos work fine.

That would indicate Safari issue. As for PC YouTube and Vimeo videos work in all major browsers (IE11, Firefox, Chrome, Safari 5.1.7).

Here’s related bug report where disabling CSS3 animations fixes videos on Mac: http://support.forcg.com/topic/trouble-with-vimeo-displaying-in-portfolio