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Is it possible in Konzept to have a Vimeo or self hosted video play automatically after I have clicked one of the ‘Tiles’ on the Home page? Or in a pop up even

That’s not possible. Each tile can open a project view or external URL (blog post, other website, some page etc.).

Project view requires additional click to launch a video because many devices (mobile phones, tablets, laptops touch) wouldn’t work if the slideshow and video were working at the same time. The same touch gestures are used to manipulate video’s controls and the slideshow. While video is playing, slideshow is disabled.

It is relatively easy to modify that though and implement there some kind of lightbox. An average developer can do that in around 2 hours. You already can make a thumbnail a link and most lightbox solutions rely on links so only minor adjustments are necessary.

Hi Flow, I am trying to update the older versions of KONZEPT and DAISHO (I had bought both templates) to the newer released versions 2. But, I am running into a lot of trouble. Do you have by any chance a detailed tutorial on how to update the templates with these new versions? For both of them. Thank you very much for your help Flow.


Konzept 1.x -> 2.x is full theme rewrite from old 2010-2011 HTML4 structure to 2013 HTML5 one: http://support.forcg.com/topic/konzept-common-changes#update – a lot has changed but it’s the last update of this theme of this kind for a long time and further ones won’t alter the structure significantly.

As for Daisho please follow http://support.forcg.com/topic/how-to-update-a-theme – especially this should tell you what has changed: http://support.forcg.com/topic/daisho-changelog

Hi Flow, thanks for the info.

Hello. since one day there is an error on the frontpage portfolio. When you click on a thumbnail it shows an error message “no valid projects”


Someone who have an answer?

Thank u Greetz

In 1.x versions each project needed to have normal admin panel title specified and project title a little bit below it. All projects that didn’t have the second title were skipped.

In 2.x versions this requirement is gone. It’s a good idea to update to v2.0.2.

General updating guide: http://support.forcg.com/topic/how-to-update-a-theme

Hi Flow, your template rocks. Ive been looking for an archive template for some time, tried a few… this is brilliant. Thank you for taking the time to make something special, best James

Thank you so much for your kind words! I’m happy to hear that you found it useful and I hope that it’ll serve you well for a long time :)

My pleasure, i see the hard work and good thinking behind it. There is one thing i wonder if it can be tweaked. The category filter list, can it be presented in two lists? Ive got a few categories as i will have about 50 projects live. Its a long way off finished, here is what Ive done so far http://dialogue-archive.com

Please accept my apologies for delayed reply. You can have multiple portfolio pages, each with different categories. That mechanism is usually used to list many categories.

How do I get the search icon on the home page? Im using Konzep v.2

I must say that your customer service is great. Thank you for the support!

Greetings, could you please update this request on my website for me. Use the current credentials as commented.

Theme updated to latest version.

Hmmm, I’ve got your username but I can’t find your WordPress password.

In header.php on line 72 you’ll find if(is_home() or is_archive() or is_singular('post') or is_singular('news') or is_attachment() or is_search()){. It should become if(is_home() or is_archive() or is_singular('post') or is_singular('news') or is_attachment() or is_search() or is_front_page()){.

And also in style.css .blog .compact-search, .single .compact-search { display: block; } has to become .home .compact-search, .blog .compact-search, .single .compact-search { display: block; }


Prior to the theme update, your demo also included a post with a video. Is there one of these post still in the demo. Have been unable to locate. I am trying to see what the updated version should look with with the video playing.

Thank you! Do you also have an example of a homepage image that is url externally linked.

The last image in the grid has external link.

Thank you!

Hello, I have been using the Konzept Version: 2.0-beta2. However, i notice that the site is doesnt show properly on small gadgets.

I am trying to update it to Version: 2.0.2, but: 1. website is breaking… 2. The right sidebar disappears….

Can i give you login credentials to check it out for me?

Please and thank you.

You can enable the sidebar in [Pages > (any page) > Layout]. Some past versions accepted a number in that custom field and current ones accept strings like “sidebar-right”, “sidebar-left”.

You can bulk update all the pages with http://wordpress.org/plugins/custom-field-bulk-editor/

The custom field’s name is flow_post_layout and its value can be either sidebar-right or sidebar-left if it’s supposed to have a sidebar.

You can check if this custom field exists and what are its values in [Pages > (any page) > Custom Fields] panel that you can enable in “Screen Options” in the top right corner if it’s not visible.

I have got the theme to be updated via Envato Toolkit—successfully.

I have decided to work without any sidebar. Website no longer breaking.

Alright! You can enable these sidebars in [Pages > (a page) > Layout]. If you’ll ever want to enable them and it won’t work, let me know and I’ll be happy to login to your admin panel and help you.

In the previous beta theme you could change the icon on the ganaral page.

How do i change the favicon in the latest version?

