Konzept - Fullscreen Portfolio WordPress Theme

Konzept - Fullscreen Portfolio WordPress Theme

KONZEPT is a portfolio solution for creative professionals of refined taste. Extensive control options, responsive behavior, fullscreen experience and clutter-free approach put your works in focus. The definitive portfolio solution for creative professionals available now.

Demo Versions

Mobile Demo


Major Features

  • Portfolio display with category filter
  • Thumbnails or Text Listing modes
  • Featured Slider (Images or HTML5 videos)
  • Multi-category projects
  • Present Identity, Motion, Web, Print, Photo projects and more!
  • HTML5 video slides
  • Built-in Dribbble feed
  • News section
  • About Us section
  • Services section
  • Blog
  • Ability to create any other pages with custom layouts
  • Contact Form
  • SEO Optimized
  • Social Shares
  • Responsive Behaviors
  • iPhone/iPad/Android compatible

Powered by SuperSlide

  • Advanced slide manager
  • Upload projects quickly & efficiently
  • Drag & Drop upload support
  • Drag & Drop slide sorting
  • Video, Youtube, Vimeo support

The Future is Here

  • True fullscreen on any display
  • Unlimited scaling – 300ppi screen support & Apple Retina display support now
  • Various input options – control your experience however you like
  • Smooth flash-like experience on various platforms

Other Features

  • Unbranded Options Panel
  • Text Logo (+ tagline)
  • Image Logo
  • Extensive documentation
  • PSD included
  • 100% valid HTML5
  • Compatible with WP4.4 and IE, Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera
  • External links in project and slide descriptions
  • Social Shares

What Others Are Saying

Wow, you guys are always pushing the envelope of what’s possible with WP.
- Dave Aaron
Sick man, the animations and transitions are killer and really supplement the overall design, congrats!
- Owen Shifflett
Beautiful work! I’ve never seen such a professional portfolio theme.
- Nick Sigler
The design is absolutely stunning!
- kailoon
Speechless, yet again. I am all for the purchase!
- projectsourced
Wow this is amazing. Like Wow. Wow!
- publicglaze
This is F*cking awesome man, thumbs up. Great work. Really hard to not buy it ;)
- Massfocus
DUDE! This looks AMAZING! So great to have something new to see!! All the bew themes of late have been getting a bit boring but this is super hot! Buying right away!
- ladydekade
Shut up and take my money! :) (Your agency theme user, soon to be ex user?now I must use Konzept
- animatika
- purethemes
This absolutely rocks, definite purchase. Great work.
- velocity_uk
Amazing fresh work! :)
- kotofey
- ladydekade
This is amazing. And I am going to force myself to use it for my own site. Thanks Flower, have been waiting for a portfolio like this, and I am GLAD I waited so long!
- dbrowne
Just epic, love the font choices ? never seen those on TF before. Good luck with sales! :)
- freshface
Sweet piece! :)
- GoodLayers
- westkast
I love you. This one will be mine today :P But one thing you?ll have to promise: Support this masterpiece and keep on developing for a long time. And (important): Please don?t die within the next 5-6 months (cuz of the support.. you know) :-)
- destynate
Wow. Hats off to you! A truly amazing build!
- mrschwartz
Amazing Theme! Still astonished by it?s interactivity.
- Lung
Awesome work!!!!
- swimnews
Purchased it & have to say ? love it?
- innovadia
Excellent theme, congratulations.
- marcinhocarvalho
I must say, this theme finally forced my to signup. For the last two years I had just been browsing themeforest. This was the tipping point for me. Great Job :) I am definitely going to buy this.
- sumeetminhas
Your support is AWESOME by the way. Do you ever sleep;)
- successmatters
I have to say I regularly look for a better, more simple, better equipped theme quite often. This may be the the best theme I?ve come across since signing up, the typography alone is enough to buy. Cheers, Great Job!
- desgingrosse
Best theme I?ve bought hands down! Great effort!
- Andy-Brown
Got it! Killer! Thanks again. :) You do a hell of a job helping all of your customers! Thanks again!
I am amazed and delighted with your support. Thank you very much. I appreciate the speed and your seriousness. Thank you so much!
- dormopoco


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Need Support?

If you need support you can contact us through the support tab. We will usually get back to you within 24-72 hours. Complex issues may take longer.

Version: 2.2
Support: Documentation | FAQ


KONZEPT uses Novecento font by Synthview, available from Fontspring. You need to accept Novecento’s EULA agreement before downloading if you’re planning to use it in your commercial or non-commercial projects: [View License].

Big thanks to all great designers who provided preview content for KONZEPT: Guilherme Villar, Anthony Jones, Pavel Pavlov, Vanessa Gong, Alexander Laguta, Kostadin Kostadinov, Sergey Shapiro, Shaun Moynihan, Nimax.

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