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Does the latest version of the theme work with WordPress version 3.9?

Yes. The demo website is updated to WordPress 3.9. You can check that in the source code by finding the “generator” meta tag. It will look like this: <meta name="generator" content="WordPress 3.9" />


Yes. The demo website is updated to WordPress 3.9. You can check that in the source code by finding the “generator” meta tag. It will look like this: <meta name="generator" content="WordPress 3.9" />

How do I make the post gallery’s thumbnails be responsive like Daisho?

By default WordPress returns these thumbnails as 150×150px ones with some basic styling that positions them one next to another.

The default themes and this one don’t style galleries in any special manner but there are some plugins (like Jetpack) that allow you create more interesting layouts and attach a lightbox to these images. An example of that is present here: http://twentythirteendemo.wordpress.com/tag/milkshakes/

So, this shortcode can be extended with plugins:

This theme doesn’t add any scripts or special style to the [gallery] shortcode at this moment.

Hey Flow.

I purchased your theme a while back and i’m a huge fan! I want to remove the overlay on my photographs, how can i do that?

Editor, plugin or something else maybe?

I’m new in this Wordpress/homepage thing by the way, so baby steps please :-)

- Lasse Egeberg www.LasseEgeberg.com

That’s a very nice and clean gallery :) Well done!

The overlay on the photographs? On the thumbnails, right?

In style.css you’ll find:
.element:hover .thumbnail-hover,
.element:hover .symbol,
.element:hover .categories,
.element:hover .thumbnail-plus {
    opacity: 1;
    visibility: visible;
    -webkit-transition: opacity 0.25s ease-in-out, visibility 0s;
    transition: opacity 0.25s ease-in-out, visibility 0s;

Add the following right below the above block of code: .element:hover .thumbnail-hover { opacity: 0; }

Or if possible please paste this line of code in a child theme instead. It will still be there once you update the theme.

Hi, I have a trouble with my site, not displayed correctly in browsers


If you’re using for example v1.0.4.4 (December 2012) with WordPress 3.9 (April 2014) then they are no longer compatible.

It’s advisable to update the theme to v2.1 which supports WordPress 3.9.

More about updating: http://support.forcg.com/topic/how-to-update-a-theme

Konzept 1.x to 2.x updating – http://support.forcg.com/topic/konzept-common-changes#update

Let me know if you need more information about that.

Ok, thanks. Now have problems with the contacto form. Failed to send your message. Please try later or contact the administrator by another method.

Hi, I am using the Konzept theme for my website(www.sydneylasercutters.com). I have a problem setting up my contact page. I have few questions about it:

1. I need to create a new email address like info@sydneylasercutters.com or contact@sydneylasercutters.com. How should I create these email addresses?

2.Currently I am using my gmail address to receive emails from the website. But I cant receive the emails which are sent from a yahoo account. Is there any specific reason for that? Do I have to change anything in the settings? I do appreciate if you can help me with these. thanks

1. You can contact the server administrator and they’ll help you out. You can typically create email accounts in your hosting company’s client or server panel.

2. Additional configuration is not necessary. wp_mail() and PHP’s mail() which are typically used by contact form plugins just send an email and it’s up to the server to handle that.

If Yahoo users don’t receive your emails then the server administrator is the correct person to investigate this. More: http://support.forcg.com/topic/knowledge-base-plugins#faq


I’m attempting to change the project-meta-headings in project-loop.php but I can’t get it to work.

For instance, I’m trying to change this

’ . __(‘Date’, ‘flowthemes’) . ‘

with this:

’ . __(‘SOMETHING ELSE’, ‘flowthemes’) . ‘

Note, “SOMETHING ELSE”. But when I refresh the page, it still shows “Date” as the field name. Any advise?

Here’s the official way of translating themes and plugins: http://support.forcg.com/topic/translating-themes

You may need to hit Ctrl/CMD + F5 (Chrome, Firefox) to clear the cache or disable plugins like WP Super Cache if you’re using them to see the changes. Also, the server may be using some caching solution that remembers and displays the old value. It needs to be disabled while you’re doing changes to the files.

Please also make sure that you’re modifying the correct WordPress installation and that the file is actually modified on the server.

Would I be doing this in a child theme .pot file, or the one in the parent theme?

Technically the PO/MO files are the translations of a parent theme so they should be placed in the /languages/ folder of the parent theme. Child themes can have their own PO/MO files too: http://codex.wordpress.org/Child_Themes#Internationalization

Regarding content-block-container, I would like to know if there is any way to modify its movement once I click on cb-right or cb-left buttons. As you see in the Demo, it moves 1 or 2 positions to the right or left, but I need it to move all 3 divs at the same time each time I click on the right or left buttons.


