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Hi Dammi

Logo hyper linking is not working, could you please let me know how to fix.

Thanks for a great theme design.

Regards Kishore


How did you set a link!? All one page links should be created with isotope filter. For more info please contact via mail.

Best Regards.

Hi Dammi,

THe One Page template option is not working. I dont know what im doing bad…


For first One Page template options work properly like you can see in demo. Second – Unfortunately i don’t see “purchase” mark on your nickname and don’t understand how can you test my template.

Best Regards.

Secon – I have purchased your template via envato. I¨dont know if you can see “purchase” mark but i have a license and my account bank have felt your work.

Please send me message via my user page contact form with your purchase code and will try to help you.


In the features section I have tried to replace the headings ‘Tabs’ and ‘Accordion’ with my own phrases eg. ‘What We Do’ but instead of being on one line its show on two or three lines ‘What’,’We’,’Do’ over the top of the tab/accordion content beneath. In other words the headings can only be one word.Have tried in both Chrome and Firefox. Is there a fix? Many thanks


Please try do delete on css/styles.css in the class .element_content_header_6 (line: 527) – “position:absolute;”. It should help.

Best Regards.

can you please help me with contact form? it does not send mails.. thanks.

Hello, yes, please contact me via my user page contact form with sending your purchase code and please attach description of your problem. Best Regards.

nice work, awesome;

Hello Dammi, I have the same problem: links into another section (that are not in the menu) are not working, lets say a link in my footer that takes me to contact…

I read this but just don’t get it: How did you set a link!? All one page links should be created with isotope filter. For more info please contact via mail.

Already send you an email but i have no reply yet. Hope you can help me here, greetings.

Hello Dammi, I just can’t get this links to work and I am not getting any response, can you give me some support here please? Thanks.


I need my page to be in 3 different languages and the logo image has to change according to the language on the page because it features text.. I was wondering if there is a plugin that links a header image to the chosen language so that it changes as well? You get what I mean? :-S

Thank you in advance for your response!


Another question: How can I make the header image larger?


Looks like you didn’t purchase my theme. I don’t see “purchase” mark on your Name. Please contact me via my user page contact form with your purchase code and i will support you.

Thank you.

Hi, great work, really easy and well designed! oone question, can i change the time for the flexslider? so it pass faster thanks! and wish you a great year.

Hello, Yes, please find misc.js file on js folder. You will need to find classes .flexslider and change value on slideshowSpeed. Thank you.

P.S. Sorry for late answer we are still celebrating new year :)

I find some funny things on your KoyoREST. It work very good. Good job. It work in iphone 6 ok But not work on iphone6 PLUS

I can start the website but it will make Iphone 6 PLUS OFF when click in to menu bar!!!

Please have a look..

If you have any solution, please let us know.

We love your template


Thank you for comment. Very strange issue, just tested on 6 plus, but didn’t find the problem. Can you please contact me via mail!? Please attach your url, may be problems come from some syntax on your customization.

Thank you.

Good morning , I would buy your theme , I wanted to confirm that this issue is in html .

Thanks a lot!

i am having a problem in putting read more button on new menu tab on home page.Would you please tell me how to do that?i know there is a short code be using in dialog box,but it is not showing.pls help me.

Anyone who purchased this theme get their issues/questions fixed ? Support seems lacking


What problem do you have?



I just bought the license for this template. Have a question. Do you have a sample code so that skill bars go vertical instead of horizontal? Will appreciate it.


Hello, i have problems with the formular KOYOREST what’s happened ?? The formular is not working on my WordPress 3.8.4. ! ???