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Hi Flow,

I have a couple of questions.

http://www.marketingineducation.co.uk 1) Where the portfolio categories appear on the thumbnails how do you make them fall onto another line, rather than running off the thumbnail?

2) How do you set the slider so you cant scroll to the next portfolio section until all the images load, like this site http://www.weare79.co

Currently on ours people will miss a lot of the work if they just keep clicking.

Thanks for your help.


1) It’s certainly a bug. I just fixed it on the development server. Please add .element .categories { overflow: hidden; } in wp-content/themes/konzept/style.css on line 1338. It will create proper ellipsis with ”...” ending then. Or you can download the newest style.css here: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/24744973/konzept-style-css.zip

2) The site that you linked to has it done incorrectly. Your one has it done correctly. It will wait around 20 seconds for them to load and then it’ll unlock the controls whether they have loaded or not. If an image can’t be downloaded then it wouldn’t ever unlock it otherwise, so we unlock it as soon as images load or after about 20 seconds.

3) The updated style.css from point 1 should improve that. There should be no way to click on the right arrow while the project is loading.


I am having some issues with the size of the images. What are the px sizes that we need to upload.

There are no size requirements. The demo uses 400×300px. But if you upload 400×500px or 400×100px then they will be just taller or smaller. They should be at least 400px wide because the grid has four thumbnails in 1600px container (4×400px = 1600px).


Thank you very much. I was speaking in regards to the actual image after you press the thumbnail. For some reason, no matter the size i upload (it blows up largely). My url is >>>http://whoisjeffnelson.com/. Thank You for help.

Also in this case there are no requirements. You can upload 400px image and have it centered, you can upload 400px image and have it fullscreen, you can upload 1920px image and have it fullscreen or scaled down to fit all the screens. Some of the available modes are shown here: http://docs.devatic.com/konzept2/#portfolio


I’m getting the ‘no valid projects’ message in my Konzept Portfolio. How can I fix this?

Much appreciated,


Ideally, please update to 2.x versions. These are a full theme rewrite that fixes a lot of past issues including this one.

If you’re using 1.x versions and don’t want to update, please make sure that each project has double title specified in [Portfolio > (any project)]. The normal title field is used for admin panel and the one below the SuperSlide Editor is used for front-end.

In v2 there is only one title field for both. We came to conclusion that not many people want to use two and this only causes confusion for some.

Brilliant! Cheers mate.


How do I change the font?

Hi Flow,

Is the KONZEPT theme responsive when opening it on an iphone or ipad? Your demo opens fine o my laptop but doesn’t work on my iphone.

Let me know and thanks in advanced!



Yes, it is.

Please open it without the top bar that switches themes.

Hi Flow,

I’m planning to sell a couple of products inside my personal website. Would It be possible to install tools to get paid on my website such as: paypal buttons, amazon e store, and so on in any section of my website using KONZEPT theme?

Basically, what I need to know is if is possible to add features that will allow me to sell not only my services but also products.

Thanks in advanced.


Flow, I just purchased Konzept and tried to install it twice. Is not working, I get this:

“The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet. Theme install failed.”

What should I do?

Forget it! I’ve just found out how to do install it. Didn’t realized the theme were in subfolders :)



Great, thank you and I wish a happy new year to you too! :)

If you have any other questions, let me know!

Hi, Is it possible to have the theme in the dark version and only the Blog on white? And also, how do i deactivate the the option of people commenting everywhere (i need it only on the blog)? Thank you!

1) That’s not possible. Similar ticket: #6699

2) In [Admin Panel > Pages > Allow Comments]. If you don’t see this box, please enable it in the top right corner in “Screen Options”. Or you can update all the pages at once in [Admin Panel > Pages > Bulk Actions].

Thank you! I forgot to ask, the page templates from the lasts versions are no longer available? Specifically i need the blog template and the Two Columns template.

1) You can pick “page for posts” (i.e. blog) in [Settings > Reading].

2) You can create 2 columns with shortcodes or with code like: <div class="grid_6">Column 1</div> <div class="grid_6 last">Column 2</div>

Or you can add some empty space to the left and to the right by using:

<div class="grid_1" /> <div class="grid_5">Column 1</div> <div class="grid_5">Column 2</div> <div class="grid_1 last" />

“Two Columns Template” was removed because you can achieve the same exact thing with “Default Template”.

UPDATE: Comments broke code formatting. Here’s how I wanted to paste it: http://gyazo.com/15b6027e8bca60f9314e37a278c909d4.png

Hi Flow

Please can I check how we can check this contact page from your demo on our website? Just cant find the template within ours?

http://devatic.com/?theme=Konzept http://www.marketingineducation.co.uk/

Also is there anyway of making the blog look like yours?

Thanks, Chris

1) You can copy it from http://trial.devatic.com/ or from \wp-content\themes\konzept\core\auto-install\konzept.wordpress.2013-04-24.xml, from lines 661-672.