Any help please? Thanks!

This ticket should shed some light on what needs to be modified: http://support.forcg.com/topic/how-tochange-services-slider-to-move-only-one-at-a-time-slide

Instead of subtracting values in the mentioned places you should add 1 to each of them and it should work.

It worked perfectly, thanks a lot for your support and effort for all this documentation, your theme is super. Regards !

Flow, do you have any plan to add more features? The value of your theme drops from $60 to $50. Other developers add more features constantly.

Both themes we’ve released were always priced $50.

Yes, I’m working on new features. We’d like them to be well polished so it takes some time. They are in large part ready but still there’s a couple of weeks of work to do in front of us.

I’m considering buying this theme. Is it possible to have the headings “About Us, Services, Our News” that appear is super bold letters, be below the nav bar?

Yes, you could use “Pages – make the title not overlap the header” – http://support.forcg.com/topic/konzept-common-changes

You can also make the letters thinner and smaller using http://support.forcg.com/topic/blog-posts-page-title-not-responding-to-css-changes-too-big

do you have video tutorial of How to setup this theme? thanks

Here’s the installation video which shows how to install it with the demo content: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LjT7UdCuvig

After installing it you can replace the demo content the same way like in other themes.

The documentation describes features specific to this particular theme so it’s a good idea to take a look at it too: http://docs.devatic.com/konzept/

Let me know if you need more information about that.

Hello, great theme as mentioned by others.. Is it possible that I can reflow the All Works / Portfolio menu into two columns. Current, if you have more then 5 it just extends down.. i would like to have it reflow to the right so that category 6-10 would be to the right of the first 5 columns.

Thank you.

I’m glad that you like the theme!

The header has the following grid:
  • 50% for the logo
  • 25% for the first column
  • 25% for the second column

If the last column would in fact have two columns it wouldn’t follow that clean grid anymore.

This menu is generated in header.php on lines 59 to 69 (v2.1). Currently it generates a single list of items. Therefore, you can’t easily style such list to occupy two columns without using for example .pf_nav { -webkit-column-count: 2; -moz-column-count: 2; column-count: 2; } . Please paste that at the bottom of your child theme’s style.css.

To have more control over the spacing and placement of items adjusting the list’s HTML structure may be necessary.

Please consider using multiple portfolio pages. The thumbnails on the first one can open other portfolio pages and the thumbnails on other portfolio pages can open actual projects. Or you can have links to multiple portfolio pages in the pages menu. You can create multiple portfolio pages in [Pages > Add New] by selecting “Portfolio Template” for each of them. Each of them can display only certain categories. You can pick them in the same place in “Exclude Categories” box. You can pick the main portfolio page in [Konzept > General > Main Portfolio Page]. The categories of this page will be displayed in the header on all non-portfolio pages.

Hello, nice theme! A problem happened some days ago. You see the grid in the home, but if you click a square (portfolio) the portfolio pictures show but BELOW the grid. The grid does not disappear. Do you know why this happened? Nothing has been changed. Thanks.

It was like that in 1.x versions after one of the WordPress updates which updated one library that changed this. Please update to current v2.1 and it’ll be fixed. Updating guide: http://support.forcg.com/topic/how-to-update-a-theme


CIX Purchased

I am finally getting around to updating to the latest version. I have noticed some features missing, such as, there is no longer the option to enable fullscreen for the background on pages. Cover comes the closest but is not the same.

There are various reasons behind removing this feature. Mainly the fact that this feature doesn’t fit themes but should be a part of plugins: http://codex.wordpress.org/Theme_Review

Example plugin that should allow this: https://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-backgrounds-lite/

Ideally to style various pages you should create a child theme and use body_class() to add backgrounds to particular pages. Like: body.page-id-1234 { background: url(image.jpg) center center no-repeat transparent; }. Technically it’s the fastest (doesn’t generate additional database requests) and the most elegant way of doing such change.

The mechanism for adding backgrounds is likely to be back in an improved form (as a generator of styles and not as a custom field attached to posts). Due to the complexity of such module it’ll take me some time to code it but I know that such features are important because very few people are able to write code.

Any ETA on the ‘New Konzept’? Will it have WooCommerce incorporated? Need to move on a couple of websites and would love to know if the above is near completion and when released?

I’m planning to release Daisho v2.1 this week with WooCommerce support and then I’ll move that module to Konzept. WordPress 4.0 will be released soon and both themes will be updated to maintain good compatibility with it.

