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no valid projects, what’s going on

I’ve replied to a similar support ticket a couple of hours ago: http://support.forcg.com/topic/no-valid-project

This issue was happening in 1.x versions and it’s fixed since 2.x versions are available (since May 2013). It’s a good idea to update to 2.x versions someday in the future. They are significantly better in every aspect.

I hope that helps!

Hi Flow,

Very nice theme. Is there a way to add intro title and text… similar to the homepage of Daisho?


Hello and I’m glad that you like it!

You mean this text above the portfolio grid that we call “Welcome Text”? By default it’s not possible to have it but this isn’t difficult to be implemented there. It only has like 10 lines of PHP and HTML and a couple of lines of CSS.

Hi, Great looking theme. Is it possible to have a full screen video background as the splash page that when clicked can direct to the portfolio page?

1) The second method isn’t recommended because you won’t be able to update the theme later on without losing the changes. More about translating WordPress, themes and plugins (mechanisms are the same in all the themes): http://codex.wordpress.org/Translating_WordPress

2) The video should be streaming live so it should load and start playing quickly. Not all servers support that but most do. If there is some visible delay then I’ll have to take a look at the live website. I think that it comes with preloader image but it’s almost never visible.

You can’t use plugins in that place because they don’t know when the video loads and they don’t know when to remove the preloader.

Thank you, i’ll look into that. Just another thing – if the theme is the light version but when using the homepage slides – the logo and menu becomes almost invisible against the dark background. Is it possible to change the CSS for just the homepage so the logo and menu is visible?? Many thanks.

Please accept apologies for delayed reply.

Skins can’t be mixed but the body tag gets a special CSS class when the slideshow is there which can be used to style that differently. My advice would be to not change styles though but to use only light images in that place. On the demo I didn’t do that but real websites usually do that – they pick one color version and build on it.

hi love the theme. on the home page i am not gong to have an filterable items. so how do i remove the word all works?

I’m happy to hear that!

You can remove “All Works” words using: .pf_nav li a[data-project-category-id="all"] { display: none; }

You can remove this entire column using: .pf_nav { display: none; }

Both pieces of code should go to a child theme or [Konzept > Styling > Custom CSS Code].

thanks. great support :)

Love the theme. I am wondering if the images on the homepage can also be used as links to other sites. I have some work that i would like to show case not on my direct site. Thanks and great job.

I’m happy that you like it :) Yes, the thumbnails can link to external URLs.

Hi, Is there no way to be able to keep the theme in the original version (white) but change the menu colour to white for the slideshow so its more visible? Thanks

In /wp-content/themes/konzept/modules/library-iscroll4/slideshow.css you can use the following on line 150: .has-featured-slideshow .site-header { background-color: rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.3) !important; }

Currently it is set to fully transparent background color: .has-featured-slideshow .site-header { background-color: rgba(0, 0, 0, 0) !important; }

Hi Flow,

Awesome theme =). I have a problem with the visual editor of the “pages”, is not showing up… i have only the HTML editor. There is a way for activate the visual editor or what?


Forget it! I solved the problem ^^

Great :) Both editors should be there.

Greetings, again. I have updated to the latest version. 21 and couldn’t be any more grateful.

How do I edit/add the ‘about me’ on the author page?

ref: <?php echo $curauth->description; ?>


In archive.php you can add get_the_author_meta('description') in archive.php. The description will look like here: http://themes.devatic.com/konzept2/tag/layout/

Before: http://gyazo.com/47c76c915e39db68b6fe343882a5191a.png
After: http://gyazo.com/80ec591f32bfd6d1e4d2e3b9ad978b4a.png


Hi! I’m having an issue with the latest version of Chrome. The project’s detail page close button does not work right. By pressing it, the details page gets closed, but the close button and the social sharing icons stay on their place at the right top corner and main navigation can’t be used.

Can I take a look at that please? Is it the newest theme version?

Hi, do you know some reasons why the html5 video on the slideshows keep crashing/not loading? The size of the videos are less than 5mb each and i’m on chrome? Do you know what the problem could be? Thanks

The videos seem to be alright. They are of very good size, dimensions, quality and correct encoding.

Both videos loaded for me instantly when I entered your website using Windows 7 and Chrome. What browser are you using? Have you tried other browsers and other computers?

It’s strange because two days ago the videos kept crashing/not loading and now they’re ok. Also do you know why the headline text is a lot larger than the demo? My friend says he’s reduced to size to ‘120px’ and it still looks big?

In style.css you have .featured_slideshow-meta-title { font-size: 120px !important; } which does that and it overwrites all of the responsive styles. It should be removed.

You can edit line 76 in /modules/library-iscroll4/slideshow.css to decrease default 140px to 120px.

hello I have a problem… I want to add video and I test with vimeo, youtube and also on local ftp…

The video work on Windows (Firefox, Google Chrome,...) But on Mac os it does’nt work on Firefox… (v27 with last flash plugin) It work on Mac os on Google Chrome and Safari

In Firefox (mac os) the page is black or with a loading curor…

Could you help me? thanks a lot David (www.thepickles.be)

could you juste give me a list with files to change to debug this? I prefer don’t update to v2.1 because of many transformation I made…

so I replace the module folder with new files.. other to replace? thanks a lot David

yeah!! it’s OK with your link :) thanks to you!

Great :)

The differences between 2.0.2 and 2.1 are minor but nonetheless they affected major files like style.css, /modules/ folder and other template files.

It’s advisable to do changes in child themes to be able to update themes later on – http://codex.wordpress.org/Child_Themes

As for the link with bug report, there are a couple of solutions and I implemented one of them in 2.1 until it’s resolved in Mac.

Hiya, You’ve got a nice theme! I have a question here. How can I remove the social icons on the portfolio pages? The twitter, facebook and google+ on the top right corner next to the big cross.

