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Could you tell me how to add different background images to different pages? I have created custom page templates already if needed to be done that way.

You can try to set it up for the Wrapper and then it might be possible to set different backgrounds per pages. To do this, you need to use something like:

.page-id-xxx #Wrapper { background-image: url('path-to-image') !important; }

where xxx is page ID.

Thanks for reply again, but I want the client to do this via the backend himself not hard code. I could have done this myself by creating different page templates and adding css code as well. Is there an alternate you can think of where it could be done by the wp-admin without the knowledge of html and ftp? After all it’s meant to be CMS. Thanks

No, there is nothing else what you could do to use different header backgrounds per different pages. And yes, we agree that it is CMS but you are asking us for something what wasn’t never included and nothing like that wasn’t presented on demo as well. If something is included into theme, it’s always presented on demo site.

Hi there, Great theme. Just have an issue with the single product page when using woo commerce 2.6.4. When I go to the single product page, the content appears to be on the left with a two inch gap tween the end of the page content. How do I close this gap and make the content of this page be full width. Its as there there is a place holder for a side bar, but i’ve got this set to full with via page settings.

Hope this makes sense.


please send us link to page where you got this gap first so we can have a look on it.

Thanks :)


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Where do i have to enter the Google Maps – API Key ?


Google Maps API key can be set under Theme options > Getting started > Advanced section.


Hello – We are having trouble with the responsive view of our site. When on a resized desktop, the logo image will stay within the 100% width that we have set in style.css. However, on an iphone, it is always displaying larger than the browser and doesn’t seem to be honoring any of the responsive declarations.

The site URL Is:

Here is the resized view:

But here is what we get on iPhone:

Kora “Responsive” theme options are turned on and even when adding custom CSS declarations of max width with a responsive query, there is no change.

Can you please help find the issue? Thanks!


the logo is not fully responsive and to make it such, you need to add scale-with-grid class for that logo. Please take a look on support forum where we explained how to set up this class properly.

Thanks :)

Thanks, I have completed this. That said and for future development, this should really work out of the box without having to create a separate template for my child theme. Thanks.

Sure, we will consider this while future updates.


Are you using product catalogue plugin in Kora? Is there any admin demo for this theme?



for this theme, we use WooCommerce plugin and we do not have any admin demo unfortunately.

Thanks for your interest in Kora anyway! :)

Compatibile with woocommerce 3+?


we are sorry but we did not tested this theme with the WooCommerce 3 version yet.

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Muffin Group team