Many thanks for your prompt reply – looking forward to seeing/using it!

You can download the files that add WooCommerce support to Konzept before Konzept 2.2 is available by following the steps at the bottom of this post: http://support.forcg.com/topic/woocommerce

Hi! I cannot write on support forum – was told about invalid purchase code. But it is not true! I have already used forum year ago, and I have purchased the theme! I need your help! I think that happened after Wordpress update. I used for overlay. ”.project-slide-image:before { background: url(pattern.png) 0 0 repeat transparent…...” For year everything look great! But now, on bright images I see squared pattern (like pattern from my pattern); on dark it is or not so visible. Here you can see how my problem looks like – http://bulldozer-vfx.com/portfolio/translucent-bot (bright back and visible pattern from pattern effect). Many thanks for your help!!!

In your custom CSS code you have:
.project-slide-image:before {
background: url(http://bulldozer-vfx.com/wp-content/themes/konzept/patterns/pattern-bg.png) 0 0 repeat transparent;
content: ".";
width: 100%;
height: 100%;
position: absolute;
z-index: 1;
text-indent: -999px;
which creates this overlay pattern.

You can keep it or remove it. Or should it appear only on certain types of slides?

I’ll look into the forum issue, thank you for letting me know. Perhaps it’s some temporary issue because I didn’t change anything in the forum script for months.

thanks for so quick reply! Yes, I have exact code. But before – light images looked good, but now, I guess, after latest Wordpress update (because I changed nothing, but updated wordpress), I see that ugly squared pattern on every light image (http://i.piccy.info/i9/0af0dafa80d30ba46ca2e74fcc3319e9/1402330508/419120/758677/Translucent_bot_2014_06_09_19_08_0422.jpg). I really don’t know where to look to fix this! Please, help me…

If you had the above code before in that form then it affects and have always affected all images (light and dark).

You can change .project-slide-image:before to .project-slide-image-with-pattern:before and add project-slide-image-with-pattern class to the slides that need to have this pattern in [Portfolio > (any project) > (any slide) > CSS Classes].

You can alternatively change that class to .cursor-white and it will apply this pattern to all images that have white cursor set (so those will be only dark images).

I’m trying to post a ticket in your http://support.forcg.com support forum but it says ‘Not a Valid Purchase’ but the Purchase code is OK couse I purchased the theme more than one year ago and I opened my account then…Actually I posted a tread yesterday…My user there is jorgerico. It’s important to fix it couse I’ve upgraded the theme and I have lost all the project images, all the styles and, the black style is not available anymore?

There is some issue with validation of item purchase codes that appeared today. Our server is receiving empty responses from Envato’s server. The issue is being looked into by Envato staff. I hope that it’ll be resolved shortly.

While you can’t access the forum please write here or you can email me: http://themeforest.net/user/Flow#contact

There’s some information about updating the themes available on the forum and in the notes at the end of that post you’ll find information about Konzept 1.x to 2.x transition. If you have and particular questions about that let me know!

Is not possible work with the last version Konzept 2.1 with WP 3.9, and keep the ‘BlackStyle’ with transparent layers, etc…of the Konzept v1.0.4.4?

That’s becouse I loved the old black style and I don’t want to use white…And I also liked use a background image, but I can’t do it anymore…

Previously both skins were present in the parent theme. Now the dark version is present in a child theme (like it should be).

Child theme installation starts here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LjT7UdCuvig&feature=youtu.be&t=1m5s

Let me know if you need more information about that.

Hi Flow,

I have successfully removed the titles on all pages but the Blog pages still have the large title on top… how do I take it out? Thank you!

If you take a look at index.php you’ll notice that the blog doesn’t have the title by default. It does have the title only if you set [Settings > Reading > Posts page] to some page.

You can set this to for example [Pages > Blog]. It’ll start displaying index.php on the page named “Blog” and it’ll take its title.

  • Please remove this title in the admin panel. All pages without titles will be named “(no title)” in the admin panel.
  • If you don’t want that page to be named “(no title)” in the admin panel then you’ll need to hide that title with CSS: .blog .page-title { display: none; }. Please use this code in your child theme’s style.css or in [Daisho > Styling > Custom CSS Code].
  • If you don’t want to hide the title with CSS (because it’ll be visible to search engines) please copy index.php to your child theme and remove line 8 which says <h1 class="page-title"><?php echo get_the_title( get_option( 'page_for_posts' ) ); ?></h1>.

can the pull down tab at the top of the Daisho theme be used in the Konzept theme to house the menu?

No, you’ll need a custom script because that one is not displayed on touch devices.