Yes, and that’s what WordPress doesn’t recommend – http://make.wordpress.org/themes/guidelines/guidelines-plugin-territory/ – so it’s been removed. They recommend plugins instead: http://wordpress.org/plugins/all-in-one-favicon/

All in one Favicon plugin works perfectly!

How do I add an next/previous images to the attachment page?

So it’s not possible to edit the attachment page? Take a look at these: http://codex.wordpress.org/Template_Tags/next_image_link http://codex.wordpress.org/Template_Tags/previous_image_link


You’re right. The default theme has attachments page template put in image.php instead of attachment.php and I think I didn’t check it carefully enough and I assumed that they are using standard post template to display attachments.

The functions you linked to are indeed doing what you’re looking for – if there are multiple attachments to one post then it will create a navigation for each of them.

I’ll add attachments.php to the main package with the same navigation in one of the nearest theme updates. Please create a support ticket and once it’s ready I’ll send it to you there. When do you need it?

Yes, I need it now. At the moment—anything that is place on the Single Post php shows on the default attachment page (as you said, they are using standard post template to display attachments).

I have just sent in a support ticket, thank you in advance!

Ref: http://support.forcg.com/topic/konzept-2-attachment-page

say. hello. im already purchased this theme ? but. i wato theme version Konzept 1.x . r u sending my email??? pzl. thanks.

my email : justcallmeaj@daum.net

Hello, I have sent you an email. Generally 1.x versions are no longer available and 2.x versions are recommended instead.

Hey Flow, just wanted to ask how to change the header colour. I’m having troubles finding the option and if I remember right, the theme used to be dark, not white. Many thanks.

You can upload and activate the dark version. Please follow http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LjT7UdCuvig

Thank you so much for your fast response. I managed to do it thanks to your video tutorial. I have one more question if you don’t mind. When I add portfolio items, the image is pixelated and the quality is really low for both the thumbnail and the large image. Any suggestions? Many thanks.

When you’re adding it, in the Media Library’s window you can select its size in the bottom right corner. It’s probably selected to “Thumbnail” which is usually very small. Please pick “Full Size” or another option that is bigger. That should help :)

I’ve done a trial run for Konzept. I’m having a hard time trying to figure out how to make portfolio pieces appear on the page when it is viewed? Can anyone help me with this?

If you have your front page selected in [Settings > Reading] then in [Pages > (this page)] you should be able to disable these comments. Front page is like a normal page.

All fixed. Last question – As far as the “All Works” and “Video” option that also shows up on the left side of the menu, is there anyway to get rid of that by chance?

Yes, you can hide the right column with .pf_nav { display: none; }

Hello, Konzept is avalaible on wordpress 3.7?

It’s possible that when the person click on find in the home page of the portfolio select

Yes, it works with WP3.7 and WP3.8 beta.

I don’t understand the other question. Can you please rephrase it?

Thank you for the URL but I’m still not sure what are you looking for. What would you like to achieve?

Any interesting developments to be released regarding Konzept? Any other interesting themes due from you, before I start spending elsewhere?

I’m working on a Konzept update that will fix all the currently reported bugs. It’s in large part ready already.

As for the other themes, we’re working on new things but we’re hoping to make them really good before we make them public so that will surely take some time. Most likely a few months.

Look forward to the update and even more to the new stuff – if you need any beta testers let me know

Hi, How can I change the fonts easily ? Thanks

You’ll find them in style.css. You can copy the sections of that file that you’re interested in to a child theme and run Find/Replace in Notepad++ to replace them all at once.

Fonts are loaded in /modules/fonts/ folder and Google fonts are loaded in /core/fonts.php.

Hi Flow,

Great theme. I am thinking of purchasing it. I have some questions:

1. One thing that I noticed is that on some of the featured sites with this theme, the thumbnails seem to stay on top of the portfoliopages.

See: http://www.netwisegroup.co.uk/portfolio/our-brands/ http://www.wearebala.com/portfolio/creation-is-here/ http://www.edigahost.it/garageclandestino/portfolio/vespa-650-specail-edition/

What’s happening there?

2. Do you think I can make the header stay and by doing so have a smaller (less high) space for the porfoliopages? But have the menu always on the screen?

3. Is is possible to change the thumbnailhover image? (maybe make it more transparent, or only a color overlay over the original thumbnail?, or, what would be great: have animated gifs on hovering?

4. In previous versions there was a possibility to go to the next slide of a portfoliopage while a video was playing fullscreen on the current. Now you have to stop the video before you can do so.

5. Can these video’s autoplay? And hide youtube info and controls?

Thanks in advance, Mathieu.

I read somewhere on the these pages or in the supportarea that a new update might be coming soon for Konzept. Can you already give a time-frame? Will it have new features? Do the looks and functionality more or less stay the same? Is it wiser to wait for that before I buy the theme and begin tweaking and filling it with content?

Oh, and one more question about the animated gifs: I would like it to animate on mouseover and not without mouseover or else it will be a very busy and hectic porfoliogrid I guess. It has to be the same with and without mouseover?

Thanks again!

