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Hi, great theme. i enjoy it! I have a little Problem. If i open one Portfolio item and try to close it with the “X” in the top right corner the screen closes but the “X” ist still there and it is not possible to use the nav like there is an invisible layer above. If i click on the “right arrow” (that stays there after hitting “X” too) the layer an the slide-navi disappears after a few more seconds.

Thanks a lot

Great, may I also know which system and browser are you using? When I press the “X” icon it works fine. The “X” disappears the same way like on the demo website. Does it work on the demo website for you? Can you try that in “Incognito” or “Private Browsing” mode of your browser?

I have tried PC/Chrome, PC/IE11, PC/Firefox and iOS so far.

Is the website modified in any way by the way? When I first enter it, I don’t see the project on the list and “All works” isn’t highlighted. It requires clicking on “All works” to see the project. On the demo “All works” is highlighted and the projects show instantly: http://themes.devatic.com/konzept-dark/portfolio/

Yes i set an other page as start page with the same BG. It works fine in most of the browsers but in Chrome Version 33.0.1750.146 m on an PC not….

*edit: I changed it like in the demo -> still not working in the version i wrote above.

Does it work in “Incognito” mode (Ctrl + Shift + N)? I’m using Chrome 33.0.1750.146 m as my primary browser and it works in it.

Maybe some Chrome plugins or other data causes that.

  • Please hit Ctrl + F5 to do a full refresh
  • Please try “Incognito” mode

The other issue with “All works” not highlighted is also fixed when I enter your website.

Hello! I would like to know how can I remove the categories below the title in the scroll of portfolio, I would like not to leave anything here ..

Thank you!

You can add the following to [Konzept > Styling > Custom CSS Code]:

.element .categories { display: none !important; }

Thank you very much! another quick question ..

How I can change the background color of the page, only the page without the header.

To keep colors consistent I would recommend opening all of the CSS files (like style.css) and changing the color code of #3B95B1 (Konzept’s blue) to something else.

This particular element that you’re looking for is on line 1403: .element-text:hover .thumbnail-link-title:before, .element-text.thumb-inactive:hover .thumbnail-link-title:before { color: #3b95b1; }

UPDATE (I somehow misread your comment or you have updated it in the meantime?):

To set background color of the page you can use: body { background-color: green; }. I think that this option is also present in [Konzept > Styling] and in [Pages > (any page)] in the page’s options.

The site header is semi-transparent: .site-header { background-color: #fff; background-color: rgba(255, 255, 255, .86); }. It will partially show the site’s background color unless you change the opacity from 0.86 to 1.

Hello again! I leave the link of the website I’m working on so that you can understand what I do. http://www.cigar-rings.com/

I want my product is available in two languages ??(English and Spanish). I’m using a plugin called Transposh.

I would like to know how I can add to the bottom right on a link, button or text that could lead to another language version of the website.

I found this code in forums but not how it works.

. conatainer_language_selector {top: 0, right: auto, bottom: 0, left: 220px;}

Might help us as.

Thank you.

Hello, I haven’t used Transposh plugin before but I have used WPML (http://wpml.org/) (probably the best and the only complete translations solution for WordPress at this moment) and I even added a language switcher for WPML in this theme.

The theme is generally prepared for translation. It’s based on Twenty Fourteen’s framework so you can translate 100% of things and everything is done the same way like in the default WordPress theme.

If the plugin that you’re using comes with a language switcher as a link then you can add it in [Appearance > Widgets] to one of the footer columns. Basically, if you can add this language switcher to one of the default WordPress themes then you’ll be able to add it also to this one.

A brief guide for WPML: http://support.forcg.com/topic/translating-themes

Let me know if you need more information about that!

hello! Thanks for always being available to help ..

Is there any way to hide a menu category X portfolio?

What I would like is to move a category from the menu at portfolio to menu navigation. attached a picture to help you understand.


Thank you!

1) You can hide a menu category (and not hide thumbnails that belong to this category) using [Konzept > Styling > Custom CSS Code]: .pf_nav li a[data-project-category-id="35"] { display: none; }. Please replace 35 with the ID of your category.

1a) You can also exclude this category and all its projects in [Pages > (any portfolio page) > Exclude Categories].

1b) I wrote the above reply before I checked your screenshot. What you shown on the screenshot is not possible because completely different functions handle these menus. They are not connected in any way. To help you better understand the difference please take a look at Daisho – http://themes.devatic.com/daisho/ – its categories filter is a completely separate thing from the menu. Technically it’s the same way in Konzept and only visually it looks like these menus are very similar and can be mixed (but they can’t – the right one is auto-generated).

