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what icon set did you use for the main menu & homepage globe/compass/computer?

Thanks for buying my theme! :)

Main menu:

Homepage globe/compass/computer:

If you need particular links, let me know :)

I heard the Javascript on this template does not work when uploaded to webserver, but only works on localhost

See the live preview. Yes, it works everywhere, of course :) Where did you heard that?

Hello, is there any expiration to the license for use once it is purchased or is this a one time purchase? Also, nice work! Pretty much what I’m looking for!

I’m not sure what you mean by that. See here for more information: Hopefully it answers you questions :)

Thanks for the positive feedback! Glad you like my work :)


I downloaded your theme, but I can’t upload it to my Wordpress account. I’ve uploaded other themes before, but I’m having trouble with Korporate.


I replied to your e-mail :)

When uploading I am getting errors that there is no style sheet

Of course, there is a style sheet :)

I guess you are trying to use this for WordPress. As this is not a WordPress theme, you will naturally get an error.

How do I see the different colours?? What are the colours for the different stylesheets??

Hi there!

Nice template…

Question: How can I open the page with the login box (CSS: signin menu-open) upon page loading?

What’s the best to do this?

I need to use it whit wordpress, can you helpme? can you update the php files?

Sorry, this is not a WordPress theme.