1) Well, I like The Agency too but websites that look casually are easier to be used and supported and they are more likely to work on every system and device for longer time.

2) I think that in portfolio.js there’s only one place that grabs the height and it uses this value everywhere. I think that it happens on line 446: var windowHeight = jQuery(window).height(); so if you change this alone, it’s likely to work.

3) As for the thumbnails, at the bottom of portfolio.js there is a function that adds more advanced animation to it and besides that its styles are located in style.css.

4) As for the YouTube – \wp-content\themes\konzept\admin\superslide\shortcode-slide.php may contain something interesting but generally portfolio.js creates YouTube slides on line 581 there where you see "Setups YouTube and Vimeo videos." comment. This is where you can change it to something else. It’s based on iScroll 4 library and this piece of JavaScript just creates a slide.

5) Yes, I’m working on the update and I’m sure that I’ll upload it soon. It will mainly introduce improvements to what is already there.

6) Perhaps you could implement a piece of JavaScript that would replace JPG image with GIF image on mouse over. This will seamlessly do what you’re looking for. If you need a help of a third party developer, let me know! They can do that for you.

wow, thanks for all the info. I’ll think I’ll manage once I bought the theme!

Actually, I stumbled upon your old theme Agency. That very well suits my needs. Did you discontinue it?

Yes, we did. Konzept and Daisho are iterations of The Agency. They make it look more like a normal and standardized theme. The Agency didn’t support many WordPress’s features.

Hi Flow,

One more question: I would like to use Layerslider (as I found it as a plugin installed on the testsite) as content for portfolio. This way I can have more options in layers (text, autoprogress, transistions) than the normal use of slides in Konzept.

When I tried it on the testsite it worked brilliantly. Except for the fact that it preloads the whole slideshow on the coverslide before continuing to the first slide (the layerslider). Even if I choose to not display the coverslide.

Can this be turned off? I want it to load the next slides from the layerslider whilst viewing previous slides. As I use the layerslider seperately (on a normal page) it does it that way.


Please note that LayerSlider is included only with Daisho and when you switch the theme to Konzept on the trial website, it gets automatically disabled.

Generally speaking, Konzept’s slideshow is very limited by design and I can only guarantee that it will work with images and videos. If you need a portfolio presentation that supports all WordPress Embeds, LayerSliders etc. then Daisho and other standard-looking themes will handle that easily but not Konzept.

If you add LayerSlider on top of iScroll (Konzept’s slideshow) then one is likely to conflict the other in one way or another. You can use one or the other to prevent conflicts.

OK. Then I think the testsite works not as you planned: I signed up and immediately chose Konzept as theme (did not first setup daisho). The layerslider plugin is available then.

Yes, it’s available because currently WordPress doesn’t offer any way to disable it for certain themes. When you activate Konzept, it gets automatically disabled and when you activate Daisho, it gets automatically enabled. That’s the best I can do for now.

Hi Flow,

I have a couple of questions.


1) Where the portfolio categories appear on the thumbnails how do you make them fall onto another line, rather than running off the thumbnail?

2) Is there anyway of changing the colour of the text on the first slider display page? (Currently black would be nice to change to a green)

3) How do you set the slider so you cant scroll to the next portfolio section until all the images load, like this site http://www.weare79.co

Currently on ours people will miss a lot of the work if they just keep clicking.

Thanks for your help.


Is there anyway of changing the order of the portfolio categories to a different order from alphabetical?

Dont worry about the last one, we have re-ordered using numbers. Thanks

2) You can change the color of the cover slide globally: .project-coverslide { background-color: #fff; }. It is white by default and dark if you have the dark child theme activated.

4) You can change the order in [Pages > (any portfolio page) > Order].

Hi Flow! I really like your work and your theme is definitely one of the best stuff around. I have some pre-purchase questions:
1. Is it very difficult to make menu like the one in this website http://clarkhuesemanncom.ipage.com/index.php? Only the main menu is showing first and when I press “selected works” the portfolio categories appear. I plan to create an architectural site as well, so I find this menu structure really appropriate.
2. The slide on the home page – I know it can be made automatic, but is it possible the images to slide with some beautiful effect?
3. When I select some project from the thumbnails it opens the first information page of the project. Is it possible to put some links there which forward to different web sites? Like example partners websites and so on.
4. Is it possible to create sub menu for “All works” like the sub menu for the main menu?
5. Is it possible that the sub menu stay showing 2-3 seconds after the mouse is away from it?

Thanks in advance!

Thank you, I’m glad that you like it!

Please forgive me so much delayed reply.

1) It’s not possible to create something like that by default but you can hide the right menu. That website used the following code to do that: .page-id-3232 .pf_nav { display: none; }

2) Nope, there are no effects for that. This library doesn’t have any built-in, only standard scrolling.

3) Yes, you can use standard HTML links to achieve that.

4) No.

5) No. But this one is easy to be adjusted in CSS, with just one line of code.