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Great and crazy :D Try wordpress now :)

hi kiziel, thanks, am not sure it will sell in wordpress

What’s the best way to edit the footer and side area.

In Dreamweaver design view the footer sits on on top of the side area and it’s hard to isolate text.

I assume it’s the float left of the footer.

Can the CSS be adjusted so the design view looks like like more like the live veiw.

Hi openjam , which version your are using, plz do follow this trick for correct view in dreamweaver…

go to linke 58 you will find this code

<div id="footer-outer">

replace it with

<div class="clear" id="footer-outer">

hope this should help you

DW CS4 … i’ll try the fix. thanks for the repsonse and the nice clean design

works perfectly!

Here is how I used your template:

Soaring Wings

looking nice esrevni, thanks for let me know :)