2) Order of portfolio menu – http://wordpress.org/plugins/taxonomy-terms-order/

3) I’m not sure about the third question though. Can you please rephrase/clarify it?

I hope that it’s going to be helpful!

sorry if you do not understand very clearly what I write, my language is Spanish and use Google to speak English :) You’ve helped me a lot with all my questions! thanks! Muchas gracias.

Great and you’re welcome :)

If you need any other information let me know!

Hi. I would like to change the color of the arrows on the gallery from black to another color. The same goes for the the social media icons. Where do I do this? Thanks in advance

You can change the color for each slide individually in [Portfolio > (any project) > (any slide)].

You can also replace white and/or black cursor images in the /images/ folder.

As for the social media icons, their styles are located in style.css around line 1530: .sharing-icons a { font-size: 16px; color: #000; } (any similarly to the arrows you can set their color to black or white in the admin panel).

Hello there,

Is it possbile to move together when we press the category filter (identity – print etc) so we do not need to scroll down when we push the filter buttons?

And also can we add add this sharing icon for next side of social sharing icons ? May be it can be future updates

Thank you

1) The portfolio will automatically scroll to the first found item in the category when you click on the categories filter.

2) You can add icons in:

  • project-container.php (direct entrance with PHP),
  • project-loop.php and /modules/functions/portfolio.js (dynamic entrance without page reload where JavaScript has to update URLs of the icons).

and also i forgot to write previous comment that is it possible to change info titles of the post (such as client- our role -agency etc.)

Thank you

Yes, you can translate them (recommended) or update directly in the theme’s files (not recommended): http://support.forcg.com/topic/translating-themes

Hello! Could you please tell if it’s possible to disable transition to next gallery if current gallery is scrolled till the end?


It’s possible to have the galleries looped within the currently selected category.

It’s also possible to disable the very first and the very last arrow in the set of galleries from the currently selected category (not for individual gallery).

Disabling the first and the last arrows for individual galleries is possible with a little modification to the code. I can provide you the code on the support forum if you create a support ticket.

hello , I’m very interested in buying your cool template, but I have a question before: Is it possible to view videos from youtube, vimeo in Iphone, Ipad? it says in your description that in this devices it” skips” the version… thanks in adavance and congrats on a great theme

Thank you for your kind words! Yes, it’s possible: http://themes.devatic.com/konzept2/portfolio/shapes/

Some time ago it wasn’t but now it is so I’ll make sure to update the description in a minute.

Is there any news on when an update that addresses the Apple magic mouse/trackpad scrolling issues will be made available? Many thanks for your theme!

Before releasing the nearest item update I’ll go over all the open bug reports and fix fixable things. In two weeks WordPress 3.9 should be released and after it’s available I’m planning to update Konzept and Daisho with the new solutions that it introduces.

In case of trackpad the library that I’ve used (iScroll) had this bug in v4. It has v5 since a few weeks so I’ll check if v5 fixes this.

Hello Mr.Flow!

I’m already 95% of my website and I am very happy with this template, but last time I have two questions …

1 – How do I change the space inside the page title and content area? I want to reduce the white space.

2 – I changed the font size of page title, but I discovered that if I change the size of the browser window automatically becomes the title page to make the letters larger.

It is possible that the desktop version can keep a fixed size and do not change automatically in the page title?

Thank you!

1) In style.css you’ll find the following:
.page-header {
    clear: both;
    margin-bottom: 80px;
You can adjust the bottom margin of the page header to reduce this space.

2) Since it has responsive design there are some additional media queries in style.css that adjust this:

@media (max-width: 1280px){
    .page-title {
        font-size: 700%;
@media (max-width: 720px){
    .page-title {
        font-size: 200%;

You can either delete these or adjust to 968.75% (100% = 16px) and the line height should be 0.8125 (relative to font size).

Hi! How can I make the size of title font of project description smaller? I made this before but can’t find the right line now. Tnx

Found it, line 1540.

Just purchase the template. Great job guys!

Just a quick question. Do you mind to tell me what’s the font you use for the “KONZEPT” logo?


I’m glad that you like it!

The font in the logo is a made up font. So, the full font doesn’t, there are just these few characters. The entire template uses Novecentowide font which is very similar to the one from the logo.

hello I have a problem on my website… I click on a project: black page with title ect : no problem I click on right arrow, first image : no problem

I wait 10-15 sec and automaticaly it return to black title page….. How can I debug this please?