It’s basically only text and map in two columns, with some minor font size adjustments: http://gyazo.com/b022fbf6bbb767078cb7fca528667fcd.png

2) You can pick “page for posts” (i.e. blog) in [Settings > Reading]. It will look exactly the same because ThemeForest contains 1:1 copy of the demo files.

2a) You can change skin color by installing the “dark child theme” that is included in the package.

2b) You can use “the more tag” – http://codex.wordpress.org/Excerpt – or “manual Excerpt” field to cut posts earlier like on the demo.


Great theme! I’ve got a few questions before making the purchase.

1. Is it possible that the portfolio is not continuous? because if you click a tile on the grid, when you reach the final item/picture on the portfolio, it will automatically jump to the next portfolio.

kind regards, J.

Can I take a look at your website to see how are you using it? Are you using it anywhere or you’re just looking for some theme to pick so far?

I’m preparing the update right now and I came to this issue. A couple of questions:
  • You mean it should rather skip entire slideshow and show a simple lightbox with video?
  • Or that the necessity to click “Play” to play the video is too much friction in user experience?
  • Or that the “cover slide” should disappear? There is an option to hide it but still, loading must take place and it will be happening on plain background if you disabled the cover slide.

Thanks for your reply!

here’s the link. I’ve been doing a test run on the overall feel of your theme. http://trial.devatic.com/eleazarfilm/

Basically, what would be nice is to make the overall feeling as “direct-to-the-point” as possible.

- it’s rather unusual to have more than 1 video on a slideshow or grid, so I guess it would be ideal to skip the slideshow and show a simple lightbox with video.

- the non-mobile version is almost perfect (adding lightbox will bring it to perfection). the mobile version (I tried it on iPhone and iPad iOS7), however, is “4 taps” away to play a video. I don’t really know how to address this issue because the first tap (grid>subgrid) is a cool feature. But the 3rd tap (video slide) is also crucial if you want to write the title and infos about the video.

- exactly! this plain bg was really a bummer. I had to make a plain bg on photoshop matching the color of the grid to give it a seemless feel. Maybe adding an option to choose the color of the bg, like what you did on the grid, will solve this issue?

all in all, I really like the theme already. More customization with the page would be ideal, like being able to password-protect a grid or slide? and exiting from a video slider with just one click on the “X” or just by using the ESC button straight to home/main portfolio page. Last suggestion, it would also be cool to have an “about us” and “contact us” page that is integrated to the theme. I mean not too generic looking.

thank you very much for your reply and dedication!

kind regards, J.

I’ve already replied to your emails earlier and just to inform others here:

1) So far four taps is the least I can make to make it work properly everywhere. With lightbox, it would have three taps. I’d prefer to not add lightbox to the main package but I can describe what would be required to implement it in the FAQ.

2) As for the colors, normally posts in WordPress have unique IDs and classes which allow you to style them but since the project view doesn’t generate a page reload, the classes are not updated. I’ll make sure to update them.

3) It’s possible to set passwords for projects.

4) It’s not possible to have “X” go back to the portfolio grid because when you play the video, it’s placed in its own container, outside the slideshow’s container and the slideshow becomes disabled. I did this because slideshow’s drag and drop functionality conflicted with the video’s controls. While the video is being played, the slideshow is disabled. Clicking “X” closes the video. The current solution is the simplest I could make that would work well everywhere.

Thank you very much for all your suggestions and comments! I’m adding all the suggestions to one list and we’re reviewing them every now and then to see if we can improve things.

Hi, Flow

I have a question. My wordpress software was updated. Version was changed to 3.8. Add new portfolio > Upload menu was disappeared. No backup files… What shall I do?

Please create a support ticket, I’ll take a look. Please also update your support forum profile information with website address, WordPress login and password.

Normally, nothing should change, it should be working like before if Konzept is active in [Appearance > Themes].

Hi Flow,

Is there an Instagram and Pinterest option next to the Facebook/Twitter ones down at the bottom right?



I added Font Awesome today on the development server. It means that it will appear in v2.1 for sure. And v2.1 should appear within a few days.

Okay thanks Flow.

You’re welcome! v2.1 is already on ThemeForest. You can now use the code from http://docs.devatic.com/konzept/#footer to insert the new icons. The old ones work too.

Hi Flow, I’ve a issue with WPML component. In the thumb’s portfolio the catgories appears strange (on rollover) Example: T-shirt (english) in Italian appear “T-shirt @it” I’ve deleted the ”@it” suffix manually and now no category appear in the translated page..

Please help!

Please contact the WPML support at first: http://wpml.org/forums/forum/english-support/

They are familiar with the current WPML version better than me.

Google contains a few tickets like that: https://wpml.org/forums/topic/remove-en-from-category-name/

The theme is a presentational layer that displays whatever is returned from the WordPress’s database. If the category’s name really is “T-shirt @it” then it will be displayed like that. The theme doesn’t filter or modify it in any way.

Hi! Do you know when the last update will be ready, because I want to buy the theme but I prefer to get the last release so I will not need to update it after? How long do I need to wait?

