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amazing work! glws :)

Many Thanks!

Looks effect good!

Thank you! I appreciate it!


It is an excellent design….well done on that.

However I must say to be constructive that I was interested but won’t buy because it doesn’t have as many features/shortcodes as other similar in price.

Good luck with sales though.

Thanks for your comment. This design is simple and i was trying to work perfectly in every detail, and i think it’s the reason, why envato stuff was classed template in this cost. I think also that, features and short-codes are not the most important thing in this kind of templates, but for your convenience i will try to add it on the future updates.

Great looking theme – nice to see something unique. Would be interesting to see it as a business website rather than a restaurant theme.

Thanks, I have it in the plans.

Nice and Very NICE !!!

Turn it into Wordpress and let it sell like hot cakes!!

Cheers, A.

Many thanks Andrew! Cheers!

Hello friend!

First congratulations for the template!

I bought the template, but would like to remove the loading bar is possible?

If it is possible, how do this?

thank you Raphael

Hello, Thanks for purchase! To disable preloader, you need to delete . Best Regards.

where do I delete?

sorry already excludes!

Incredible Italian design !

Many thanks!

Actually in ThemeForest there are not many options for restaurants templates; I use to move around this marketing area and for this reason I have to thank you for this splendid work.

Good luck with sales.

Thank you! I appreciate it!

great work! any plan for a white version?

Thanks! Different color schemes were been in a new update tomorrow.

I love your theme, but why you didn’t make it more wide (like 1240 pix, or full screen liquid) ?

If you have 1220px on width you template will have 980px on width, a next step is 1460px and template will have a 1220px of width etc to 2700px+ . Please try to play with zoom to see how it works.

I have a screen resolution of 1920×1200, but the template doesn’t adapt automatically. It remains 980px. What do I understand wrongly here?

I see… It was a problem in a few browsers, now i fixed it. Many thanks!

Awesome, great job, mate.
Good luck with your sales

Thank you! I appreciate it!

Great work! GLWS

Many thanks!

Like elcodigodebarras, Themeforest have very few options for F&B templates. This one is by far the best ever…

Next one to be purchase, for sure!

Thank you! Now available dark&light version with 6 color schemes.

Any Wordpress Version?

Yes, in plans.

oh wow this theme looks amazing…... wordpress it please!! <3

Thanks! WordPress version is planned, and we will create it soon.

Hey guys, great looking template screenshots. Unfortunately, it is crashing IE8 when I try to open a preview.

Hello. IE was tested, we don’t find any problem in it. Can you send us please screenshots of your IE problem with exact version (for example 8.0.034 etc). Our mail: dammithemes@gmail.com Many thanks!

IE8 crashed too… i see always the loading screen…


Little bug with the RESERVATION (error message)

Reservation form works. Can you tell us please what the bug with error message did you find!? Many thanks for help with testing template. We are always working to perfect it!

hi i talk about the svg file i cannot see on website whe i upload this on my ftp


why? i’dont change nothing. i purchase and i send on my ftp for first demo step please it’s very important because i dont find in download the documentation

thank Emanuele


Looks like don’t all files were copied to your ftp server. And there are some opened div classes. For more support please contact me via my user page contact form.

Best Regards, Dammi