David www.thepickles.be

You’re right, it happens for me too on your website but it doesn’t happen on the demo website for me: http://themes.devatic.com/konzept-dark/

Therefore, I suspect that the files may be modified in some way. Are they?

For example in /modules/functions/portfolio.js I don’t see
hScrollbar: false,
vScrollbar: false,
hScroll: true,
vScroll: false,
there where iScroll is called.

hi thanks for response I don’t find this portfolio.js file…

Has development of this theme stopped? There was talk of WooCommerce being implemented, is this still a possibility – I have a number of clients that love the look and feel of the theme but require a facility to sell their wares.

I’d prefer not to make any promises until it’s done. Most good companies like Apple or Microsoft don’t promise anything and often don’t inform anyone about anything until everything’s ready. And then they release new products or updates overnight. Underpromising and overdelivering is a good thing.

At this moment you can always mix Konzept with some WooCommerce theme. So, all the URLs like http://example.com/ or http://example.com/about-us/ can be Konzept’s and you can install another theme in http://store.example.com/ or http://example.com/shop/. The latter will result in such URL structure: http://example.com/shop/product-name/ so it’ll be neat.

Mixing themes like that is a common practice even for large companies. So, pages with information look like http://www.apple.com/ipad/ and the shop is on a separate server, domain and files: http://store.apple.com/us/ipad

Technically Konzept and Daisho work with WooCommerce but it’s not styled yet. You can install WooCommerce and it’ll work. This is how it’ll look like with Daisho and Konzept:

Many than for your reply – it is appreciated. Are you suggesting the install of a WooCommerce theme using a separate domain? Or a sub domain?

If I was doing it on my own website I would probably use http://store.example.com/. Below is the difference.

First case: Second case (if you install another WordPress in the theme’s /shop/ folder):

If Konzept had WooCommerce fully styled it’s sometimes a good idea to install two copies of it too (one for a normal website and another for a shop).

Hello, I’ve just purchased your theme and Im trying to install it, but when I upload it the server displays this message:

Unpacking the package…

Installing the theme…

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.

Could you tell me how to get the style.css stylesheet to get this working? Thanks!

Please check these:

Basically you need to unzip the package and install the theme package that is located inside because the package that you download from ThemeForest contains more things like licensing information, PSD files, the documentation, the theme files etc.

Hi Flow. I am trying to change the color of the hover text on my thumbnail from white to black, as my pictures are quite bright. I think this would have a better effect than having my thumbnails fade to black (or another color) that I can choose in the portfolio. I wish for my thumbnails to remain photos and just change the color of the text. Any help would be much appreciated.

You’ll find this in style.css:
.element .symbol {
    color: #fff;
    font: 700 212.5%/0.8125 Novecentowide, sans-serif;

Each thumbnail and each portfolio page have unique IDs (set by WordPress) so you can style individual thumbnails differently too. Example: .page-id-1234 .tn-grid-container .post-12 .element .symbol { color: #fff; } where “1234” and “12” are respectively portfolio page ID and portfolio project ID.

Both pieces of code can go to a child theme.


Hi Flow. Thanks for all your support in this forum on this great theme. I am wondering how to rename the “all works” to “portfolio”. I seems there is an answer to this somewhere on this thread, but I cannot find it?

If a theme (applies to all themes and plugins) has some strings built-in then in most cases you can translate them by following this guide: http://support.forcg.com/topic/translating-themes

This theme has 100% of the strings translatable.

hello flow,

how the update of KONZEPT I installed there over a year? (version

Can you tell me if it’s going to change my theme adjustments? (color, code, gallery …)

Because I have beugg on the theme since the update wordpress

Information: menu theme Tablet Nexus 7 does not work. It does not open when you press the menu bar


Please have a look at:

Updating to v2.1 is recommended. 1.x versions are tested up to WordPress 3.3. Current WordPress is 3.9. WordPress updated major libraries like jQuery in the meantime so this may have impact on how older themes and plugins work.

hi, im thinking of using this as my website theme – however is there a way to delete the titles on the headers per page? thanks

Thanks flow! just in case it becomes handy, how do i disable it in page.php? I respect the layout and all, but prefer not to have huge titles on the pages. Overall, it’s a top theme buddy!

You can change <?php if ( get_the_title() ) { ?> on line 6 to <?php if ( get_the_title() && false ) { ?> in page.php. It won’t be displayed even if it’s specified then.

For SEO purposes you may want to leave it there and just hide it with the CSS I provided above. It will not be displayed but it’ll remain in the source code.

Thank you, I’m glad that you like the theme :)

excellent! worked like charm thank you