It’ll appear in a couple of days. I’m already testing it and updating the documentation.

Hey will this theme work in WordPress 3.8 ..?

Hi. It does.

I really love this theme, but I like the varied sizes of the portfolio grid on your Diasho theme much better than the normal grid layout in Konzept.

Is there anyway to make the portfolio grid like the Diasho layout (varied and normal grid)? In either full-width or boxed?


Some people have modified Konzept and inserted the Daisho’s portfolio template there but normally it’s not possible and they are not prepared to have mixed templates.

This requires more work than it may seem because besides modifying project-loop.php and /modules/functions/portfolio.js heavily, thumbnails that have fixed sizes require CSS media queries to cover all resolutions from 320px to 1600px and they need new sizes if they are supposed to fit 1600px grid nicely. This requires a lot of testing and a few new admin panel options too.

The freelance developer that I’m collaborating with did this modification to three or four people already and it took him like one or one and a half days (10-12 hours) to do this at first and then around 5-6 hours for the rest of the people once he already had known what to do.

Therefore, it’s a good idea to pick Daisho or some other theme that is closer to what you need and that doesn’t require any modifications.

If you’d like to, please email me using http://themeforest.net/user/Flow#contact to get an example URL where a person has accomplished the modification that you’re looking for.


I have a series of sub-menus in the main menu that open to the right of the ‘parent’. The problem I have is that despite the sub-menu being only a few words long, they extend over the menu to the right (All works menu). Is there a way to prevent this? Can the menu on the right be moved further right? Can the submenus reveal themselves to the left instead of the right? Can the main menu be moved further to the left to avoid this?

Hope to hear from you soon

Can I take a look at it?

  • I think that’s not a problem for the visitors when something covers some other element temporarily. This drop-down quickly disappears.
  • The menu to the right can be moved further to the right but it follows this pattern: 50% for the logo, 25% for the first column, 25% for the second column. We use a grid on the entire website, so changing that is not recommended.
  • The menu items can go to the left with minor code modifications but I think this is less expected than the submenu overlapping the categories list.

I have a question:

When I open the home page with all of the tiles displaying. Is it possible for me to ‘when one of the tiles is clicked’ to have a menu of say six other tiles, visual sub categories of the original tile that was clicked.

Lets say the first tile that was clicked on the home page was an image with text on that says ‘Bathrooms’, when clicked I would see 6 other tiles each one a different bathroom manufacturer – when one of those is clicked the full screen gallery pertaining to that particular manufacturer opens with a slideshow of images.

Is this possible?

Yes, you can link a thumbnail to any other URL in [Portfolio > (any project) > External link].

The menu will show only the second page’s categories while you are on the second portfolio page.

You can create multiple portfolio pages in [Pages > Add New]. Each one has to have “Portfolio Template” selected. You can exclude/include categories for each portfolio page in the same place.

Hi Flow

How can I make this title all fit on one line? Currently the ‘U’ falls onto the next line.


Thanks, Chris

You can update 1000% to let’s say 800% in style.css on line 1470: .project-title { font: 900 1000%/0.75 Novecentowide, sans-serif; }. It will fit with smaller font.

Great thanks! Could you point out what line I need to edit to change the titles in the portfolio grid?

If you look at the first box here http://www.travelindustrymarketing.co.uk/

Thanks, Chris

Here: .element .symbol { color: #fff; font: 700 212.5%/0.8125 Novecentowide, sans-serif; text-transform: uppercase; }

Style.css has table of contents. That should make it easier to browse but still you need to know how to use Web Developer Tools (F12 in Chrome) to find the elements.

Great thanks! Could you point out what line I need to edit to change the titles in the portfolio grid?

If you look at the first box here http://www.travelindustrymarketing.co.uk/

Thanks, Chris

Here: .element .symbol { color: #fff; font: 700 212.5%/0.8125 Novecentowide, sans-serif; text-transform: uppercase; }

Awesome! Thanks!

Hi Flow,

I have purchased the theme and consider uploading a full screen video. I noticed that the video constantly skips and stops. Is there a specific reason for this? Does it depend on certain requirements of the video? Also can you upload and MP4 file? What video files can you upload?

Hi flow I also wanted to know how i can add the video as a front page video. I have uploaded it through vimeo. Thank you for this wonderful theme.

Hello, can I take a look at your website to see that video?

  • The video player that handles MP4 videos is the browser’s native player so it’s unlikely to skip and stop if the video file is of reasonable size and if it’s well prepared: http://www.w3.org/2010/05/video/mediaevents.html
  • You can use MP4, OGV, WEBM. Please see browser support for each of them here: http://caniuse.com/#search=video
  • YouTube and Vimeo are recommended because their players are smart – they load proper video size for your Internet connection speed and for your resolution. They have more advantages.
  • The “Featured Slideshow” on the homepage supports only HTML5 background videos (autoplay, looped, without controls, with sound). The portfolio slideshow supports Vimeo, YouTube and HTML5 videos with controls.