Thx. JC Design

I’m glad that you like it!

Please have a look at “Project View – sharing icons – hide” – http://support.forcg.com/topic/konzept-common-changes

Or you can remove their HTML as well in project-container.php if hiding them isn’t enough.

Cool, it works. Hiding is enough for now.

Thx a lot.

Greetings once again!

How do I add the search Icon on the HOMEPAGE? Homepage is a page with featured SLIDESHOWS.

Yes, in header.php on line 72 you’ll find if(is_home() or is_archive() or is_singular('post') or is_singular('news') or is_attachment() or is_search()){. It should become if(is_home() or is_archive() or is_singular('post') or is_singular('news') or is_attachment() or is_search() or is_front_page()){.

And also in style.css .blog .compact-search, .single .compact-search { display: block; } has to become .home .compact-search, .blog .compact-search, .single .compact-search { display: block; }

Thank you!

hello, two presale questions:

- is it possible to modifiy the menu (now the menu has two columns: left column for about services etc and right column for portfolio. Is it possibleto have both columns for simple pages like about, services, etc)? - Is it possible to disable page title? -Did you test it with a page bulder?


1) Those columns are generated with different WordPress functions – one lists menu items from [Appearance > Menus], the other lists categories. You can style them differently to have for example:

  • both columns merged,
  • one hidden,
  • menu items can be placed horizontally,
  • etc.

2) Page title can be hidden with CSS – example: .page-title { display: none; }. Or, if no title is specified in admin panel then it won’t be printed.

3) I haven’t but this theme is based on Twenty Fourteen’s framework so most plugins will work just fine with it, including page builders. I’ve once tried Visual Composer and it worked fine at least in large part.

Hello, thanks for the answer. I want that the column with categories is replaced by a second column with menu items so that the left column shows menu items and the right column shows also menu items, for 8 – 10 pages. Is this possible?

Yes, in header.php you can adjust that to use http://codex.wordpress.org/Function_Reference/wp_nav_menu twice. It can load two separate menus from [Appearance > Menus]. PHP/HTML part is as easy as replacing a single line of code but CSS may require additional tweaks that I can’t foresee at this moment without doing such modification.


Is there a way to add additional fields to the cover-slide, to accompany: date, client, agency, project role, etc.?


Gotcha! Thanks. WIll you be uploading a newer version of Konzept anytime soon? Or is it better for me to make the core change myself?

You can safely do this little change once you already know that it’s going to appear in this form in the future. Yes, I’ll update Konzept after WordPress 3.9 update (mid-April 2014).

Great! Thanks. Love this theme by the way!

I have a pre-sale question, is it possible to ad an image slider above the menu that welcomes the viewer. Here is an example: http://themetrust.com/demos/baylie/


By default that’s not possible. You can have a slideshow on top of the content though: http://themes.devatic.com/konzept-dark/?featured=true

Hi there. Great work you are doing. I am, however, facing difficulties with my attempt to disable the “all works” navigation in the main nab element. How do I do this? Thanks in advance.

I’m glad that you like it :)

You can do it with .pf_nav li:first-child { display: none; } that you can insert in your child theme’s style.css or in [Konzept > Styling > Custom CSS Code].

hey Flow! fantastic theme , i have a question what if i want to make my homepage a full cover image and in center of want a menu?? whats your views then….

I’m glad that you like it!

What you describe is rather possible (the theme has simple HTML structure and short and simple CSS that can be adjusted) but you’ll surely need a help of a developer to accomplish that. Ideally, please contact one of the developers from http://www.microlancer.com/explore/wordpress-customization and provide them mockups of what are you looking for. They’ll be able to tell you how long will it take them to modify it like that then.

Hi. I have messed up my site by tampering and altering the CSS files and maybe som of the php files. Is it possible to re-install the theme, without having to upload all photos again? Thanks in advance

hmm. I have updated my theme to v2.1. I am not able to choose Frontpage to Homepage, as shown in the Konzept Documentation. Also I am not able to copy /wp-content/themes/konzept-backup/includes/ folder to /wp-content/themes/konzept/includes/. I don´t have these folders. I don´t have any backup folder. Could it maybe help to clean the database?

If nothing else works, I am willing to do a master reset of everything, if that is even possible?

You don’t have to clean the database. But if you didn’t have much content, you can start from scratch and install it like seen here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LjT7UdCuvig

To clean your database you can delete and create it again in the control panel of your server (control panels vary from server to server so there are no detailed instructions on how to do that).

In v2.1 you can set your homepage in [Settings > Reading] – it’s the usual way present in default WordPress themes and in most other ones as well.

Hi Love the theme, i’ve built our site using Daisho (another great theme) but want to migrate to a cleaner portfolio based layout such as Konzept. I have a few questions. 1. Is there a dedicated support forum for Konzept? 2. Is it possible to skip the portfolio page that has the text, title, date etc and simply link to the slide images? Thanks in advance, Lee

I’m glad that you like the themes!

Daisho appeared three months after Konzept and Daisho is actually an iteration of Konzept. It’s very similar to Konzept and they only major difference is in the way portfolio works. Portfolio has been improved/changed after we have analyzed the feedback we had received.

In case of Konzept people were suggesting that we add support for forms on slides or for text slides with vertical scrollbar. Many things like that are not doable so we released Daisho – a theme whose portfolio looks like a normal page and thanks to that allows any data (unlimited text, forms, shortcodes, any external media etc.).

So, technically Daisho has a little bit better design on a fundamental level but if you’re sure that you’ll only use Konzept to showscase images and YouTube/Vimeo/HTML5 videos then it’s perfectly fine.

1) Yes: http://support.forcg.com/

2) Yes, in [Portfolio > (any project) > Display Cover Slide].